What Doesn't Kill You: The Truth Behind The 7 Most Popular "Healthy" Foods Out There

Seven known "healthy" and "meal-replacement" products, and what they are actually doing to your body.

China Space Mission: China Sends First Female Astronaut to Space Becoming New U.S. Rival on Space Exploration

China is scheduled to launch a satellite this coming weekend. The upcoming Shenzhou 9 docking mission will launch a three-person crew into orbit from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make Missouri Woman Dig the Ground ‘Like a Dog’

A new bath salts-related "zombie attack" has been reported, this time from MIssouri, as a Kansas City woman allegedly bit her neighbor before dropping on all fours digging the ground like a dog.

Ron Paul Supporters Continue to Accumulate Delegates At the Iowa GOP State Convention

Ron Paul supporters have taken over the Iowa GOP State Convention in an effort to increase the clout of their candidate’s libertarian message towards the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

On Father's Day 2012, Black Fathers Need to Stop Being Absentee Dads and Start Parenting

In 2008, then Senator Obama delivered a speech on Father's Day condemning absentee black fathers. Four years later, that message is just as important today.

Citizens United Allows Sheldon Adelson to Donate $100 Million to Mitt Romney

Adelson believes that “no price is too high” to protect the U.S. from what he sees as Obama’s “socialization of America, as well as securing the safety of Israel.”

Apple Makes Girls Smarter: How Early Computer Use Among Girls Will Close the Technological Gender Gap

A new study found that early computer adoption and use among girls develops math skills and computational thinking, potentially leading to more women in the male-dominate computing science field.

Fathers Day 2012: Kids Need Dads! Don't Forget How Important Fathers Are on Father's Day

Half of U.S. marriages end in divorce, and some people never marry. Despite these facts, kids need their fathers, and moms and kids should not forget dads on Father's Day or any other day.

NBA Finals 2012: America is Rooting for Kevin Durant Because the Miami Heat Are the 1%

Oklahoma City is a small market team, built from the ground up through the NBA draft, while the Miami Heat has relied on wealth and big flashy stars like LeBron James. It's the 99% vs. 1%.

Fathers Day 2012: Obama on Father's Day and 3 Things You Didn't Know About Presidential Daughters

In light of Father's Day, the White House has reminded us that Obama has two daughters. What are the roles of First Daughters? Here are three trends that hint at Sasha and Malia's future.

President Obama's Drone Strikes May Kill Terrorists But They Won't Defeat Al Qaeda's Ideology

The central problem in the ongoing drone debate is the tendency to criticize the weapon and not the U.S.' continuing failure to confront Al-Qaeda's ideology.

Egypt Presidential Elections: Democracy in Egypt Must Be Respected Even if It Doesn't Align With American Interests

Egyptian democracy is in its infancy, protestors must figure out a way to have their voices heard. They must transition to policy makers if their goal is to make changes.

French Elections 2012: Francois Hollande and Socialists Will Get Majority in Parliament

Francois Hollande and the Socialists will win the majority in parliament. This will give him ever more political clout when discussing European affairs with German chancellor Angela Merkel.