Why 'Game of Thrones' is the Best Show on TV

The appeal of 'Game of Thrones' lies in the shows ability to appeal to both our base and sophisticated desires all at once.

'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Big Bang Theory' Promote Gender Stereotypes

It's 2012. How come prime-time television shows still lack successful female characters?

Apple iCheat: How the World's Biggest Company Also Became the Most Unethical

It's becoming harder and harder to ignore a depressing fact: One of America's most admired companies is also among its least ethical. Yes, that would be Apple.

Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, and the GOP Wants to Stop Him

The national GOP has sent a threatening letter to Nevada Republicans demanding that they show support for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at their state convention this weekend.

Marijuana Legalization Being Crushed By Special Interest Groups

Like so many aspects of the economy and society, marijuana prohibition is an example of state power colluding with special interests to prevent the the demands of the many from gaining traction.

Obama's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals He's 'Charming,' Yet 'Distant' in New Book

Diary excerpts from Obama's ex-girlfriend call him "charming and alluring, and yet distant and unreachable." Her observations of Obama at 22 foreshadow current impressions of the president.

Kate Upton 'Cat Daddy' Video and Ashton Kutcher Dating Commercial Should Never Have Been Censored (+Video)

Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" video and Ashton Kutcher's new dating spot should never have been censored by the social media gods.

What Ron Paul and Libertarians Share in Common With Scientists

RealClearScience editor Alex Berezow says Dems and the GOP are both anti-science in their own way, and explains what Ron Paul has in common with scientists.

375 Harvard Donors Petition University to Invest Responsibly

375 student, faculty, and alumni donors have contributed to the Fair Harvard Fund, an initiative to convince Harvard University to invest responsibly.

Ohio Terrorists Were Recruited And Supplied With Bombs By FBI

Five men are accused of plotting to blow up a bridge. But new developments suggest that they were incited and supplied by our very own Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Ron Paul Won the Paul Krugman Economic Debate, and Here's Why

Ron Paul hauled Krugman behind the woodshed on national television.

President Bush Politicized 9/11 Long Before Obama Used Bin Laden's Death

Republicans are accusing President Obama of politicizing the death of Osama bin Laden. But, if anybody should know anything about politicizing national security, it is them.

Behind Junior Seau and John Edwards, There's a Real Person Who's Suffering

Behind every polished editorial, there is real human suffering. It's easy to overlook that these days, when slick talking points and :30 second sound bytes trump thoughtful reflection.

Science Journalism is Broken, Here are 6 Ways to Fix It

Science writers are not nearly as responsible with their reporting as they should be. Here are 6 tips to make sure that you don't fall into that same trap.

3 Things Millennials Need to Do to Make Crowdfunding a Success

For securities-backed crowdfunding to succeed millennials are going to need to actively participate. Here are three things they need to do for this to work.

Legalize Marijuana Movement Stands Up Against Weed Ban in Netherlands

New Dutch law makes marijuana illegal for everyone except Dutch citizens -- this plan will only increase crime and decrease tourism.

The Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America and All You Need to Know About the Super Team

The Avengers hits theaters this week. Get excited and get ready. Here's the heads-up on all your favorite heroes.

Junior Seau Dead, But NFL is Not to Blame for Player Concussions

Football is a violent sport, athletes know the risk going into the league but they still choose to play. Instead of blaming the league, we should be pointing our collective finger at the players.

Even Anti-Gay Conservatives Should Oppose North Carolina Gay Marriage Bill

The dishonest use of language, along with the curtailing of contract and freedom of association rights should give conservatives pause.

The Vatican: Oppressing U.S. Nuns or Preserving Them?

A recent article by an ex-nun is calling for reform in the structure and teachings of the Church concerning nuns, but what she is asking for would end the vocation altogether.

Why Are There No 1 Percent Occupy Protests in Silicon Valley?

With bank accounts similar to that of stock brokers on Wall Street, why is no one occupying Silicon Valley?

Bin Laden Documents Released: 5 Takeaways

175 released letters between Bin Laden and Islamic organizations reveal how OBL was a living legend in terror circles, but had lost his relevance in the years since 2001.

Amare Stoudemire Sits Out Heat-Knicks Game 3, If Only He Had Learned Anger Management

Stoudemire decked a fire extinguisher in frustration after Monday's Game 2 loss and now he'll sit Game 3. But, there's evidence he could have learned anger management skills in school.

'West Wing' Funny or Die Reunion Reminds Us Why We Love the Show

Seeing the recent West Wing PSA reminded me how much I miss the show and why I feel a connection to those individuals who are also members of this West Wing club.

To Finally Defeat Osama Bin Laden, Lower Manhattan Must Continue to Grow

As American's reflect on the one year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden's assassination, more attention should be given to our domestic goals and achievements since 9/11.

Chen Guangcheng Case is Disaster for Obama's Stance on China Human Rights Issues

The release of blind dissident Chen Guangcheng from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, means more power for China and a lack of conviction for the Obama administration.

Forget National Day of Prayer: Where's the National Day of Critical Thinking?

Today, President Barack Obama will proclaim a National Day of Prayer to the consternation of rationalists.

Why Octomom Nadya Suleman Filing For Bankruptcy is a Good Thing

Octomom filing for bankruptcy does not make her a bad person.

SpaceX Delays Dragon Capsule Launch Again, But Will Be Successful

SpaceX has been forced to delay its launch for a second time, but this should give it time to be even better prepared for a successful mission.

Michele Bachmann Endorses Romney for President: Will the Female Vote Follow?

Michele Bachmann's late endorsement of Mitt Romney is unlikely to sway most voters, but it will help both Romney's campaign and the congresswoman's future political endeavors.

French and Greek Elections Could Push Euro Zone Back to the Brink

Elections on Sunday could cloud the future of the EU's economic sustainability, rattling markets and even affecting the 2012 U.S. election.

French Presidential Debate 2012: Hollande Victorious in Duel With Sarkozy

Fireworks were on full display during last night's French election debate. Frequently, this resembled marriage counseling, not a political debate.

George Clooney, Kim Kardashian, and the 5 Most Influential Celebrities in 2012

In an election year in which the Hollywood-Washington D.C. love affair is hotter than ever, here are the five celebrities who are in the spotlight in 2012.

XNA: The Next Evolution in the DNA Science Revolution

DNA, RNA, and now XNA. What do all these science terms actually mean?