Ron Paul Will Win Nevada and Change History

An important battle will take place Saturday between Ron Paul supporters and the GOP establishment in Nevada.

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney and President Obama: Who's Better for the Economy?

President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul each offer economic plans with strengths and weaknesses. Who's plan best addresses our current economic rut?

5 Healthy Eating Myths

Don't drink diet soda, whole grains are healthy, and the top five misconceptions about healthy eating.

The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises, Ashton Kutcher's Racist Dating Video, This Week in Pop Culture

Obama, Ashton, Avengers, Batman; a lot happened this week. Here's a recap of the top 5 must-read pop stories to get you up to speed in time for the weekend.

What Ron Paul Can Teach Us on Anniversary of Kent State Massacre

What the Kent State shootings teach us about the violence of the state.

Does Facebook Make You More Lonely? The Science Behind Online Conversation

Facebook doesn't necessarily make us lonely, but it does threaten our ability to be authentic in our relationships with others.

Obama's Economic Policy is Failing: U.S. Economy Needs Less Government Intervention

The Obama administration is failing to revive the economy. In order for jobs to return and incomes to rise, the president must re-prioritize: Big government has got to go.

NYC Education Dept Cracks Down on Student-Teacher Relationships on Facebook and Twitter

Though student/teacher relationships are nothing new, our generation's love of all things technical is making it easier to get caught doing things you shouldn't with those you shouldn't.

New York's Mayor Bloomberg is More Liberal Than Romney and Obama

Mayor Bloomberg's endorsement is highly sought after, but there is no reason for him to support Romney. Bloomberg's positions on the issues prove that he is even further left than the President.

Africa, Israel, the U.S.: Who Will Be the Next Global Energy Leader?

The global energy mix is changing, as new countries begin to export oil and natural gas. It is a move that will have profound effects, not only on the energy markets, but on geopolitics as well.

Legalize Marijuana in California: Nancy Pelosi Says 'Yes,' Why Does Obama Say 'No'?

With 77% of America in favor of medical marijuana, why is the federal government cracking down on California's marijuana industry?

5 Best Videos Safe to Watch at Work on Friday

These five videos don't need sound to be awesome, so you'll be in the clear with your boss at work as you try to pass the time on a Friday.

Top 10 Most Amazing Ron Paul Campus Stump Speeches

Ron Paul has been drawing thousands of people at his campaign stump speeches across the country. Here are his top ten.

Mariano Rivera: A Living Baseball Deity

Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in baseball history. His career may be over, but he forever changed the art of pitching.

George Clooney's Activism in Sudan Recasts the Stereotype of Selfish Movie Stars

George Clooney has chosen to use his celebrity for good and become a global activist. His work around the work is commendable, and has started to reverse the selfish stereotype of movie stars.

#Julia Obama Campaign War on Women: The Next Joe the Plumber?

Yesterday, the Obama campaign put out an amusing little infograph following the life of “Julia,” an empowered women who is taken care of by the government for her whole life.

10 Things They Really Don't Tell You at Graduation: Millennials Must Learn to Manage Their Money

'10 things they really don't tell you at graduation' offered a lot of great points, but one in particular merits serious consideration: You have no idea how personal finance works.

Chen Guangcheng Case Shows Why Mitt Romney Is Unfit to Be President

Romney’s irresponsible rhetoric along with his neocon war-cabinet suggest that he's anxious to return America to a George W. Bush world of unilateral, shoot-from-the-hip foreign policy.

Education Reform, Fair Taxes, Job Creation: Obama's Economic Policy is on the Right Track

Obama's plan for economic growth is a sound one. Job creation, education reform, and a more just tax system: These are the ways to ensure long-term economic growth.

Junior Seau Suicide: NFL is Guilty

Everyone shares the blame when it comes to CTE in football, but only the NFL has the ability to contribute to a solution to the problem.

RIP MCA: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Dies of Cancer

The founder of famed rap trio the Beastie Boys has died.

New Facebook Organ Donor App May Lead to Illegal Organ Trafficking

Mark Zuckerberg’s dream to reduce the organ supply shortage may have come true. But, the new app could increase illegal organ donations in the process.

What We Can Learn From the Rebirth of Vinyl

The reemergence of records is not just about how we listen to music. It is an example of how societies and government respond to economic change.

India: An Opportunity for Gulf Airlines to Further Improve Their Expansion?

India has the second largest airline traffic growth in the world, but the nation's airlines are still failing. This faltering industry might be just the right place for Gulf airlines to expand.

Kim Kardashian for Mayor? America Created a Monster

Did we really allow Kim Kardashian to believe that she could run for political office? This Glendale native never wants to see Kardashian as her mayor.