20 Reasons Women Need Access to Birth Control

From better vacations and clearer skin to being a healthier mom-to-be, here are the top 20 serious and not-so-serious reasons why every woman should have access to birth control.

Ron Paul Delegates Arrested As They Win a Majority at Louisiana GOP Convention

The Louisiana State Republican Convention descended into chaos this morning, with several delegates being arrested and the convention chairman being thrown to the ground by police.

5 Reasons College Students Should Not Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a new phenomena that people have embraced. So why should college students shy away from this trend?

Why Exercise Doesn't Actually Help You Lose Weight

Exercise is often treated like a guaranteed way to lose weight, but the evidence isn't all that clear.

MMA is Violent, But These 4 Combat Sports Are More Dangerous

Think MMA is dangerous? This list might just change your views on MMA, boxing, and combat sports in general.

4 Reasons Why Fraternities and Sororities Really Do Matter On College Campus

Greek organizations nationwide have received much press due to violations arising from hazing. However, these articles are not representative of the vast majority of outstanding Greek houses.

PETA Buys XXX Website, Uses Sasha Grey 'Porn' Pics: Typical Absurd PR For PETA

PETA, in its latest publicity stunt, took their message online to an ".xxx" domain.

Zombie Apocalypse 101: Bath Salts and 5 Other Insane Drugs That Make Users Crazy

Everything you need to know about bath salts and how they're tied into the recent Miami cannibalism attack.

Sasha Grey Goes From Porn to Mainstream, Proving Americans Are Not Prudes

The former adult performer, who appeared in HBO’s Entourage and will start in The Girl From the Naked Eye, proves Americans are not prejudiced about porn.

100 'Confidential' Postcards from Hillary Clinton

This week Hillary Clinton visited her 100th country setting a record for most countries visited as Secretary of State. Here's are the awesome thoughts she sent us from every country.

Lunar Eclipse 2012 LIVE: Where to Watch the Transit of Venus [+ Video]

Did last month’s solar eclipse event light up your interest in astronomy? If you’re as much of a astro geek as I am, then it’s time to get excited for Monday night.

Magic Mike: This is Why Channing Tatum Did Not Steal Stripping Moves From Former Colleagues

Channing Tatum, the star of 'Magic Mike,' has been accused by his former stripping colleagues of stealing not only their signature moves but also the name of the movie itself.

Minimum Wage Debate: How Sweatshops Are Actually Good for the Poor

Despite their bad reputation, people in the West need to be more receptive to the benefits of low-waged sweatshops. What happens if we consider it from the perspective of the poor?

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts and Cannibalism Could Be Ruled Out of the 'Miami Zombie' Case

A preliminary autopsy revealed that no rests of human flesh were found in the stomach of the alleged 'Miami Zombie,' and that bath salts weren't probably the cause of the gruesome attack.

Financial Meltdown 101: 10 Reasons Why Banks Fail

There are many reasons why banks can fail, and cause severe damage to the economy as a whole.

NYC Gay Pride Parade 2012: Parade Route Map, LGTB Events

New York’s 2012 Gay Pride week is in full swing, with a parade — one of the world’s biggest — set for Sunday.

Zombie Apocalypse: Following Miami 'Face Eating' Attack, Government Says Drug Use Causes Cannibalism (Satire)

Following last week's vicious Miami face-eating attack, the federal government is adding a weapon to its arsenal in the war on drugs: cannibalism.

'The Dark Knight Rises' Will be the Best Batman Movie Yet

The new trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' shows Christian Bale and Josh Gordon-Levitt pulling out all the stops. The final dark knight movie, looks like it will be epic.

Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney

An endorsement from Congressman Ron Paul is rare, but even though his son Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, the elder Paul is unlikely to do the same, according to several Paul staff members.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Scott Walker Vote Fraud Claims Totally False

Scott Walker's claims that Democrats are leading a vote fraud effort have no merit.

Zombie Apocalypse in Pop Culture: Miami 'Zombie' Bath Salts Attack is No Laughing Matter

Cannibalism attacks have been popping up recently, but instead of seeing them for how horrific they are, we are trained to focus on their humorous "zombie" qualities.

Danica Patrick May Be Ditched in GoDaddy Half-Nude Women Ads, But the Sexism Remains

GoDaddy is reportedly ditching their sexist advertising with the new hiring of Deutsch New York as the creative agency. But comments from executives leave a lot to be desired.

Unemployment is High by Republican Design as GOP Sabotaged Obama's Job Proposals

What if jobs numbers were designed to be poor right before the elections as the perfect political script? Watch videos of our leaders as the jobs numbers script of today was being written.

Apple WWDC 2012 LIVE Video: iPhone 5, Siri for iPad, iOS 6 and Apple Maps (+ Live Video and Audio)

Besides showcasing the new Mac books and the iPhone 5, Apple is expected to unveil a new map service that could take as much as 40% of Google Maps users away.

Drake vs Chris Brown and Lil' Kim vs Nicki Minaj: The 8 Most Epic Hip Hop Clashes

A chronological breakdown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of hip hop beat downs.

What Doesn't Kill You: The Truth Behind The 7 Most Popular "Healthy" Foods Out There

Seven known "healthy" and "meal-replacement" products, and what they are actually doing to your body.

Hydrofracking Fact and Fiction: What You Need to Know About the Controversial Practice

Hydrofracking is driving a resurgence in domestically-produced fossil fuels. But is the controversial technique too dangerous to use, or can it's environmental impacts be mitigated?

Chicago Murder Rate Soars as Obama Stays Silent

Obama took pride in Chicago as he joked with Red Sox fans about a trade in favor of the White Sox; however, Obama shouldn’t be too proud of Chicago as its murder rate increased 35%.

Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey Strip Scene: How Modern Movies Objectify Men

'Magic Mike' a movie about male strippers is set for release this June. Although we are objectifying men, it's different than when we objectify women.

Lunar Venus Transit 2012 LIVE: Where to Watch, Weather Forecasts, What is the Venus Transit? [+ Video]

Transits of Venus are some of the rarest celestial phenomena that can be predicted. Here's everything you need to know about Tuesday's Venus event.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salt Attack Survivor Graphic Details Revealed (+ Photo)

Finally, the secrecy surrounding the "Miami Cannibal" attack survivor Ronald Poppo’s recovery at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital has ended.

Must Read Books 2012: JK Rowling, Toni Morrison Round Out the Top 15

Toni Morrison, JK Rowling, and David Maraniss' Barack Obama biography round out the top 15.

Ann Curry Today Show Scandal: Savannah Guthrie to Be New Today Show Co Host

There has been endless drama surrounding Ann Curry and the 'Today Show' but the moment for her departure has finally arrived. So who is poised to take on the co-host role? Savannah Guthrie.

Amazon Crash Causes Instagram and Netflix to Blackout: Is Cloud Computing Ready for Prime Time?

Two crashes in two weeks raise serious questions about the ability of cloud computing to withstand severe weather and the risks that come from hosting many popular websites in one location.

14 Things You Didn't Know About Mohamed Morsi and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Did you know Egypt's new president used to help NASA develop space shuttle engines?

Stop and Frisk Law is Racist and the Shame of New York City

Stop and Frisk is a great example of an ineffective policy that, under the guise of upholding public safety, actively isolates and violates already disempowered communities of color.

Pandora or Spotify: Which One Will Top the Social Streaming Music Industry?

Pandora is the most popular online radio with a market value of $2.6 billion, but Spotify is on its way to the top. Wich one has the potential to revolutionize the way of social music listening?

Porn Star James Deen Gives Justin Bieber a Run For Twitter Followers: Proof Porn Is Going Mainstream

James Deen is a 25-year old guy next door who happens to be an award-winning porn star followed by legions of young female admirers and now also by Lindsay Lohan.

Austrian Economics Would Save Europe: Nigel Farage Debunks Keynesians

Amid political revolt, inflationary bailouts, and the inevitable exit of Greece from the Union, Nigel Farage is the only voice of common sense in Brussels.

Ron Paul Says the Old Republican Party is Dead

Ron Paul addresses his supporters, and gives his thoughts and predictions. Spoiler: liberty triumphs.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Destroy the NBA Career of Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs point guard is suing the owner of W.i.P., the New York City club where Chris Brown and Drake fought over Rihanna, for $20 million.

Top 25 Obama Excuses For a Failed Economy and High Unemployment

The job numbers and weak recovery are only getting worse, yet President Obama continues to blame anything and everything else for his failed policies. Here's a look at his top 25 excuses.

Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Was a Tactical Masterstroke for Libertarianism

Rand's endorsement of Mitt Romney sparked a virtual meltdown among loyal supporters of Ron Paul. Is this a sellout or a tactical masterstroke for the libertarian agenda?

9 Qualities That Every College President Must Have

What attributes should a college president really have?

Wisconsin Recall Results: Rampant Voter Fraud in Wisconsin or 'The Martians Are Coming?'

In-depth investigations into election fraud in Wisconsin's 2004 and 2008 elections revealed that election fraud occurs at a rate of less than one-thousandths of a percent.

Why Using the Word "Retard" is Retarding Progress

We're leaving some people behind in our ongoing struggle for equality. Using the word "retard" is degrading and harmful.

Why This Ron Paul Supporter Changed Her Mind after the Supreme Court Decision on Health Care

Obamacare is certainly controversial, but as of June 28th, 2012, it is constitutional. Though I often side with the GOP, I’ve now come to realize how crucial Obamacare really is.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Becomes Most Searched Drug on the Internet After 'Zombie' Attacks

A 50-milligram packet of the white powdery bath salts reportedly sells for $25 to $50, and is also known by street names like “Ivory Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Bliss,” and “Purple Rain.”

Facebook (FB) Stock Price: Facebook to Offer More Shares, But Will They Sell Them?

Despite a rocky IPO, Facebook (FB) is set to unleash millions of additional shares as soon as its lock-up period ends. It's more shares the answer to the downturn?

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: 8 Things to Know About Scott Walker John Doe Scandal

Since 2010, the Milwaukee D.A. has led a criminal investigation involving Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's staff and associates.

Greek Election 2012 Results LIVE: Syriza, KKE and Greece at a Crossroads as Voters Decide to Stay In or Out of Euro Zone

Greece will choose today between the lesser of two evils -- New Democracy or Syriza. Follow the live updates here.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make NY Mom Strip Naked And Try to Choke Son

Another day, another victim of the dangerous and powerful new street synthetic drug known as bath salts.

Syria Civil War Deepens as Russia Deploys Warships and Marines to Support Assad

In a fairly blunt show of force, Russia sent in its warships and marines to bolster the Assad regime and ensure the survival of its client state.

Ron Paul or Mitt Romney For President: What the Polls Would Say If Today Were Election Day

In February, poll numbers indicated that President Obama would beat all possible Republican rivals in hypothetical matchups. Now that it's June, do those numbers still add up?

If Ron Paul Were President...

Four years of peace, the Bill of Rights, and a libertarian bully pulpit would have been bliss.

Ron Paul, Rupert Murdoch and Barney Frank All Know the War on Drugs is a Failure

The "war on drugs" has failed; it's time to consider the proper role of government in regulating a decriminalized market for recreational drugs.

ADHD is a Societal Disorder, and Adderall Abuse Harms Those Who Suffer From It

I once dropped an Advil in the library, and my classmate asked, "Oh my God, is that Ritalin? I'll buy it off you! Any price." I couldn't help but question academia's measure of success.

Kate Upton Has No Talent and Is Not a Role Model for Women

Kate Upton has become a point of controversy in the media with her teeny bikinis and borderline scandals. How does she represent American society? What questions does she raise about our values?

10 Michael Jackson Impersonators Do Their Best to Mimic the King of Pop

Everyone wants to be Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop. But who are the best impersonators? Here are the best professionals and non-professionals.

South Dakota GOP Primary Results: LIVE Mitt Romney is the Projected Winner

Ron Paul supporters are making a major push to try to get support for the libertarian candidate. Follow the live updates here.

Bonnaroo 2012: Watch LIVE Streaming of Phish, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kurt Vile And the Violators

Live stream the Bonnaroo 2012 performances of Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kurt Vile & The Violators among others right here all the way through Sunday night.

Greek Election Results Will Impact the U.S. Presidential Election

Greece's upcoming parliamentary elections reflect a more turbulent economic situation — and will impact U.S. elections in November.

Why Obama is Dominating Mitt Romney On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Obama's presence online gives him yet another edge over Romney when it comes to winning youth voters.

Wait, What Happens to Eric Holder if He is Found in Contempt By Congress?

The House of Representatives will likely vote Thursday on a resolution to find Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failure to comply with a subpoena.

Uwe Boll a Master of Bad Movies Finally Makes a Winner with Auschwitz [Graphic Video]

Rather than the movie-magic and hope of Holocaust films like 'Schindler's List' or 'The Pianist', 'Auschwitz' shows Auschwitz for what it really was.

Ron Paul Would Have Prevented Greek Debt Crisis That Goldman Sachs Helped Create

Supporting a presidential candidate that is funded by the investment bank responsible for Greece's financial collapse isn't that good of an idea.

Obama vs. Romney: The Effect of Social Media on the 2012 Elections

Social Media is important for candidates to help spread out and connect to different voters.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Investigated by Congress as CDC Denies Zombies Exist

As fears of a possible “Zombie Apocalypse” grow by the minute in light of increasingly gruesome reports of cannibalism, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been forced to intervene.

Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Cannibal Attack Lasted 18 Minutes According to Footage Video and 911 Calls

"He's beating another man. It's a naked man beating another man," one caller said. "He is going to kill that man. I promise you."

Prop 8 Shot Down, Gay Marriage Will Head to Supreme Court in 2013

The Ninth Circuit issued a final denial for a rehearing en banc in the case concerning California’s Proposition 8 and its constitutionality, upholding its earlier ruling.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Scott Walker Using Dirty John Doe Tricks to Keep Voters Away From the Polls

Sarah Palin has come out in favor of Scott Walker, while the Green Bay Packers are supporting challenger Tom Barrett in Wisconsin's recall election.

California Primary Results: Ron Paul Supporters Remain Committed Despite Voter Ignorance

Ron Paul will get slaughtered again in California today. But it's not the fault of all those Ron Paul supporters who have busted their tails.

Zombie Apocalypse: ‘Miami Cannibal’ Girlfriend Says Rudy Eugene Avoided Drugs

27-year-old Miramar resident Yovonka Bryant, the girlfriend of ‘Miami Zombie’ Rudy Eugene, said the man was “very religious” and that her three children called him affectionately “uncle Beard."

China Space Race Will Not Be With NASA, But With SpaceX

It's the new race for space: China vs U.S. private companies. Who will prevail?

Kate Upton Nun Bikini and Cat Daddy Dance: This Should Not Offend Catholics (Video)

The Catholic League protested the nun headpiece and large rosary the Sports Illustrated model wears over a racy bikini in the upcoming Farelli brothers’ film ‘The Three Stooges.’

Fracking and Oil Boom Will Reshape American Energy Policy

Despite talk of a domestic energy crisis, some are predicting a boom in domestic oil and gas production that could lead America to becoming energy self-sufficient.

Ron Paul Refusal to Endorse Mitt Romney Proves He Stays True to His Word

On Wednesday, Ron Paul looked like anything but a defeated politician. He told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he will not endorse Mitt Romney, No. Not ready. No way."

Citizens United 2.0: Supreme Court Reverses Montana Law, Extends Citizens United to States

The Supreme Court is poised to accept review in a case that would expand the holding of Citizens United to state election law as well as federal, much to challenger's chagrin.

LeBron James is the NBA MVP, But He is 1 of 5 Reasons Why America Hates the Miami Heat

Okay so they won. Here are the five reasons why America still hates the stars of South Beach's favorite basketball team.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Mohammed Morsi Wins, What it Means for the U.S. and Israel

Egypt's focus should be whether a true democracy, free of old alliances and trade agreements, can alter ties between the three states. The focus should not be a candidate's religious affiliation.

Michael Jackson Death 3 Years Later: Justin Bieber May Be the Next King of Pop

Michael Jackson died three years ago. While he had a controversial life, he revolutionized the entertainment industry and has no successor to the "King of Pop" title today.

22% of American Children Are Living in Poverty, But Obama and Romney Do Not Care

Poverty has become a significant problem that needs to be tackled by presidential candidates before the upcoming election.

Chris Brown and Drake Fought Over Rihanna But Neglected to Call Her After London Fire

While Chris Brown and Drake consider a $1 million offer to take their differences to an actual boxing ring, Rihanna escapes a fire in a London hotel all by herself.

Atheism Needs to Evolve Beyond Richard Dawkins-style Secularism

A new, better atheism is on the rise, and religions don't have an answer.

Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West Straddle Line Between Violent Porn and Risque Entertainment

Glamorized and eroticized images of dead and battered women are everywhere in fashion, music, and advertising. Not only are they no longer provocative, they're harmful and simply lazy.

Euro 2012 Final Results: Spain vs Italy Preview, Prediction and How Fabregas and Balotelli Will Clash

Spain and Italy will face off in the Euro 2012 final this Sunday on an epic clash of titans which includes Fabregas and Casillas (Spain) and "super Mario brothers" Balotelli and Buffon (Italy).

Ted Movie Trailer: Seth MacFarlane's New Comedy Ted is the Must-See Summer Movie

'Ted' is a welcome return to Seth MacFarlane's roots, with guaranteed laughs for fans of classic 'Family Guy'.

3 Reasons Why Split-Ticket Voting Might be the Right Thing To Do

Like all things political; voting a split ticket is more art than science and it goes in fashion cycles, too.

I am a Member of the Highest Caste of India, But Here is Why I Want to Throw It All Away

Casteism is an evil which needs to be eradicated from Indian society.

Ron Paul Reading List: The Secret Behind Libertarian Success is Hidden in These Books

A "reading list" that summarizes the ethics, economics, and insights of libertarianism.

Supreme Court Decision: Obamacare is Taxation Without Representation

The Supreme Court has turned the Obamacare law into a tax, thereby giving a dangerous new power to Congress.

Is Mubarak Dead?

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is dead at 84, days after Egyptian presidential elections.

Myanmar Conflict: Ethnic Discrimination in Rakhine State Sparks Violence Against Muslim Rohingya

Violence that began earlier this month in the Myanmar state of Rakhine has led to exodus of many Muslim Rohingya seeking refuge in the neighboring countries of India, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

New York Primary Results 2012: Charlie Rangel, and the 5 Races to Watch

Here are the five races to watch for during today's New York state primary.