Syria Civil War Deepens as Russia Deploys Warships and Marines to Support Assad

In a fairly blunt show of force, Russia sent in its warships and marines to bolster the Assad regime and ensure the survival of its client state.

China Space Race Will Not Be With NASA, But With SpaceX

It's the new race for space: China vs U.S. private companies. Who will prevail?

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Get Cracked Down by Police as Synthetic Drug Users Turn to Glass Cleaner

Authorities are scrambling to keep up with synthetic drugs manufacturers who are finding new ways of producing and selling these often cheap, easy to distribute and legal substances.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: As FB Stock Recovers, New Privacy Concerns Emerge

Facebook is acquiring the facial recognition technology company for $100 million, boosting its stock but arising new privacy concerns from users.

How to Quit Smoking: Don't Listen to Graphic Cigarette Ads

The FDA is set to introduce graphic warnings to cigarette packs, but the agency's new policy won't help smokers kick the habit

Ron Paul Supporters Do Not Cyber Bully

The aggressive, determined nature of Paul supporters does not stem from their desire to inflict harm on others, but from their desire to restore liberty to this country.

HBO 'Girls' Season Finale: Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Has Yet to Deal With Its Racial Issues

After a season of 'Girls', the show never got over it's main issues of race. Will Lena Dunham fix 'Girls' race issue in season two, and should she?

Dark Knight Rises: 5 Batman Predictions

What should we expect of the most anticipated film this summer? Here are five big questions for the Dark Knight Rises—and how I think they’ll be answered.

Obama Immigration Policy: DREAM Act Faces the Meat Grinder of Politics

Though the policy announcement met with much praise, it slammed headlong into party politics and is equaled only by criticism and outrage.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012 Results: Court Ruling to Dissolve Parliament An Affront to Democracy in Egypt

Recent rulings by the Egyptian Supreme Court represent a consolidation of power by the SCAF and raise significant concerns for this weekend's vote and the future of democracy in Egypt.

Obama Immigration Policy: Don't Expect Hispanics to Come Out to Vote in Election 2012 (+Video)

As President Obama and Mitt Romney continue to try to conquer the Latino vote, Spanish-speaking network Univision has launched a video to promote voter participation among Hispanics.

Obama Immigration Reform Will Win Obama the Hispanic Vote

President Obama was right by halting the deportations of young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. against their will and through not fault of their own.

Documenta 13: Europe's Most Important Contemporary Art Exhibition Has Roots in the Aftermath of Nazi Germany

Europe's most important contemporary art show, Documenta 13, opened this month in Kassel, Germany. We look at the past and present of the exhibition, and why the arts are so crucial to society.

Billionare Sheldon Adelson Vows to Supply Romney 2012 Campaign with Unlimited Funding

Adelson’s $20 million donation to the Romney campaign is a disturbing indication of the sway wealthy people can have over the electoral process.

War With Iran? Obama Must Look At Iran As a Friend, Not Enemy

The Obama administration must not repeat the Iranian policy blunders that the Bush administration did in 2002 when kowtowing to Israel.

Greek Election Results: How Will New Democracy Help Greece Out of the Euro Crisis?

New Democracy may have won the election in Greece, but stability in the country is not going to be achieved easily. Austerity is the only solution.

Jimmy Fallon 'The Evolution of Dad Dancing' Video is the Perfect Gift for Father's Day 2012

Do you wanna see Jimmy Fallon dance? Do you wanna see Jimmy Fallon dance like a Dad? Allow me to present to you, the evolution of Dad dances.

French Legislative Elections Results: LIVE Francois Hollande Leads Socialists to Massive Victory

French voters head to the polls on Sunday in the final round of legislative elections, and President Francois Hollande's Socialist Party looks set to win a solid majority.

French Elections 2012 Results: Francois Hollande Leads Dominant Socialist Victory

The stage is set for the French Parliamentary elections, which take place this Sunday. Follow the live updates here.