Has Obama Spent More Than Any Other U.S. President in History? Yes and No

Was Rex Nutting's article claiming the Obama spending binge was a falsehood correct? I did my own analysis of the data and found some startling results!

Ron Paul to Retire From Congress, Leaving Behind a Unique Legacy and Philosophy

Only time will tell how Paul's legacy will shape Texas and national politics, but his contribution to the battle of ideas is indisputable.

China Grades the United States' Human Rights Record in New Report

China censors free speech and jails dissidents in their own country, but their well-documented report about the United States shows how America is on shaky moral ground when we criticize others.

Facebook (FB) Stock Crisis: Morgan Stanley Now Under Scrutiny

As Morgan Stanley meets Facebook IPO rumors head on, this article uncovers the responsibilities of a lead underwriter in this process.

Wisconsin Recall Election Debate: Scott Walker and Tom Barrett Square Off

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will have their second and final debate tonight at 9 p.m.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: 7 Reasons Why FB is Crashing

As the FB stock continues its decline, here the 7 why.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: JCPenney and Nordstrom Drop Facebook, Investors Worry

According to a new report, JCPenney and Nordstrom are shutting down their F-commerce efforts, as over 50% of users say security concerns prevent them from shopping through the social network.

Wisconsin Recall Debate LIVE: Scott Walker vs. Tom Barrett in a Final TV Battle

Wisconsin voters will get their last chance on Thursday night to see Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor/ Democratic nominee Tom Barrett debate face-to-face.

Gay Marriage Win: DOMA Declared Unconstitutional

An appeals court said the federal law forces states to discriminate against same-sex couples under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Gay Marriage Will Go to the Supreme Court After DOMA Decision

In a ruling that guarantees gay marriage’s trip to the Supreme Court, the First Circuit ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to gay couples.

Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job: Confessions of a Starving Musician

Being a full-time musician is a lot more about what happens offstage than what happens onstage.

Queen's Jubilee 2012: Why Are Americans Obsessed With the British Monarchy?

The Queen's Jubilee highlights the great American paradox: Despite the seemingly anti-American values of the British monarchy, we are obsessed with the royal family.

Obama's 'Polish Death Camp' Blunder Sparks Political Correctness Hysteria

Obama misspeaks, calling WWII death camps "Polish" instead of "German," and people are outraged. Are they overreacting?

Tea Party Two Years On: Data Shows Limited Success of Radical GOP Sect

Available data belies the narrative depicting the grassroots movement as monumentally successful.

SpaceX LIVE: Dragon Splashes Back Down to Earth, What's Next For Elon Musk? (+ Video)

SpaceX is set to make space history when its rocket -- the first private space craft -- docks with the ISS on a resupply mission.

Wisconsin Recall Election: Pro-Scott Walker GOP Front Group Sparks Fears of Election Fraud

Scott Walker and RNC Chair Reince Priebus are perpetuating unfounded fears of election fraud in the upcoming recall election.

DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional: Gay-Marriage Prejudice is So 1996

Today a Boston court declared DOMA unconstitutional. While it dealt with the definition of marriage, it ignored the equally offensive provision that allows states to ignore legal same-sex unions.

'While the Men Watch': Canadian Sports Show Hits Every Insulting Gender Stereotype

Raising questions like, 'which players are hot?' And 'who needs a uniform make over?' 'While the Men Watch' is an insult to women who care about sports ... and, well, to all women.

Obama Gay Marriage Announcement Doesn't Deserve the Acclaim

President Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage, though it was hailed by many, was a calculated move by a politician with a history of being all talk and no action.

Syrian Revolution Blame Game: When Will the International Community Intervene?

The recent massacre in the Syrian Houla province has reignited international concern on how to solve the crisis. But condemning with words and assigning blame does not help the Syrian population.

Birther Donald Trump Campaigning For Romney Means Election 2012 Will Only Get Dumber

Despite everyone’s predictions and intentions, this presidential race is going to be about much more than just the economy

Facebook (FB) Stock Flop: What it Means For Other Stocks and IPOs

A look at the short- and long-term implications of the Facebook IPO.

John Edwards Trial Verdict LIVE: Was Federal Law Violated? [+Video]

The trial is seen by some as vindication against Edwards, who cheated on his wife while she had breast cancer.

Mayor Bloomberg's Ban on Sugary Drinks Works Where the Feds Failed

Instead of complaining about Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to impede obesity by banning large sugary drinks from some food providers, we should address the failure of federal regulations.

Climbing Mt. Everest Tests the Limits of Human Exploration

Climbing Everest is dangerous and always will be; but this is a new frontiers and human nature won't let us stay away.

War With Iran Back on the Table? Nuclear Talks Stall Because of U.S.

Once again talks with Iran have gone nowhere, but this time, blame the United States.

CIA Torture Record Kept a Secret From U.S. Citizens

A new ruling that allows the CIA to withhold information about torture and disregard Freedom of Information Act requests, is unethical.

Exercise Tips: 4 Non-Lame Ways To Get Active And Stay Healthy

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Here are 4 ways to make it fun.

War With Syria: Armed Intervention By the U.S. is Not the Answer

The situation in Syria is bad, but would be made worse if the West intervened with force.

Walmart Dumps Membership With ALEC

Wal-Mart, a member of ALEC's corporate "Private Enterprise" board which helped pass Florida's "Stand Your Ground" as a "model" bill, announced it's departure from the group.

SYRIZA Party in Greek Debt Crisis Shows How Occupy Wall Street Groups Can Change Politics

The desperate economic situation has demonstrated to the Greek population that it needs parliamentary politicians that protect their interests as opposed to those of the banks.

Seattle Shooting in Cafe Racer LIVE: 4 Dead and Gunman Kills Himself

Four civilians were killed today in Seattle's University District in two separate shootings. A police man-hunt for the suspect (or suspects) is underway.

Gay Marriage Will Likely Go to the Supreme Court in 2013 in an Epic Showdown

The ruling, however, sets up an epic Supreme Court showdown on the definition of marriage.

Gay Marriage Faces Its Biggest Super Villain as DC and Marvel Fight One Million Moms

'Astonishing X-Men #51' will feature a gay marriage between the characters Northstar and Kyle. While some Mom groups are coming out in protest, I think real life portrayed in comics is key.

Syrian Revolution: A Nation on the Brink of Civil War

The Kofi Annan peace plan has failed, the Syrian regime has only stepped up its brutal tactics, and with the recent massacre in Houla, the stage is now set for an all out civil war in Syria.

Ann Romney: Mitt Romney's Golden-Ticket to Winning the 2012 Presidential Election

Ann Romney has improved her husband's campaign through her personality, charity work, and personal strength. Such warmth is arguably the key to her husband's campaign this election.