Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salt Attack Survivor Graphic Details Revealed (+ Photo)

Finally, the secrecy surrounding the "Miami Cannibal" attack survivor Ronald Poppo’s recovery at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital has ended.

Porn Star James Deen Gives Justin Bieber a Run For Twitter Followers: Proof Porn Is Going Mainstream

James Deen is a 25-year old guy next door who happens to be an award-winning porn star followed by legions of young female admirers and now also by Lindsay Lohan.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make NY Mom Strip Naked And Try to Choke Son

Another day, another victim of the dangerous and powerful new street synthetic drug known as bath salts.

Ron Paul Reading List: The Secret Behind Libertarian Success is Hidden in These Books

A "reading list" that summarizes the ethics, economics, and insights of libertarianism.

Dallas TV Premiere Is a Failed Depiction of Texas: TV Shows Like This Give Cities a Bad Rep

The remake of 'Dallas' begs the question of whether television centered around cities accurately represent their location.

Game of Thrones Puts George W. Bush's Severed Head On a Spike: Shameful, But Harmless

The head of George W. Bush appearing in Game of Thrones was a distasteful joke and shows the double standard in Hollywood. Imagine if that had been Obama's head.

Facebook (FB) Stock: Apple Integration Announcement With Facebook Fails to Boost FB Stock

Despite Apple’s WWDC 2012 announcement of its integration with Facebook for an upcoming version of its iOS software, the social network’s stock continued its decline.

Gaddafi Was Not Killed For Libyan Democracy, He Was Killed Because He Knew Too Much

While debating the future of Libya, we are missing the fundamental details. Gadaffi was not nearly as hated as Syria's Assad, yet Assad is still alive. Perhaps Gadaffi just knew too much.

Should Racist Groups Like the KKK Have Freedom of Speech in Georgia?

Georgia’s Department of Transportation denied the KKK the right to participate in the adopt-a-highway program. Now the KKK is looking towards legal action for a violation of freedom of speech.

Flag Day 2012: Americans Honor the Flag, But They Have Lost Their Patriotism

In case you didn't know, National Flag Day is June 14. Though the American flag will always be a symbol of power and democracy, are Americans still patriotic?

Arizona Immigration Laws Are Not Racist But They Are Corrupt

From the outset of Arizona's immigration laws -- SB 1070 and HB 2162 -- the left has vigorously decried these bills as xenophobic and racist. A closer look shows them to be neither.

Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Future of American Politics

Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney doesn't change the fact that Ron Paul won a long time ago. Through spreading the message of liberty, Ron Paul has sparked a revolution of ideas.

Farm Bill 2012: Why Midwest Corn Farmers Are Fighting Southern Peanut Farmers

This year's Farm Bill eliminates direct payments, which has set up a brouhaha between Southern and Midwest farmers. Can Congress work out a compromise?

Ron Paul Appeals to Women, Not Just College-Age White Men

The stereotype of libertarians is they are white, 20-something males. But, a new generation of women are changing all that.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: Muslim Brotherhood Likely to Lose After Court Rules in Favor of Ahmed Shafiq

The biggest winner from the ruling is presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: Mubarak Death Would Unleash Chaos

As unrest grows in Egypt, Mubarak's declining health adds yet another element of instability to the elections and the mood of the country, frustrating many who feel denied transitional justice.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB Launches Real-Time Advertising Tool to Stop Decline

Facebook (FB) stock decline continued on Thursday despite the news of its integration with Apple. Will the announcement of a new real-time bidding feature for advertisers excite investors?

Art Basel 2012: A Gallery Director's Inside Scoop on One of Art's Most Influential Events

This weekend marks one of the biggest art fairs of the year, Art Basel. As the event enters its 43rd year, we must ask: Has this become just a marketplace for the mega-rich?

Chris Christie Gets It Wrong On Cap-and-Trade Emissions Reduction Plan

Last year Gov. Christie pulled New Jersey out of an "ineffective" cap-and-trade greenhouse gas reduction program; but new evidence shows that RGGI has dropped emissions by 23% among its members.

True Blood Season 5: Jason Stackhouse Is The New Damsel In Distress [+Video]

Jessica “Babyvamp” Hamby, the eternal 17-year-old virgin vampire, is the new action hero who goes to the rescue of her muscled and half-naked but weak and clumsy male counterparts.

Scott Walker and 5 Republican Governors Creating Jobs in Battle Ground States

Republican administrations in key swing states have passed critical reforms which are balancing their books and lowering their unemployment, yet some are trying to give all the credit to Obama.

Obama Leaves Black Voters Disillusioned After His Push For LGBT Rights

Obama might run into some trouble over his new take on gay marriage. But did he forsake black voters? Some truth can be found in realizing Obama's true agenda and black voters' values.

Declining Birth Rates Are a Symptom of Socialism

Dr. Ed Yardeni has presented his ideas on why he thinks socialism breeds infertility. Birthrates are definitely on the decline but not for the reasons Yardeni says.

Flag Day 2012: Modern Politics Has Ruined America's Most Sacred Symbol

Today is Flag Day, a day to honor the flag. Have our modern political parties upheld the responsibility of honoring the symbolic nature of the American flag, and what it represents?

American Politcs Are Broken, But One Filmmaker is On a Quest to Fix Them

My three-member crew and I are traveling across the country and inviting people to share their political views on camera. Is there any hope for America?

Obama and Romney Are Not the Deciders on Teachers, Firefighters, and Police

Does America need more teachers, firefighters, and police? More importantly, who decides and how do they know? The real deciders are not on the presidential campaign trail.

Pinterest Launches New Feature to Hook Women Users Even More

Twitter and Pinterest, in an effort to reach out to people when they are not on the sites, have launched email newsletters to all their users.

Euro 2012 Results: Where to Watch LIVE Italy vs. Croatia

Euro 2012 has started, and for every soccer fan, it’s the best thing to happen aside from the World Cup.

$7.3 Million is the Average Net Worth For Congress — And That's Why I'm Launching My 2012 Campaign

Only when Americans stand together and make the changes necessary, will the government truly become representative of our needs. Until then, we are getting what we deserve.