Austrian Economics Would Save Europe: Nigel Farage Debunks Keynesians

Amid political revolt, inflationary bailouts, and the inevitable exit of Greece from the Union, Nigel Farage is the only voice of common sense in Brussels.

Why Legalizing Marijuana in NY Would Stop Discrimination Against Black People

While Senate Republicans in Albany seem poised to kill the bill, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s modest marijuana legalization effort would represent a substantive civil rights advancement.

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Cozies Up to Washington After $2 Billion Loss

Dimon has led the fight against what he believes to be over-regulation of the banking industry by Congress, and DC sees him as a financial leader.

Tired of Justin Bieber and Techno Music? Here Are 7 Ways to Enjoy Classical Music in This Modern Age

Want to understand classical music, the greatest art form known to humankind? Here are 7 practical ways to begin enjoying classical music.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Drug Addiction is the Crack Epidemic of Our Time

The gruesome street violence produced by the use of bath salts this spring is like the 1980s crack epidemic on steroids.

Mexican Presidential Elections: 'I Am Number 132' Movement Shows How Social Media Has Changed Politics

The I am number 132 movement is showing the world the way that social media and social movements are changing politics as we know them.

Romney Ohio Prebuttal Speech Takes The Wind Out of Obama's Sails

Mitt Romney scored big in Cincinnati on Thursday with prebuttal a speech that sharply contrasted with the president’s long-winded, dreary speech in Cleveland.

Apple iPhone 5 and the 3 New Apple Products You Want and Need

Deciding which Apple new products one wants and needs can be overwhelming, here I'm narrowing the choices to three essentials.

Women Should Learn How to Shoot, and How to Fight for Their Gun Rights

Modern women are taking firearm training to defend themselves, and National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day brings firearm use to the younger set. For that, we must thank Annie Oakley.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Results: Will Joe Paterno and Penn State Be Vindicated?

The trial of Jerry Sandusky — the former Penn State football coach who is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period — will begin Monday.

Rio+20 Summit: Environmental Destruction, the Future of Sustainable Development and the 5 Issues That Prevent Us From Changing the World

The U.N. Rio+20 Summit will be underway June 20-22, but who actually expects things to change in today's environment? What assurance is there that things in the future will be different?

'Rock of Ages' vs. 'Glee': Tom Cruise and Russell Brand Show Us How Musicals Went From Lame to Cool

The new film 'Rock of Ages' is released today. Somewhere between 'Glee' and 'Rent' musicals became less hokey and more gritty, until they reached the status they are at today: downright cool.

Paying Drug Addicts to Not Have Children Raises Moral Questions About Preventing Drug Babies

Project Prevention, a non-profit which pays drug addicted women and men to undergo sterilization or long-term birth control, raises moral questions about selling your right to procreate.

PolicyMic Is Looking For Culture and Arts Writers

Are you a pop-culture lover or arts and entertainment expert? PolicyMic wants to hear what you have to say!

Jimmy Fallon New Album 'Blow Your Pants Off' Shows What Makes Music So Funny

Jimmy Fallon just released an album of comedic music on Tuesday. He shows that music is another tool for humor, as it gives another chance to reframe jokes or exaggerate humorous techniques.

French Legislative Elections 2012: 4 Takeaways for Francois Hollande and Socialists

After two tiresome years in French politics, this weekend's legislative elections will likely crown the Socialists with a majority in parliament. Here are five things you need to know.

Egypt Presidential Elections: Ahmed Shafiq Would be the Best President According to Israel

With this weekend bringing the Egyptian election, Israeli sources are overwhelmingly in favor of Ahmed Shafiq for a return to Mubarak's policies, rather than a win for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Russian Protests Against Putin: Even the Paris Hilton of Russian Television Has Become a Dissident

Kseniya Sobchak, the daughter of the first democratic mayor of St. Petersburg, has been questioned and detained for funding opposition rallies against Russia's president.

Zombie Apocalypse Meets Resident Evil, Girls TV Finale, Adam Sandler in 'That's My Boy' and the 7 Must-Do Weekend Activities

Movies you gotta see, books you gotta read, seven must-do activities for your weekend. Activities include: watch Tom Cruise sing/dance, cheer for the Euro Cup, and tell America she's the best.

Facebook (FB) Stock Turnaround: Facebook Finishes Up 4.4 Percent for the Week

While the Facebook stock has suffered a 26% loss overall, it is poised to see its first weekly gain since its IPO last month.

Town Bans 'F*ck' and Other Potty Words — First Amendment Rights Be Damned

One town's recent offensive language ban ignores constitutional, legal, and moral considerations.

Romney Gay Bullying Saga Must Be a Critical Topic in Election 2012 — Especially if He's Elected

Mitt Romney was accused of targeting and bullying effeminate boys in high school. What do his teenage antics demonstrate about his personality? Can he be trusted with the presidency?

On Father's Day 2012, Men Should Get Tested For Prostate Cancer

I discuss a recent recommendation by The United States Preventative Services Task Force to abandon the PSA test for healthy men.

Anti-Fracking Occupy Protester Camp Raided By Police in Pennsylvania

This move by water company Aqua America could be premonitory of upcoming battles over the role of for-profit water companies in capitalizing on fracking to the detriment of people’s needs.

Facebook (FB) Stock Gains: Facebook Stock Set For Gains as Company Prepares to Go to Court

Underwriters Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan would join the motion to consolidate all the lawsuits against Facebook from investors affected by the social network's botched IPO.

Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney Dinners For Obama Are Not a Bad Thing

Wealth is a an irrelevant benchmark for measuring a candidate.

War With Iran, Cyber Warfare, and the Top 5 Foreign Policy Issues for Obama and Romney to Battle Over in 2012

Here are the foreign policy issues that are likely to be political hot potatoes in the upcoming Presidential campaign