Danica Patrick May Be Ditched in GoDaddy Half-Nude Women Ads, But the Sexism Remains

GoDaddy is reportedly ditching their sexist advertising with the new hiring of Deutsch New York as the creative agency. But comments from executives leave a lot to be desired.

If Ron Paul Were President...

Four years of peace, the Bill of Rights, and a libertarian bully pulpit would have been bliss.

Fracking and Oil Boom Will Reshape American Energy Policy

Despite talk of a domestic energy crisis, some are predicting a boom in domestic oil and gas production that could lead America to becoming energy self-sufficient.

Ron Paul Refusal to Endorse Mitt Romney Proves He Stays True to His Word

On Wednesday, Ron Paul looked like anything but a defeated politician. He told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he will not endorse Mitt Romney, No. Not ready. No way."

What Ron Paul Knows That Mitt Romney Never Learned in His History Class

This history of America would not please Romney, the standard bearer of America's 1%.

Gay Marriage Will Soon Become Legal in France, Big Win for LGBT Rights in Europe

Francois Hollande has promised to legalize gay marriage in France, which could help promote LGBT rights across Europe.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Law Decision: SB 1070 is Un-American

The United States can no longer call itself "the leader of the free world" if the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona immigration law.

New Woody Allen Film 'To Rome With Love': 9 Secrets to His Success

What makes a Woody Allen film so Woody Allen? Here are 9 common themes.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB Stock Slips Again After a Short Winning Streak

Facebook continues to struggle to attract and retain a younger demographic, as teens have started to flock to other sites such as Foursquare, Tumblr, and Pinterest. How will it affect FB?

Adidas Shackle Shoes Used Racism for Cheap Publicity

Adidas would like us to believe the brand had no clue that the "Slave Shackle Kicks" would create so much controversy. It is quite possible they used a racially charged sneaker to stay relevant.

Ron Paul Economics or Keynesianism? Let The People Decide

Forget economic theories. What is needed is more democracy and greater responsiveness to the will and needs of the people.

How Jay-Z Went From Rap Mogul to Political Force For Obama in Election 2012

Ever since Obama's 2008 campaign, Jay-Z has been as outspoken in politics as he is in his music. He is becoming a major political influence who is making Election 2012 relevant.

Meghan McCain Weighs in On Kim Kardashian Sex Tape in New Politics Book 'America, You Sexy Bitch'

A Republican politician's daughter and a liberal comedian join forces to road trip across America: hilarity ensues. A review of their book 'America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom'.

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Will Not Affect Health Care Reform

No matter what the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare, key components of health reform will continue, including provisions by three of country’s five largest health insurers.

Oprah, Sean Penn and 64 Million Everyday People Are Doing Good For the World

Sixty-four million Americans gave 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service last year. They're doing good in new ways for local, national, global causes.

Rodney King 2.0: Trayvon Martin Shows America Has Not Made Progress on Race

Rodney King believed America had improved, but Trayvon Martin’s family and others may not say the same. With race constantly at the center of attention, Martin’s death was a setback for America.

Syrian Civil War: Suspected Russian Support of Assad Regime Adds Fodder to Escalating Crisis

Speculation around Russia's direct support of Syria's Assad has run rampant in recent days. With Russian ships en route to Syria recently sent back to port, what can we now expect from Putin?

Gay Marriage Uproar: 5th Grader Blocked From Reading LGBT Speech in School

How can we teach children to respect human rights when their educators don’t? Ten year old Kameron Slade shows us how.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Are Not Cooked in US Midwestern Labs But Imported From China

Unlike meth, which is 'cooked' in home-made laboratories across the country's wastelands, bath salts have been legally imported and distributed from China and Europe for years.

Why Paul Krugman is Right to Slam Austerity

The theories of Paul Krugman call into question the necessity of the highly touted austerity measures favored by many governments around the world.

Michelle Obama Is a Fashion Icon and Mitt Romney Is All Business: Q&A With Style Guru Sian-Pierre Regis

Millennial style guru and founder of Swagger New York, Sian-Pierre Regis tells us about millennial fashion, Michelle Obama's look, and whether Romney or Obama would be a more stylish POTUS.

War on the EPA: ALEC Leads Effort By Congress to Stop Regulating Coal Ash as 'Toxic Waste'

A new bill would prohibit the EPA from ever setting federally enforceable safeguards for the disposal of toxic coal ash.

Eric Holder Fast and Furious Scandal: How America's Top Lawyer Could Become a Felon in Disgrace

The White House invoked executive privilege to stop a congressional investigation of Fast & Furious. Eric Holder may suffer the same fate as John Mitchell during the Watergate scandal.

Twitter Down: Worldwide Blackout Casts Shadow Over Company

Thursday's Twitter blackout happened just hours after its CEO announced the microblogging site's goal of hitting the $1 billion mark in ad revenue by 2014 by expanding into international markets.

Immigration Reform: President Obama Undercuts Marco Rubio With His Version of the DREAM Act

The President has presented immigrants in a light not seen in the public debate for a long time: not as criminals, not as aspiring and contributing members of this society.

Finally, Tax Reform That Romney and Obama Can Agree On

A national consumption tax, according to a growing consensus among economists, could foster growth and reduce inequality by encouraging savings and reducing wasteful consumption.

Prison Reform: Congress Should Declare Solitary Confinement Unconstitutional

Congress should take action to limit the practice of solitary confinement and restore eighth amendment rights to prisoners across the United States.

Twilight Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Trailer Looks Awesome

The latest 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' trailer makes the final installment of the vampire saga the most epic.

Immigration Reform Must Include DREAM Act and Executive Order

Obama's executive order is a small step towards realizing the DREAM Act. Educating the American people and working with the Republicans are two ways that DREAMERS can engage people on the issue.

Mexico Presidential Election: Drug War Tarnishes Felipe Calderon Legacy

Unfortunately for Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s legacy, drugs, guns, and decapitated bodies sell more headlines than economic percentage points on a graph.

Obama Immigration Reform: DREAM Act is About Policy, Not Politics

President Obama's announcement that he will stop deporting young illegal immigrants has been met with charges of political maneuvering. But this move is driven by policy, not the campaign.

As Private Sector Struggles During Economic Recovery, Non-profits Thrive

Despite claims to the contrary, non-profit organizations provide a great service to society and are part of the American national character.

New Batman Movie 'Dark Knight Rises' Shows the Problems With American Cinema

The Dark Knight Rises is certain to be a summer blockbuster, but when will U.S. movies start dealing with serious topics?

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision: Upholding SB 1070 Would Mean More Violence Against Latinos

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Arizona's immigration laws, Latinos living in the state could face increasingly dangerous discrimination procedures.

Rand Paul Did Not Sellout Ron Paul by Endorsing Mitt Romney

Senator Rand Paul, continuing in his father Ron Paul's footsteps, is proving himself an adept politician for the larger liberty movement.

Euro Zone Crisis: Germany Holds the Key to the Future of Europe

There are a number of political motivations behind a potential bailout of the EU by the wealthy Germany.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Military Power Grab Threatens Democracy

The Egyptian military's power grab on the eve of the presidential vote leaves Egypt in chaos as the likelihood of democracy fades fast.

Euro 2012 Results: Racism and Riots Prove UEFA Doesn't Care About a Safe Tournament

UEFA needs to take much more substantive, direct action to show that they actually care about hosting a safe, peaceful event.

French President Hollande Will Not Back Austerity, Staying True to Socialist Roots

After proposing a 75% tax on the highest-earners, newly-elected French President François Hollande would do well to listen to Prime Minister Cameron's economic advice.