7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Will Win the Presidential Election, and 8 Reasons Why Obama Will Lose

Mitt Romney is a much stronger candidate than John McCain, and Barack Obama is a much weaker candidate than he was in 2008.

Bryce Harper is MLB's Youngest Player, But Does Age Matter?

At 19, Bryce Harper is the youngest player in major league baseball. After last night's game, when Harper took a pitch to the back and stole home, fans are wondering if he's the next big thing.

The Difference Between Money and Capital in the American Economy

Money is often referred to as "capital," but in fact money and capital are two different things. The business cycle results from confusion over their separate roles in the economy.

Caltech's Shocking Lack of Diversity: A Microcosm for the United States?

Only 1% of Caltech undergraduates are African American.

Francois Hollande: 5 Things You Didn't Know about France's New President

You've heard his a socialist, but what else? Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about France's new president.

19 Cute Babies Show You How to Never Ever Grow Up

Seriously. These babies have all the answers to life's problems ...

5 Reasons the Egypt 2012 Elections Are More Important Than the American 2012 Elections (For the Middle East)

The Egyptian election is so important for the region, the outcome is more important than the American presidential election. Here are five reasons why.

French Election Results 2012: 5 Reasons Why Hollande Won the Youth Vote

Much like Obama in 2008, Hollande lets millennials have a voice, and gives French young people a reason why they should not give up hope for change in France.

Ron Paul 2.0: The 5 Reasons You Should Vote for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson

Unhappy with the way things are going? Don't think Romney would be much of an improvement? Maybe former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is your man.

Africa's Economy Surges As Middle Class Grows: Can Free Markets Meet Demand?

Companies are scrambling to service Africa’s new consumer class. This is certainly a commendable strategy but investments in Africa should also focus on long term growth.

Federal Judge: Facebook 'Like' Button Not Protected by 1st Amendment

A Virginia federal judge has ruled that the popular Facebook 'like' button is not a constitutionally protected form of speech. Is he right?

Vladimir Putin Inaugurated as Russian President: 5 Things to Expect From His Next Term

Today Putin was inaugurated to his third term as president of Russia. Here's what Russia, and the world, should expect from his next six years.

2012 French Elections Results: François Hollande Defeats Nicolas Sarkozy in Run-Off 51% to 48%

The French people have spoken and chosen: Sarkozy Exits and François Hollande is the new president of France.

Scarlett Johansson is the Biggest Hero in the Avengers Movie, Proving to be Model For Both Sexes

It doesn’t take a Dr. Bruce Banner to see that the Black Widow, in her simplest form, has characteristics that are entirely attainable and she should be admired by both sexes.

Joe Biden Gay Marriage Remarks Kick Off the Most Important Issue in 2012

2012 will see reinforced White House views on LGBT human rights, growing national turmoil over same-gender marriage, Mitt Romney’s failure to stand up to right-wing evangelicals.

As Obama Flexes His Foreign Policy Muscle, He Proves Democrats Aren't Soft

President Obama is helping the Democratic Party shed its label of softness on national security issue through his many foreign policy successes.

French Election Results 2012: Socialist Francois Hollande Will Be a Better President Than Nicolas Sarkozy

This weekend, François Hollande won the French election, making him the first left-winger to win in 17 years. Here's why the socialist Hollande is the right man for the job.

HBO’s ‘Girls’ Falls Flat As the Voice of the Millennial Generation

But let’s be honest, HBO’s new show Girls is no revolution, and certainly not the voice of my generation.

Chen Guangcheng Controversy Should Also Shine Light On Forced Abortions in China

More so, Chen's fight against forced abortions draws parallels to the abortion controversy in the U.S.

Libya — Not the International Court — Should Bring Former Leaders to Justice

The ICC should withdraw its warrants and let the Libyan criminal system render justice for the Libyan people. Ultimately, the justice needed in Libya is that which the Libyan people demand.

Obama 2012 #Julia Infographic to Win Over Women Voters Fails Miserably

The Obama campaign has created a Orwellian infographic, "The Life of Julia" to win women's votes, but here's why it won't motivate any new female voters to support the President.

Trayvon Martin Death: Rethinking Crime and the Role of the Police

Trayvon Martin's case highlights the systemic racism of the U.S. justice system. We need to pursue alternative modes like Oregon's Rose City Copwatch and South Africa's community courts system.