Top 10 Reason to Vote For Obama in 2012 (Satire)

If you are on the fence on who to vote for. This article should help you make the good choice for Barrack Obama

In 'Game of Thrones,' the Bad Guy Always Wins, But That's What Makes it Awesome

Game of Thrones pessimist world outlook is an expression of the feeling of our times, in contrast with past art genders.

How Many Americans Are Really Out of Work? How 14.5% Underemployment Will Crush Obama

In April 1984, employment growth hit 1,564,000 -- double where we are in April of 2012. While the Reagan recovery sustained its momentum through the election, the Obama recovery is falling flat.

Kentucky Derby: Can the 2 Greatest Minutes in Sports Save a Dying Industry?

The Kentucky Derby has always been about big hats, pretty ponies, and mint juleps, but this year's Running of the Roses will mean so much more to the multi-billion dollar horse industry.

Brass Monkey Margaritas and Other Quirky Ways of Celebrating 'Supermoon Cinco de Mayo'

Looking for hot topics of conversation for that werewolf-themed impromptu 'Supermoon Cinco de Mayo party'? Look no further, these memes will make you the soul of the fiesta.

NBA Lakers and Miami Heat Star Shaq Graduates From College, A Role Model for Black Men

In a league in which many players don't graduate from college, Shaq's Doctorate degree makes him a role model on and off the court.

Mariano Rivera Won't Retire From NY Yankees, And That's Why He's a Hall of Famer

The media speculation over whether Mariano Rivera would retire from baseball does a disservice to his Hall of Fame legacy.

Obama, Colin Powell, and Guantanamo Tortures: 3 Portraits of Leadership This Week

Three episodes this week speak to tough decision and leadership and the tendency to subsequently be defined, for better or worse, by those decisions.

Republican Mitt Romney Didn't Fire Foreign Policy Advisor Richard Grenell for Being Gay

The firing of gay advisor Ric Grenell from the Romney campaign has nothing to do with the foreign policy expert's sexual orientation.

4 Reasons Why the French 2012 Elections Are Important to All of Us

The French presidential election is one of the most important in the country’s history, its affects will reach well beyond its borders and impact the economy and politics of the rest of the world

As President Obama Officially Kicks Off the 2012 Campaign, How to Tell if You're an Ideologue

Though it seems America is most divided than ever, nobody wants to be considered an ideologue. Here, however, is how to spot one.

Kent State Shooting Proves Ron Paul is Right About the Danger of Government Force

The shootings at Kent State 42 years ago should be a reminder of the dangers of government power and the uncertain future of the right to protest in America.

British Election Results: David Cameron Crushed by Labour, in Blow to Austerity

The British elections results confirm that popular opinion in the UK is rapidly turning away from David Cameron and his ideology of Austerity.

Hugo Chavez May Be Dying, But His Authoritarian Brand is Spreading

After taking over Spain's YPF oil company, Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez is looking more and more like Hugo Chavez.

Ron Paul Wins Nevada and Maine, But Mitt Romney Won't Tell You That

Many pundits marked Nevada as a win for Mitt Romney, but Nevada Republicans could prove estimates wrong this weekend by sending Ron Paul supporters as delegates to the national convention.

Confessions of a Mets Fan: Mariano Rivera May Be a Yankee, But He Makes Baseball Better

As a Mets fan with a raging inferiority complex, I want to see every player on the Yankees fail in the most spectacular ways imaginable. That doesn't include a freak, pre-game knee injury though.

Internet Privacy and Google Tracking Got You Down? Try Using DuckDuckGo Instead

ZDNet highlights a privacy-sensitive search engine alternative. Perhaps it's time to break out of your internet 'bubble.'

Al-Qaeda is Larger Than Osama Bin Laden and Won't Die Any Time Soon

We can't fight Al-Qaeda without killing the smaller terrorist groups which the group mentors.

Cricket, Business and 3 Policy Prescriptions to Fix the India - Pakistan Crisis

India Pakistan relation is in worst state and one can hardly conceive of their friendly relationship. But there are common areas which, when exploited, can weave good relationship between them.

Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, Despite RNC Manipulation and Foul Play for Mitt Romney

The RNC has sent a goon squad to Nevada to manipulate the vote at Saturday’s state convention, hoping that Ron Paul supports will acquiesce and accept Mitt Romney as the presumptive nominee.