Sasha Grey Goes From Porn to Mainstream, Proving Americans Are Not Prudes

The former adult performer, who appeared in HBO’s Entourage and will start in The Girl From the Naked Eye, proves Americans are not prejudiced about porn.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Destroy the NBA Career of Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs point guard is suing the owner of W.i.P., the New York City club where Chris Brown and Drake fought over Rihanna, for $20 million.

ADHD is a Societal Disorder, and Adderall Abuse Harms Those Who Suffer From It

I once dropped an Advil in the library, and my classmate asked, "Oh my God, is that Ritalin? I'll buy it off you! Any price." I couldn't help but question academia's measure of success.

Ron Paul, Rupert Murdoch and Barney Frank All Know the War on Drugs is a Failure

The "war on drugs" has failed; it's time to consider the proper role of government in regulating a decriminalized market for recreational drugs.

Citizens United 2.0: Supreme Court Reverses Montana Law, Extends Citizens United to States

The Supreme Court is poised to accept review in a case that would expand the holding of Citizens United to state election law as well as federal, much to challenger's chagrin.

Michael Jackson Death 3 Years Later: Justin Bieber May Be the Next King of Pop

Michael Jackson died three years ago. While he had a controversial life, he revolutionized the entertainment industry and has no successor to the "King of Pop" title today.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Will Prevent College Students from Voting

Pennsylvania's new voter ID law has complex, strict requirements for students wishing to use their student ID as their voter ID. As a result, some students will lose access to the ballot.

SB 1070 Defeated: Supreme Court Rejects Major Provisions of Controversial Arizona Immigration Law

Get live updates from Wednesday's SCOTUS oral arguments.

The Liberty Revolution Reaches Scotland: An Interview With Logan Scott

In the wake of Ron Paul, the Libertarian movement is catching fire in Scotland. This is an exclusive interview with the leader of the Scottish Libertarian Party, Logan Scott.

Gay Pride Parade NYC 2012: 'Call Me Maybe' Will Be Stuck in My Head For Days

If you combined the political fervor of Occupy Wall Street with the bright colors and celebratory atmosphere of Carnival, the result would look a lot like the New York City Gay Pride Parade.

Mark Cuban Rips Skip Bayless Over Awful ESPN Sports Coverage

Does the news media cover the wrong facts, or do they just give an audience the story they're looking for?

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Make LA Man Hit 77-Year-Old Woman With a Shovel

The bath salts epidemic, of zombie-like synthetic drug abusers who terrorize neighborhoods with cannibalistic attacks, has reached the West Coast.

A Portrait of the Dangerous Roads Patrolled by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pakistan Army Chief Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani has laid a foundational stone to reconstruct the route in between Afghanistan and Pakistan by the year 2013.

Facebook Hijacks Your Email Account, Here's How to Fight Back

Facebook has removed everyone’s e-mail account listed on their profile, replacing it instead with a randomly generated account.

Gay Pride Parade NYC 2012: 7 Things That Have Changed Since the Stonewall Era

Last Sunday, New York’s LGBT community celebrated another anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots when gay, lesbians and transgender individuals fought back police’s abuse and persecution.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Destroy Chris Brown's Career

Incidents like the NYC nightclub fight, which sent NBA San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker to the hospital, keep getting on the way of Chris Brown being able to fully develop his talent.

SCOTUS Arizona Immigration Law Ruling: Expect More SB 1070 Lawsuits to Come

The Supreme Court's decision was based on preemption, but other upcoming cases will determine more interesting issues of individual liberties and rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

Facebook (FB) Stock: FB Stock Recovers as New IPO Reveals Details of Instagram Acquisition

A new IPO, filed on Monday, revealed that Facebook paid for its $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing app Instagram with 23 million shares of stock valued at $30.89, plus $300 million cash.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision: Jan Brewer and Barack Obama Both Lose

Both sides can't claim victory. When 3 of the 4 provision are ruled unconstitutional the Supreme Court has made it clear that SB 1070 is bad politics.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision: SCOTUS Strikes Majority of SB 1070

Obama's executive action addressing immigration policy has strategically shaken up the political landscape that will either cost or seal the deal for him in November.

SCOTUS SB 1070 Decision: Major Portions of Arizona Immigration Law Struck Down

Should the SCOTUS approve the legality of SB 1070, the decision will raise crucial questions about policy responsibility and enforcement between states and federal governments.

Mexico Presidential Elections: Peña Nieto and the PRI Look Poised to Win

Mexico is bracing itself for presidential elections on July 1. The tides seem to be in favor of Peña Nieto, which marks a return to power for Mexico's former ruling party.

ADHD Cannot Be Treated With Adderall and Medication Alone

As a parent, I found the processes of finding causes of and treatment for our children's mental health issues overwhelming.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Victory: Islamist Parties on the Rise After Arab Spring

The election of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi in Egypt has once again made people in the West apprehensive of this democratic change.

Penn State Agony Ends As Sandusky Found Guilty

Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky will be locked up for life, but the people who turned a blind eye toward his behavior may be just as guilty.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is Right: Women Still Cannot Have it All

The accomplished political science professor presents a grim case for women.

Jan Brewer Loses, Obama Wins Big in Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision

Today's decision is a victory for the Obama administration, and will likely invigorate immigration activists, many of whom denounced the Arizona law.

Supreme Court SB 1070 Ruling: Other Arizona Immigration Copycat Laws Will Be Shot Down

What’s next is that the SB 1070 copycats in other states will also be invalidated.

Wimbledon 2012: 4 Weird Facts about the Most Famous Tournament in Tennis

Wimbledon 2012's storylines are quite obvious, yet the tournament itself is a bit of a prim and proper mystery. Here are 4 quirky facts you might not have known about the tournament.

Gay Pride Parade NYC 2012: 10 Photos Show Why This Was the LGBT Party of the Year

On Sunday, New York City celebrated the Gay Pride Parade, an annual event which combines a rare mix of serious political action with pure rainbow happiness. Here are 10 photo highlights.

The Sky is Pink: Josh Fox Film Wants Drillers to Get the Frack out of New York

Filmmaker Josh Fox's new short film, "The Sky is Pink," shines a spotlight on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and pressures him to ban hydrofracking in New York state.

2012 Model NATO Youth Summit Help Wanted: Brussels or Bust!

Young people, new ideas and beer diplomacy in Brussels. Help me make this a reality!

Cuba Embargo is Unjust and Hypocritical

The embargo on Cuba has been an abject failure and has kept Americans ignorant of the many successes of the Cuban Revolution.

Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood Face Challenge From Egyptian Military

The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate received immediate international recognition, but the implications of a Morsi presidency are unclear amid continued military interference.

Supreme Court Montana Citizens United Decision: SCOTUS Extends Super PAC Law to States

Montana's bold step in overturning the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Citizens United should inspire other states to follow the rebellious move to protect the integrity of the election process.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision: Obama Wins in SCOTUS Decision

Obama’s announcement ensures a controversial SCOTUS decision will be even more dramatic.

Germany Holds the Key to Saving Europe

Time is running out for the EU. Germany is the key, so we should know what it wants to bail out the Union.

Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Ruling: Majority of SB 1070 Struck Down By SCOTUS

The high court is set to hand down a decision on Arizona’s S.B. 1070 this week that could end up affecting millions of Latinos across the country.

Arizona Immigration Law Decision: Supreme Court Rejects Major Parts of Controversial SB 1070

The Supreme Court is poised to rule, any day now, on the legality of S.B. 1070, the infamous Arizona immigration law.

Aaron Sorkin New Series Premiere on HBO: The Newsroom Writes the Media All Wrong

Aaron Sorkin's new drama 'The Newsroom' is riddled with issues and cliches, but because of stand-outs like Jeff Daniels the new HBO series may in fact be salvageable.

Obama, Romney, and the Lesser of Two Evils

As I interact with voters about the upcoming election, I often hear that they are voting for the lesser of two evils. How do people quantify the measurement of who is the lesser evil?

Abortion Rights in the US: Lisa Brown Proves Vagina Is a Dirty Word in Michigan

The growing attempt by state legislators to control women by imposing draconian measures to restrict abortions harkens back to the days of male dominance.

North Carolina Gay Marriage Ban Will Have Little Impact on Democratic National Convention

The gay marriage ban has caused an uproar in North Carolina, but don't expect marriage equality to receive much more than a brief mention at the Democratic National Convention there this summer.

Supreme Court Montana Citizens United Ruling LIVE: Montana Case Struck Down, Extending Citizens United

The biggest legal challenge yet to the controversial Citizens United has come to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Obamacare Ruling Will Come Thursday at 10 a.m.

The Supreme Court’s decision on the controversial Obamacare legislation is now expected on Thursday.

Yoga in Times Square: Why Freud Might Have Reached for the Yoga Mat

On June 20, 14,000 people did yoga in Times Square. As each year we become more and more technologically in tune, what is the role that yoga plays in our constantly connected lives?