Zombie Apocalypse: Following Miami 'Face Eating' Attack, Government Says Drug Use Causes Cannibalism (Satire)

Following last week's vicious Miami face-eating attack, the federal government is adding a weapon to its arsenal in the war on drugs: cannibalism.

Obama vs. Romney: The Effect of Social Media on the 2012 Elections

Social Media is important for candidates to help spread out and connect to different voters.

Facebook (FB) Stock Fiasco: Morgan Stanley CEO Defends Company's Role in IPO

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman took to the CNBC airwaves to explain his company's scrutinized role in the Facebook IPO debacle.

Are BRICS Countries Moving Away From the U.S. Dollar?

Brazil, Russia, India and China agreed on a proposal to extend credit in local currency. As trade increases, China could move swiftly to provide renminbi for importers of Chinese goods.

5 Reasons Why Cello Rock Has Gone Viral

Cello rock arrangements have gone viral this week and over the past year. Why is the cello so well-suited for badassery?

'Women Are Heroes' Project: Street Artist Portrays Feminism in the Areas its Needed Most

New book 'Women Are Heroes' highlights the work of JR, a French street artist. His mural portraits of struggling women around the world are often displayed, in the very areas the women are from.

Bill Clinton is Pro-Romney? Former President Defends Bain Capital

President Bill Clinton pulled a Cory Booker by defending Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital as "sterling." Will he be ostracized like Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker?

Hate Crime Goes Viral: Child Proudly Sings Anti-Gay Song in Church

A four-year-old stood in front of his church congregation and sang, "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven," the room erupted in applause. Teaching your children hate crimes is a form of abuse.

Unemployment Up to 8.2%, How Will it Impact Obama and Romney?

New jobs report is released.

Will Ferrell in 'The Campaign' Will Show Just How Absurd American Politics Have Become

"The Campaign" looks like it has potential to be the comedy film of the summer. Under the laughter, however, lies a clear message that will make it even better.

College Debt is the Scourge of the American Economy

It would be great if Congress got its act together to avoid doubling the interest rate on federal student loans. But what we really need is a longer-term approach to drive down college costs.

How to Tune Out the Propaganda and Decide Who You Really Want to Vote For

In Part 1, we discussed resources for candidate information and voter education. Here's more advice for clearing your mind to sort through the avalanche of political information.

Green Lantern Gay, Halo 4 Rumors, and the Zombie Apocalypse: This Week in Pop Culture

'Snow White and the Huntsman', Miss USA, and the new Steve Jobs biopic in the works. A lot happened this week! Here's the pop to get you through the weekend.

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban is Not the Solution to Obesity in New York

Although many overweight New York City citizens may benefit from such a plan, it is completely unreasonable and unfair for Bloomberg to dictate what foods and drinks they are allowed to consume.

Scott Walker Pollution Scandal Adds More Fire to Wisconsin Recall Election

This is not the first environmental scandal involving the Walker administration and its political allies.

Unemployment hits 8.2% and Growth Stalls, But America Shouldn't Panic

What America should realize concerning the new unemployment rate is that the U.S. economy is doing as well as can be hoped for.

Pro-Choice Americans at a Record Low – But Does it Matter in the Abortion Debate?

While people may define labels like 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' differently, the fact that a record low number of people identify as "pro-choice" should concern the movement.

Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall Also a Battle Against Citizens United

Wisconsin's historic recall battle may be seen as a test of grassroots gumption against big outside money in a post-Citizen's United world.

In Defense of Obama: This Pole's Response to Obama's 'Polish Death Camp' Blunder

As a person proud of his Polish heritage, I offer a response in the wake of the controversy surrounding President Obama's speech at the 2012 Medal of Freedom awards ceremony.

Chris Christie or Marco Rubio? Romney VP Pick Should Avoid the Sarah Palin Disaster

What should Romney look for in a VP? He should learn from the McCain-Palin mistake from the 2008 election.

Ron Paul Will Storm GOP Convention, Plans 100,000 people at 'Ron Paul Fest'

Mitt Romney fears Ron Paul's 100k attendees 'Festival' in Tampa could sway more delegates and deliver Paul the nomination.

Euro Zone Will Survive Its Crisis and Greece Will Continue to Be a Member

Looking at the euro zone as a country in hyperinflation trying to normalize makes suprising sense.

Why Bloomberg’s New York City Soda Ban is No Big Deal

In the midst of hysteria surrounding Bloomberg's "soda ban," it’s worth noting that if it passes, as is likely, the law will actually change very little.