Why Obama is Dominating Mitt Romney On Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Obama's presence online gives him yet another edge over Romney when it comes to winning youth voters.

George Zimmerman Continues to Lie About the Trayvon Martin Murder

George Zimmerman's defense team has released videos of a reenactment and lie detector test that Sanford PD made him go through the day after he shot Trayvon Martin. Are these videos jokes?

Summer Vacation Ideas: Try Backpacking for a Change, Leave the Tour Group Behind

One visit to Phuket, Thailand shows why it's important to take a different approach to travel this summer.

Mexico Presidential Election Results: Enrique Peña Nieto Leads, But Three-Party System May Lead to Crisis

Unless Enrique Peña Nieto wins with a big margin, Mexico's three-party system might produce another legitimacy crisis in the upcoming presidential elections, like it happened in 2006.

Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney: A Full Look At Where Campaign Finance is Spent

Analyzing the massive flow of campaign cash is vital to understanding how American democracy works ... or doesn't.

Lisa Brown 'Vagina' Backlash a Telling Sign of the State of Women's Rights in America

Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown's "vagina" remarks shouldn't be scandalous, but they are. What does this mean for women's rights?

'Science! It's a Girl Thing' Video Degrades the Image of Women

In a video designed to convince woman that science and high heels are best buds, the EU not only degrades women and science, but raises existential doubts about the survival of the human race.

Mike Bloomberg Rightly Rips Teacher Union Mismanagement in New York City

There is an improper application of teacher evaluations in the NYC school system.

Karen Klein Bullied Bus Monitor Video Shows Bullying Is Too Typical in American Schools

The viral video of Karen Klein being abused by four students on a school bus epitomizes everything wrong with public education in America.

Romney Will Have to Answer Questions On Mormonism If He Wants to Win Black Voters

Romney’s Mormon beliefs will prove to be problematic in the 2012 election, especially among black voters.