How '50 Shades of Grey' and Violent Porn Might be Perverting Women's Sexual Identity

With the surge in book sales for '50 Shades of Grey', and the online prevalence of violent pornography, how much are the psyches and sexual identities of America's young girls being affected?

West Virginia Primary Results LIVE: Mitt Romney Defeats Ron Paul

Will Romney win West Virginia in May and November?

North Carolina Amendment 1 Makes Me Ashamed to Be an American

North Carolina passed a statewide ban on gay marriage on Tuesday, a sign that this country still has a long way to go when it comes to equal rights for all people.

Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Help Make 'Avengers' Amazing

The Avengers is the best comic book movie and summer blockbuster in recent memory.

Study: Obesity Could Cost Americans $550 Billion by 2030, But That's Not the Full Story

A new study claims 42 percent of Americans could be obese by 2030, at a cost of $550 billion, but obesity does not necessarily cause high health costs.

David Beckham's 9-Month-Old Daughter Offered Modeling Contract: How Young is Too Young?

British baby-clothing brand, My1st Years, has offered Harper Beckham, 9-month-old daughter of David Beckham, her first modeling contract. But how young is too young?

Ron Paul Gold Standard vs. Cyber Bitcoin: The Austrian Economic Theory is Presented to Congress:

Economist Jeffrey Herbener lays out the case for a gold standard before congress, but there are some problems with his theory.

Austerity Didn't Work in Europe, and the U.S. Should Take Note

European voters rejected austerity measures in a united voice this weekend. The left-leaning outcome may end up not only saving the euro but also shifting the political discourse in the U.S.

What is Austerity? A Short History of the Failed Experiment in Free-Market Capitalism

Recent elections in Europe show that the French and Greek people are finally rising up against the system of neoliberal liberalization which began almost 20 years ago.

French Election Results: Hollande's Election Could Mean the End for the Eurozone

Francois Hollande’s election will eventually lead to the end of the Eurozone.

Greek Elections 2012 Show Austerity Fails, Something Only Ron Paul Seems to Understand

Austerity programs aim to cut the state, but they are being implemented in France and Greece without making the necessary changes to the economic system that Ron Paul advocates.

Ron Paul Wins in Nevada, Maine, and Iowa Prove Delegate Strategy is Working

After this weekend's votes in Nevada, Maine, and Iowa, Ron Paul supporters have become a force to be reckoned with, despite what the pro-Romney media continues to report.

Austrian Economics Expert Jeffrey Herbener Calls for Elimination of Fed, Shows Why Ron Paul is Winning

Anti-Fed testimony before the House is just one more example of the spread of Paul's libertarian economics.

Indiana Primary 2012 Results: Richard Mourdock Defeats Dick Lugar in Romp for Tea Party

Richard Mourdock, former State Treasurer, defeated six-term senator Richard Lugar in a race that was highly backed by Tea Party supporters.

North Carolina Amendment One: Voters Decide Fate of Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Amendment One has sparked massive voter turnout in North Carolina, as voters decide whether gay couples should be constitutionally banned from marriage.

Who is Julia? And Will Obama 2012 Make Her the Joe the Plumber For This Election?

The newest Obama campaign slideshow has conservatives sounding off, but in the end an Obama re-election is better for women anyway.

Teacher Appreciation Week Is Underway, Don't Forget to Say 'Thanks'

Let's celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with a few small gestures using the technology right in front of us.

5 Winning Tips to Help You Succeed During Finals

With final exams right around the corner for many college students, here are 5 study tips to doing your best on your upcoming exams.

Greek Election Results: Greece May Pull the Whole EU Into a Nightmare Spiral

Greeks reject their government and "austerity" and jeopardize the European bailout agreement. The vote threatens to throw Greece into a downward spiral and pull the European Union down with it.

Austerity vs. Growth: How the French and Greek Elections Will Influence Europe's Debt Crisis

The recent elections in Greece and France may have a large influence on the EU debt crisis, but the union's economic problems will never be solved if the leaders don't start thinking long term.

French Elections 2012: Hollande Won, But What Does that Mean for the U.S.?

François Hollande is France's president-elect, but what does his win mean for France and the U.S.? A breakdown of his views shows the differences between French and U.S. thoughts on socialism.

War on Drugs Needs a Makeover: How Legalizing Marijuana will Save the U.S. Economy

In tough economic times we need some imaginative and innovative rethinking of policies, like the war on drugs. It's time to legalize marijuana in America.

Obama's 'Life of Julia' Campaign is the 'Joe the Plumber' of 2012

Obama's new campaign "Life of Julia" is wrong in so many ways.

How One Cole Hamels Pitch Made Bryce Harper the Next Baseball Great

Bryce Harper's unlimited potential and determination on the baseball field will lead to his emergence as a member of the MLB's elite.

What America Can Learn From Europe's Problems

Europe's economic troubles and election struggles illustrate very meaningful lessons for Americans about taxing and spending.

The Most Comprehensive Obama Report Card Ever — And the President's GPA is ....

From Iraq to health care, a complete analysis of the major accomplishments of Barack Obama in his first term.

North Carolina Gay Marriage Amendment 1 is Against Christianity

To me, this gay marriage amendment is blatantly and unquestioningly against Christianity, and I am disappointed in the citizens of North Carolina.