Unemployment is High by Republican Design as GOP Sabotaged Obama's Job Proposals

What if jobs numbers were designed to be poor right before the elections as the perfect political script? Watch videos of our leaders as the jobs numbers script of today was being written.

Pandora or Spotify: Which One Will Top the Social Streaming Music Industry?

Pandora is the most popular online radio with a market value of $2.6 billion, but Spotify is on its way to the top. Wich one has the potential to revolutionize the way of social music listening?

Top 25 Obama Excuses For a Failed Economy and High Unemployment

The job numbers and weak recovery are only getting worse, yet President Obama continues to blame anything and everything else for his failed policies. Here's a look at his top 25 excuses.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Investigated by Congress as CDC Denies Zombies Exist

As fears of a possible “Zombie Apocalypse” grow by the minute in light of increasingly gruesome reports of cannibalism, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been forced to intervene.

Louisiana State Republican Convention Results LIVE: Ron Paul Campaign Releases Statement

Republicans from all over the state of Louisiana will be in Shreveport this weekend for the Republican State Convention. Follow the live updates here.

Washington State Republican Convention Results LIVE: Romney and Paul Win Delegates

The Washington state Republican convention started Wednesday, and the delegate election process begins Friday afternoon. Follow the live updates here.

They Own Their Bodies, But Not Their Souls

When pimps brand their prostitutes like livestock, it only adds insult to injury for these girls. Not only are trapped, but they're painfully singled out like a Jew in Nazi Germany.

CNN and Time Magazine's Fareed Zakaria Delivers Harvard Commencement Speech of Hope

This is a speech of hope and optimism that should be read by all.

Elizabeth Warren: Cherokee Protest at Democratic Convention is a Waste of Time

While cultural exploitation is distasteful, it is nothing new and isn't going away. As Indian people and Cherokee people we have more important things to worry about.

NY Times Paul Krugman's Spending Proposals are a March to National Bankruptcy

Adding to the national debt is the worst thing we can do for our economy in the long run. Austerity and wise spending are the answers.

Occupy Bilderberg Will Protest Virginia's Wealthy and Powerful Secret Society

The world's political leadership and the financial elite are casually meetign up in Virgina for a holiday and definitely not to coordinate public policy for the upcoming year.

Summer Vacations 2012: 10 Places You Should Visit (and Avoid) in 2012

Since summer is around the corner, here there are 5 countries and places you should see and 5 sites you should avoid visting in 2012.

Missouri State Republican Convention Results LIVE: Romney and Paul Win Delegates

Republicans from across Missouri will gather this weekend in Springfield to select 25 delegates to the Republican National Convention. Follow the live updates here.

Beyond Scott Walker: Wisconsin Recalls Will Decide Who Controls Wisconsin Senate

Four Wisconsin State Senate seats are also up for grabs in the June 5 recall elections.

Mitt Romney Gets Conservative Seal of Approval with Nancy Reagan's Endorsement

The ultimate authority on Reagan conservatism has given the Reagan seal of approval to the former governor of Massachusetts and private equity CEO.

Arab Spring Returns to Cairo as Egyptians Protest Mubarak Acquittal on Corruption

Though the former Egyptian president was sentenced to life in prison, citizens gathered in Tahrir Square to demand execution for the deaths of last year's anti-Mubarak protesters.

Gay Marriage, Abortion, Taxes and Deficits: Where Conservatives Have it Right and Wrong

Some conservatives are still waging 20th century warfare in the 21st century. It is time to modernize the tactics and fight the more important battles

Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban is First Step Toward "Food Justice"

Our enlightened leaders have a plan for fighting obesity. They're not taking away your freedoms, just forcing you to make the "right" decisions. Who could argue with that?

7 Ways to Recreate an Idyllic Childhood Summer as a 20-Something

Make the summer of 2012 the best you've ever had. Follow these 7 tips to remember what made you love summer so much as a child and find ways to recreate that magic as an adult.