Greek Election 2012 Results LIVE: Syriza, KKE and Greece at a Crossroads as Voters Decide to Stay In or Out of Euro Zone

Greece will choose today between the lesser of two evils -- New Democracy or Syriza. Follow the live updates here.

Greek Election Results Will Impact the U.S. Presidential Election

Greece's upcoming parliamentary elections reflect a more turbulent economic situation — and will impact U.S. elections in November.

Greek Election Results: Syriza Win Could Spell Doom For Greece and the Euro Zone

Alexis Tsipras wants to end the bailout deal, nationalize all Greek banks, restore collective bargaining rights and basically bring back everything that bankrupted Greece in the first place.

Greek Elections Results 2012: Determining the Future of Greece in the Euro Zone

This Sunday Greeks will vote in their second national election. The results of the election are critical for the country’s future in the euro zone and the EU.

Greek Elections 2012 Results: Alexis Tspiras (Syriza) or Antonis Samaris (New Democracy) Who Will the Greeks Pick?

Today, Greek citizens will decide who will lead their nation out of their sovereign debt emergency. Here's a quick summary of the positions of the two leading candidates.

Egypt Presidential Election Results 2012: Ahmed Shafik is Proof the Egyptian Revolution is Over

This weekend’s presidential election increasingly seems like a throwback to elections under ousted President Mubarak. Do the recent political events in Egypt represent the end of the revolution?

Greek Election Results: Greece Should Be Allowed to Default in the Name of Democracy, Austerity is Not the Answer

The people of Greece have been long ignored by the ruling European elite and the time has come to take a stand. The elections are a pivotal moment to regain people power in the oldest democracy.

French Legislative Election Results 2012: Socialists Takeover Parliament, But Watch for Far-Right Marine Le Pen to Win Big

On Sunday, French voters head to the polls in the final round of the country's legislative elections, and the Socialists will most likely take control over parliament.

Fathers Day 2012: 5 Totally Awesome, Cheap (and Priceless) Things to Do With Dad This Father's Day

You don't have to break the bank to give dad an unforgettable Father's Day.

Greek Election Results: Austerity Does Not Work

What is the way to find our way out of this economic slump? Job creation and economic growth. We must not forget the real issues.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Emergency Calls Increase Dramatically in Indiana

While only 300 bath salts-related emergency calls were reported last year in the Hoosier State, this year the number has reached already 9,000.

Greek Election Results 2012: Fate of the Euro Zone May Be Decided By These Weird and Funny Campaign Videos (+Video)

Here are some of the most dramatic campaign ads from the two leading parties – New Democracy and Syriza – this past week. Even Justin Beiber and Brad Pitt are involved.

Ron Paul Supporters May Soon See Rand Paul as the New Liberty Movement Leader

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney on the Sean Hannity show last week. The backlash from Ron Paul supporters was great. But a time may come when those same Ron Paul supporters regret their actions.

Greek Election Result 2012: Will New Democracy and SYRIZA Bring Euro Zone Crisis, Catastrophe, or Hope?

The world is waiting to see how Greeks – insert ancient democracy cliché here – vote in Sunday’s election. Take a deep breath. Things could get bumpy.

Greek Election Results: Syriza Loses and Greece Will Remain in Euro Zone

Whether Syriza or New Democracy win, expect markets to react quickly.

Fathers Day 2012: Being a Father Should Be Fun For Everyone in the Family, Especially Dad

Celebrating dad is nice and all, but dad should be the one celebrating. Every day.

Feminist Musings of a Fat Man

What does it say about our culture that we so cruelly objectify female celebrities over their weight? It is far easier to live as an overweight man, than as a woman.

Fathers Day Quotes: 11 Children Share Real-Life Lessons From Their Fathers

In honor of Father's Day, these 11 millennials share the real lessons that their fathers have taught them along the way.

Ron Paul is a Failure: Why I Am Not a Libertarian

Libertarianism has many contradictions and flaws but there's only room to explore one in 500 words.

Sonar 2012 Barcelona Lineup: Where to Watch LIVE The Roots and New Order Performances

Sonar 2012 Barcelona, the annual three-day “Advanced Music and Multimedia Art” festival, starts this Thursday in Barcelona, Spain. Live stream the performances here.