4 Reasons Why Fraternities and Sororities Really Do Matter On College Campus

Greek organizations nationwide have received much press due to violations arising from hazing. However, these articles are not representative of the vast majority of outstanding Greek houses.

Ron Paul Says the Old Republican Party is Dead

Ron Paul addresses his supporters, and gives his thoughts and predictions. Spoiler: liberty triumphs.

Why the Current Education System is Failing Future Generations: A Note From a Teacher

Standardized tests and the preparation leading up to them are boring and do nothing to cultivate real learning in children.

Nik Wallenda Tightrope Walks Across Niagara Falls: 7 Must-Do Niagara Falls Activities

Niagara Falls may be struggling economically but it is still a great vacation destination if you know the right places to go.

Terrorism Threat Level Rises in Brussels After Resistance Demonstrations to Belgium Burqa Law

The U.S. Embassy in Belgium has issued a security alert to U.S. citizens in Brussels after a recent stabbing attack in response to a police scuffle involving a Muslim woman.

Hillary Clinton Slowly Pressuring Russia Into Opposing Assad in Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Russia of supporting Assad's regime in Syria in a move to pressure the country into supporting the revolution.

Most Millennials Will Never Be Financially Secure

Millennials want to financially plan for their futures, but when budgeting for life's big events the numbers just don't add up.

French Parliamentary Election Results: Francois Hollande Gains Absolute Control

François Hollande's socialist party won the absolute majority in Parliament on Sunday allowing him to implement his policy across all levels of government.

'Girls' HBO Season 1 Finale: The 'Voice of Our Generation' Ends the Season With Romance and Hope

Last night's 'Girls' finale was the most romantic episode of the season. Of course we saw the Adam-Hannah love story, but of even more importance was Hannah's growing relationship with herself.

Katy Perry 'Wide Awake' Video, 'Breaking Bad' Season Premiere Buzz, Shia LaBeouf Goes Full Frontal and the Top 5 Videos for Monday

The Harry Potter theme played on water glasses, Katy Perry gives us 'Wide Awake', and Mia Farrow takes a shot at Woody Allen. Check out today's top five, must-see videos.

Greek Election Results: No Victory For the Euro

Despite short-term relief about the pro-bailout New Democracy (ND) party win in Greece, it's not a decisive victory for the euro.

Washington Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: Gay Rights is Not Something That Should Be Put to Popular Vote

The Washington State legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, and now a referendum to repeal gay marriage has made in onto the ballot. We should let legislators do their job.

Occupy Education: Paul Robeson Freedom School Launches in Brooklyn

A new Freedom School follows 1960's model of progressive summer program following in the footsteps of a historic education model.

French Legislative Election Results: How Twitter Controversy Led to the Francois Hollande Socialist Takeover in France

These two Tweets show how integral a role the social network played in France's legislative elections on Sunday.

5 Cartoons Young Tunisians Are Sharing on Facebook About the Islamist Riots

For several days, radical Islamists lead riots across Tunisia and the government imposed a strict curfew to manage the crisis. These five cartoons show Tunisians keep their sense of humor.

Romney Wrong on Tax Cuts: 3 Reasons Why Supply-Side Economics Has Failed

Recently, on "Face the Nation," Mitt Romney affirmed his support for low taxes on the richest Americans. However, this affirmation begs the question: Does supply-side economics still work?

My Son Was Killed By His Father — A Tragic Reality That Is More Common Than You Think

My son, along with many other children every year, was killed by a parent. As the parent left wondering, I did some research to try and understand why.

Kwame Brown Guilty of Bank Fraud: D.C. Politicians Are Too Corrupt to Inspire Voters

Fraud, drug use, misogyny, racism. How are D.C. voters meant to find find inspiration when they are constantly surrounded by corrupt politicians?

Palestinian Soccer Player Mahmoud Sarsak to Be Released By Israel After Three-Month Hunger Strike

Soccer player Mahmoud Sarsak's courageous hunger strike is shedding light on the injustices faced by Palestinians prisoners in Israel.

Apple, Amazon and Google Look to Conquer the Internet With New Domain Names

Will the proposed expansion of internet domain names take the World Wide Web into a new era of innovation or unleash fierce trademark rivalries?

HBO's 'Girls' Season 1 Finale: How Four Girls Made Television History

Last night was the season finale of HBO's 'Girls'. After a full season watching 'the voice of our generation', what exactly have we learned and what have the girls of 'Girls' accomplished?

Greek Election Results: Stock Market Impact Will Continue As Spain and Italy Woes Deepen

The EU is a crucial moment. It needs to bailout Greek, Spanish and Italian banks with German financial support.

Obamacare Supreme Court Battle: Heart of Health Care Law Likely to Be Ruled Constitutional

What exactly is the Supreme Court arguing about? And will they strike down Obamacare? Here are some key must-knows as SCOTUS prepares to release their decision.

New Michigan Law Will Hurt Voter Turnout at Election 2012

A new Michigan law will impede the work of voter registration organizations and restrict access to the ballot for thousands of eligible voters.

Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Will Be a Critical Point in U.S. History

The Supreme Court will present its ruling on the Affordable Care Act within the week. No matter what happens, the ruling could end up being one of the most important in American history.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama: A Complete Guide to Campaign Spending in Election 2012 (+Video)

The candidates will spend $160 million in online political ads, a staggering increase of 617% compared to the $22 million spent in 2008.

French Election Results: Marine Le Pen Out, Francois Hollande and the Socialist Get Absolute Majority

As expected the newly-elected French president and his socialist party got the green light to implement their program.

Happy Birthday, Paul McCartney: The Beatles' Legendary Lead Singer Turns 70

Paul McCartney turned 70 on Monday. His energy, creativity, and prolific output has made him the most successful post-Beatles member today, and he embodies all that makes the Beatles so enduring.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: SCAF Military Council Positioning to Keep Power

While Egypt's political landscape has seemed to be changing daily, the ruling military council attempts to figure out its playbook to best suit its own agenda.

Soaring College Tuition and Student Debt: College Will Soon Be Unaffordable

With rising tuitions and potentially higher interest rates on student loans, college may become unaffordable for the middle class.

Egypt Election Results: Guns Still Hold the Keys to Revolutions

The events in Egypt prove once again that those who hold the guns hold the power.

G20 Summit Los Cabos: Obama Has a Chance to Assert Power Over Vladimir Putin and Russia

For the first time in a long time, the U.S. can assert foreign policy objectives on Russia and support our human rights agenda through non-military means.

China Spaceship Launch Sparks 21st Century Space Race

China's achievement in space exploration raises strategic considerations for the global community, particularly the United States.

Austerity is the Answer for U.S. and Euro Economic Woes

Reforms in Sweden and Estonia have led to economic growth and help prove the case for austerity and economic liberalization.