Virginia Primary Results: 6 George Allen Racist Remarks That Will Hurt Him Against Tim Kaine

As George Allen attempts to win back the Senate seat that he lost to Jim Webb, he'll also have to answer for past remarks.

Arizona Election Results: Ron Barber Win in Giffords Race a Big Win For Democrats

Democrat Ron Barber, the former Gabrielle Giffords aide, won the Arizona special election on Tuesday to replace the still recovering congresswoman who was shot in the head over a year ago.

North Dakota Primary Results: 'Fighting Sioux' Mascot Offensive to Native Americans Rejected by Voters

In the North Dakota primary on Tuesday, voters endorsed a proposal to abolish the University of North Dakota's "Fighting Sioux" nickname and Indian head logo.

Women Do Not Have a Right to Free Birth Control Pills

There is no “right” to free birth control. In fact, there is no “right” to free food, clothing or shelter, all of which are far more essential to human survival than birth control pills.

Eric Holder Should Resign, Or Else Congress Should Impeach Him

Eric Holder should resign immediately over the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, before he goes down as one of the worst presidential cabinet members in history.

Trayvon Martin Florida Stand Your Ground Law Backlash Continues, As Johnson & Johnson Dumps ALEC

Johnson & Johnson has announced that it has decided to "suspend" its ALEC membership, making it the 19th corporation to abandon the Council after Trayvon Martin's killing.

Syria in State of Civil War: Russia Sends Gunships to Prop Up Assad

With Syria now in a state of civil war, and facing heavy troop losses, the Assad regime has turned to Russian supplied helicopter gunships to attack rebel and civilian targets.

LinkedIn Tricks, Twitter Tips and 5 Great Social Media Tools To Help You Get a Job

If you’re officially unemployed like me, spend twice money than you actually earn, and need desperately a job this summer, then perhaps social media can help.

Fighting Sioux Mascot is Dead at the University of North Dakota

North Dakota residents voted on Tuesday to let the University of North Dakota scrap its Fighting Sioux mascot nickname. But why?

Arizona Election Results: Gabby Giffords Election Should Be a Reminder For Stricter Gun Controls in the U.S.

As the special election for Gabby Giffords' vacant seat in the House is set for Tuesday night, politicians seem to have ignored the reason for her absence - unrestricted access to guns.

3 Options for Hillary Clinton to Avoid and Aid the Iranian Opposition

European MPS have signed a declaration of their support for Iran's opposition. It's time for the U.S. to do the same.

Green Day 'American Idiot', Bruce Springsteen 'Born in the USA' and 5 Suggestions For the New National Anthem

Francis Scott Key's 'The Star-Spangled Banner' had a great run as America's national anthem. As we move into the future, America needs a new national anthem to better reflect the changing times.

North Dakota Primary Results: Ballot Measure 3, 'War On Religion,' Struck Down

This ballot measure could be prologue to a wider religious debate in the 2012 general elections.

Libertarianism Defeated as Anti-Property Tax Fails in North Dakota Primary Results

In North Dakota on Tuesday, voters faced a constitutional amendment that would effectively seek the end to property taxes in the state.

South Carolina Primary Results: 436,000 Voters Deprived of Right to Vote

Nearly 250 primary candidates are no longer eligible in the vote — impacting races ranging from sheriff to State Senate.

President Obama is Totally Wrong on Education: America Needs to Fire, Not Hire, More Teachers

President Obama’s central proposal for education reform is to hire more public school teachers. Mitt Romney wants to reduce the size of government to boost the private sector. Who's right?

Scott Walker Recall Triumph and California Pension Reforms Can Restart the American Labor Movement

Unions are facing their darkest hour, as public support for them seems to fade. But dawn can come, if they come out of their caves and fight for more efficient, fair, and sustainable government.

Creationism Uses Dinosaurs to Lure Kids Into Radical Ideas, But Scientists Should Not Care Too Much

A creation museum has recruited Dinosaurs for its new billboard campaign, but so what? Science has bigger problems to deal with.

5 Reasons Why Facebook and Twitter Are No Replacement for a Real Newspaper

While social media and blogging may seem to be replacing traditional newspapers and reporting, the reality is that the need for reporting is stronger than ever.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Dominate in the 2012 General Election

King will likely replace Olympia Snowe in Maine.

Virginia Primary Results: Republicans Will Lose in Election 2012 If They Don't Show Up to the Fight

Polling places at Tuesday's Virginia primaries felt like a ghost town, a sign that the Republican Party is not energized today.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King to Face Off Against Summers, Dill for Olympia Snowe Senate Seat

Angus King may be the only moderate left in Maine who can carry out Olympia Snowe's legacy of bipartisanship in the Senate. Carlie Summers and Cynthia Dill will be on the ballot.

Arizona Special Election Results: Former Gabrielle Giffords Aide Ron Barber Wins Big

Democrat Ron Barber has defeated Republican Jesse Kelly in the Congressional District 8 special election for Gabby Giffords' House seat.

Russian Prostests Against Putin Signal Immediate Need for Change

Citizens of Russia flooded the streets of Moscow yesterday in protest against the government of Vladimir Putin. The protesters seek a legitimate space for themselves within the fabric of Russia.

Urban Outfitters Mitt Is The Sh*t Shirt Makes Him Cool for Millennials

Political shirts are now sold by companies like Urban Outfitters in order to reach out to millennials. These shirts may lead to an increased participation by young voters in the election.

Nevada Primary Results: Ron Paul Absence Means Low Turnout

Tuesday's Nevada primary is a non-event and likely to set new records for low turnout.

NBA Finals 2012: Russel Westbrook Fashion, Kevin Durant Dunks on LeBron James and 5 Reasons to Watch Game 2

Heat vs. Thunder is an NBA Finals match-up for the ages. LeBron/Durant has Magic/Bird potential, and the battle for wackiest post-game fashion accessory will be just as fierce.

Maine Primary Results: Angus King Will Win Olympia Snowe Senate Seat, But Her Legacy is Lost

Maine primaries will bring a whole lot of nothing to the table, King still the favorite in November.

Arizona Special Election Results: Ron Barber Wins Gabby Giffords Seat, But Women Lose an Icon

After the shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Arizona term was cut short. As Arizonians head to the polls today, it is markedly clear that we need more women in office: Arizona is behind the times.

Virginia Primary Results: George Allen and Eric Cantor Cruise to Big Wins

Turnout in Tuesday’s open Virginia Senate Republican primary was in the single digits.