5 Benefits of Cooking for Yourself

Satisfaction, notalgia, or maybe just because it's cool. Here are the many reasons you should learn how to cook for yourself.

Post-College Friendship: Figuring Out Which Pals Will Stick Around

We graduate from college, enter the real world, and suddenly our existing friendships are challenged without warning. Why does this occur? And, why did nobody warn us?

Facebook (FB) Stock Chaos: 4 Reasons Why Facebook’s IPO Went Belly Up

Tired of browsing through confusing articles telling you about the rise and fall of the Internet largest IPO ever? Look no further, this guide tells you all you need to know in 4 easy steps.

Facebook (FB) Stock Price Woes: Shares Tumble 9.62%, Down a Staggering 24% Since IPO

FB cannot wait much longer to explain its strategy to the investment community. FB owes it to investors who lost so much supporting its stock.

How 'Glee' and 'Modern Family' Are Making Us Less Afraid of LGBT People

Television has a unique and concentrated power to reach millions of viewers through scheduled programming. Shows like 'Glee', 'Will and Grace', and 'Queer as Folk' have used this power for good.

Yale Grad Marina Keegan Dies in Car Crash; Teaches Us How Not to Be Fearful

The late Yale graduate Marina Keegan tells us not only how not to be lonely, but how not to be fearful.

Texas Primary Results: Sorry Ron Paul, Mitt Romney is the 2012 GOP Nominee

American could do a lot worse than Mitt Romney. It can also do much better than President Obama.

Republican Commentator Calls Millennials 'Frickin' Stupid' (And Here's Why He's Wrong)

Politicians are relentlessly pursuing the youth vote, but Jonah Goldberg thinks Millennial opinion is ignorant and even harmful to society. Is he right?

How to Eliminate the National Debt and Save the American Economy in 4 Years

While all of the presidential candidates and several congressmen have proposed plans to reduce the national debt, none have produced a plan that actually solves the problem. This one will.

Obamacare, Arizona Immigration, and the 5 SCOTUS Cases That Will Change the 2012 Election

From health care reform to nudity on television, the Supreme Court still has 17 cases awaiting an opinion. Here are 2012's five most important cases.

Scott Walker Recall Election Odds: Wisconsin Poll Shows Dead Heat

Although Scott Walker has far outspent Tom Barrett, a new poll says both are deadlocked, at 49 percent each among likely voters.

Ted Cruz Beats David Dewhurst (Kind Of) and Sparks a New Tea Party Revolution

If Cruz manages a run-off, the Tea Party movement in Texas may be prologue to a wider story of Tea Party insurgency in election 2012.

Moroccan Sahara Conflict: Why Disputed Territory Should Remain With Morocco

For all those who doubt Morocco's control of the Sahara , here's the history which proves that the Sahara has belonged to Morocco since the dawn of history.

Why Do We Black People Still Intimidate You So Much?

With a black president and a seemingly progressive society you would think that racism is a thing of the past. I'm here to tell you that that's not true.

Quebec Protests 2012: Student Leaders and Government Making Progress at Negotiating Table

Quebec's emergency anti-protest laws are an embarrassment, pushing the province backwards and violating individuals' fundamental rights.

Obama vs. Romney on Twitter: Data Proves Social Media is Critical For Successful Campaigns

Interaction and communication on sites like Twitter are the key to gaining and holding supporters.

Egypt Presidential Election Runoff: Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Aren't the Bad Guys

The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate won the first round of Egypt's presidential elections, but there is no cause for concern yet, and the West must wait to draw conclusions about Egypt's future.

GOP Super PAC 'Crossroads Generation' Targets Jobless Millennials

This Super PAC is the first sign of life out of the GOP since the primaries started.

Donald Trump Birther Comments Will Not Harm Mitt Romney

The Obama campaign said Romney’s Las Vegas fundraising with Trump, the same day he’s set to clinch the Republican nomination in Texas, is “politically risky.” Here are 4 reasons why they’re wrong

Is College Worth It For Our Generation?

A look at the transformation of college from the early 20th Century today, exploring the ways colleges need to adapt to what the millennial and future generations need.

Michelle Obama Cookbook: Another Sign of the Limited Power of the First Lady

Michelle Obama's new book about the White House garden and her anti-obesity campaign will add to her popularity, but also reminds us of how limited first ladies can be in their statements.

In the Arab World, Tweet at Your Own Risk

Post-revolution Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Bahrain … The list of Arab countries clamping down on their citizens based on Twitter statements is getting longer.

President Obama is a Socialist, Not a Liberal

Socialism is a much better descriptor for President Obama's ideology than liberalism, a word rooted in freedom.