NYC Gay Pride Parade 2012: Parade Route Map, LGTB Events

New York’s 2012 Gay Pride week is in full swing, with a parade — one of the world’s biggest — set for Sunday.

Kate Upton Has No Talent and Is Not a Role Model for Women

Kate Upton has become a point of controversy in the media with her teeny bikinis and borderline scandals. How does she represent American society? What questions does she raise about our values?

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Mohammed Morsi Wins, What it Means for the U.S. and Israel

Egypt's focus should be whether a true democracy, free of old alliances and trade agreements, can alter ties between the three states. The focus should not be a candidate's religious affiliation.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Morsi Wins

Egyptians head to the polls on Saturday in a two-day run-off election to determine their next freely elected president. But the election has not come without its fair share of controversy.

Tim Tebow Joins Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and Wins Good Guy Award

This past week, the Professional Football Writers of America revealed that Tim Tebow is the 2012 recipient of the "Good Guy Award." Are they favoring him because of his marketing potential?

Anne-Marie Slaughter 'Why Women Still Can't Have it All': A Feminist Response

"Why Women Still Can't Have It All" might be the question that finally allows us to do just that.

Brant Brothers Highlight Lifestyles of the Rich and Frivolous

The New York Times is the country's paper of record, but its content privileges its target audience: the super-rich. The latest Styles profile of the Brant brothers hits this home.

Turkey Syria War Rumors: Warplane Shooting Could Lead NATO to Impose No Fly Zone

The skies over Syria have been filled with smoke from artillery fire. Lately, these same skies have been host to war planes. What is next for Syria?

Hunger Games, Toy Story, and the 4 Movies That Teach Morals and Religion to Millennials

If millennials no longer look to scripture, then perhaps we should be looking to art for our spiritual inspiration.

Egypt Presidential Election Results 2012: Who is Mohammed Morsi? Everything You Need to Know

Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, and Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, will face each other in a June runoff election. Here's what you need to know.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Twitter Reactions to Mohammed Morsi Victory From Tahrir Square

Mohammed Morsi wins Egypt's Presidential election with 51.7% of the popular vote, igniting nationwide celebrations along with skepticism.

Sandusky Verdict and Horace Mann Sex Scandal: Why Sexual Violence Should be a Household Word

Sandusky was convicted of 45 charges of child sex abuse and writer Amos Kamil documents abuse at Horace Mann. We can learn a lot about sexual violence in this moment, if we're willing to listen.

What Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Ben Bernanke Know About the Economy Before Election 2012

A look at whether a financial chart is trending up or down depends largely on whether you read it right to left or left to right

Saudi Arabia Succession, Price of Oil in Doubt After Death of Crown Prince Nayef

Crown Prince Nayef's death highlights the reality that most of Saudi's royals are elderly and the future of the country is uncertain.

Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations: Seven-Time Tour de France Champion Slams USADA For New Charges

Lance Armstrong has again been accused this week of using performance-enhancing drugs, and the penalty could be steep: losing all his Tour de France titles. Here's everything you need to know.

The Reason I Will Abandon the Republican Party and Vote for Obama in Election 2012

People have different ways of measuring which candidate they consider to be the lesser of two evils. It is largely affected by whatever issues are important to the individual voter.

Aspen Environmental Forum 2012: EO Wilson, Stewart Brand Discuss the Future of Environmentalism

At the Aspen Environment Forum, two titans of environmental thought capture underlying tensions in environmental politics: to approach nature with awe or with the axe and shovel.

Gay Pride 2012: NYC Gay Pride Parade and 10 Other LGBT Events to Celebrate

June is LGBT Pride Month and for some reason my social networks haven't gone all rainbow like I thought they would! Here's the ten best ways to celebrate June before it's over!

Citizens United is the Worst Supreme Court Decision in History

SCOTUS has authorized unlimited corporate, union, and interest group spending, which has opened the floodgates for private spending to shape our government.

Exclusive Interview With Mohamed Morsi: What to Expect From the Muslim Brotherhood

In an interview with the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi, Dalia Malek finds contradictions between the organization's actions and public statements.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Mohammed Morsi Wins, But in Name Only

What will happen next is anyone’s guess, but the SCAF still retains the upper hand.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: How the U.S. Should Respond to the Muslim Brotherhood Victory

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi is likely to be declared the winner of Egypt's presidential election on Thursday. America should embrace him for the sake of democracy.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Muslim Brotherhood Win Shows Egyptians Are Fed Up With the Army

For more than a year the Egyptian military tried to persuade the public that they were the protectors of the revolution. Turns out, SCAF has been setting up to steal freedom the whole time.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Ahmed Shafiq Loses, Along With Democracy

Is this proof of the success of the Arab Spring? Or are these elections just a sham and is democracy still fleeting in Egypt?

Egypt Presidential Election 2012: Worst and Best Case Scenarios For the U.S.

Choosing between two candidates that fail to offer hopeful visions of the future.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Muslim Brotherhood Victory Forces Obama to Rethink U.S. Middle East Policy

Egypt’s post-Arab Spring democracy is leading up to a dramatic and possibly violent set of runoff elections that may leave the United States short of allies in an already tense region.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Muslim Brotherhood Wins, But SCAF Grabs Control

The military has controlled Egypt for over 60 years, and this election will be no different. It is the SCAF who will decide who gets elected president, not the people.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the U.S.

The most important thing American officials can do is to remember one thing: this is an Egyptian election, not an American one.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Muslim Brotherhood Wins, What Does it Mean for U.S?

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi has won a spot in the second round of Egypt's elections, according to results Friday from Egypt's election.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Mohammed Morsi is an Opportunist and His Victory is Bad for Egypt

Now that Morsi is confirmed as the Egyptian President, his party may push for sharia law to play a greater role in Egypt.

Egypt Presidential Election Results: Mohamed Morsi Wins Presidency, But SCAF Determines His Fate

The Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi may have been elected president, but those interested in the future of Egypt's revolution must keep watching the SCAF.