Is YouTube a Good or Bad Influence on Society?

The media influence which YouTube has can be viewed as positive or negative based on how one shares the ideas which they come across.

French Elections 2012: LIVE Results

On Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy's fate will be decided, as France goes to the polls to vote on its next president. Follow along live.

Greek Elections 2012: The End of the Beginning for Europe's Economic Crisis

Sunday's election ends not only Greece's technocratic government but politics there as we know them. But it won't end the crisis.

Why Has Batman Endured For 73 Years in American Pop Culture?

Batman is now 73 years old. That old age is a result of the character's timeless brand of coolness and an ability to change with the times.

French 2012 Elections Results: Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande Presidential Run-Off Won't Change France

Their politics could not be more different but Sarkozy and Hollande actually come from the same privileged academic background and will do little to change France.

Ron Paul Wins 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus Despite Fraud From Romney Campaign

Ron Paul won 22 out of the 25 Nevada Republican National Convention delegates up for grabs, despite tricks from the Romney campaign.

How Occupy Wall Street Has Already Won

Repetitive critiques from mainstream media that Occupy lacks clear messaging or policy objects totally misses the mark.

Ashton Kutcher Racist? New Popchips Ad Offends Indians

Ashton Kutcher, as Popchips Indian character "Raj" is pulled from advertising campaign after criticism from the Indian-American community.

Ron Paul Supporters Are Phoning It In for 2012 GOP Nomination

Obama has only just kicked off his official re-election campaign, but already some conservatives are throwing in the towel, if not by their words, then by their actions.

Ron Paul Wins in Maine and Nevada Increasing Delegate Count Towards GOP Nomination

Ron Paul’s surprise upsets in Maine and Nevada, two states that the mainstream media had already called for Mitt Romney, will upend the race for the 2012 Republican nomination.

Ron Paul Wins Nevada At-Large Delegates, Sweeps 22 out of 25

Ron Paul has defeated Mitt Romney in Nevada, sweeping at-large delegates and winning 22 out of 25 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

As Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination, Ron Paul Marches On to GOP Nomination

Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party nomination in Las Vegas but that won't change Ron Paul's increasing delegate count and support towards the Republican convention in Tampa.

Eli Manning on SNL, Justin Bieber and 50 Cent's Bromance, and Supermoon Cinco de Mayo Hangover Cures

Try these Mexican hangover cures while you check out (or recap) what happened in television during last night's weird Supermoon Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

Occupy Wall Street Fails At Race Issues: An Open Letter from People of Color

A summary of an open letter to the Occupy movement from people of color across the country.

Burger King Leads Crusade to Improve Animal Treatment

Burger King pledges to serve cage-free eggs and pork by 2017, but the move towards improving the treatment of animals will mean little unless other restaurants follow suit.

In German 2012 Elections, Pirates Rule the Vote

Sunday, a peculiar party of "Nerds and Slackers" held its party conference in Germany, in what could be another step on the way towards the establishment of a new political force.

French Election 2012 Results: #RadioLondres Twitter Meme First to Reveal Hollande Victory

Electoral French authorities forbid the dissemination of exist polls before the official closing time. That's why we have #RadioLondres.