Financial Meltdown 101: 10 Reasons Why Banks Fail

There are many reasons why banks can fail, and cause severe damage to the economy as a whole.

Chicago Murder Rate Soars as Obama Stays Silent

Obama took pride in Chicago as he joked with Red Sox fans about a trade in favor of the White Sox; however, Obama shouldn’t be too proud of Chicago as its murder rate increased 35%.

Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey Strip Scene: How Modern Movies Objectify Men

'Magic Mike' a movie about male strippers is set for release this June. Although we are objectifying men, it's different than when we objectify women.

14 Things You Didn't Know About Mohamed Morsi and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Did you know Egypt's new president used to help NASA develop space shuttle engines?

Atheism Needs to Evolve Beyond Richard Dawkins-style Secularism

A new, better atheism is on the rise, and religions don't have an answer.

Rainbow Oreos Spark Offensive Anti-LGBT Hate Slurs on Facebook

A look on the pro- and anti-gay reactions following Oreo's release of an image of a rainbow-filling cookie to support Gay Pride month.

Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision: Obamacare Must Be Struck Down

The Affordable Care Act challenge offers the best hope of cropping an overgrown state, and proponents of limited government will cross their fingers in anticipation of the court’s ruling.

Derek Jeter: Top 10 Best Moments as a Yankee (+ Video)

Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees, turns 38 Tuesday. To celebrate his birthday, here is a list of his top 10 achievements and awe-inspiring moments.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy: Leave Them Alone

This is not the first time a younger woman has been in a relationship with an older man so why is this one dubbed 'repulsive.' Most people can't get over that it just doesn't look right.

Born in the USA: Bruce Springsteen is the American Dream in Action

David Brooks and Chris Christie are both huge Bruce Springsteen fans, despite their politics. What is it about the Boss that conservatives love so much?

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna: Chris Brown Says He is Sorry for Brawl

Chris Brown is now apologizing for the brawl that shut down the New York City club and could prevent Tony Parker from attending the London Olympics.

Creationism Alive and Well in Louisiana School

During the upcoming school year, the students of a private school will be educated with a "scientific" textbook that argues that dinosaurs still exist and thereby disproves evolution.

Obama Bain Capital Attacks Miss the Mark: Millennials Need a Jobs Plan, Not Finger-Pointing

A new crop of college graduates is entering a grim labor market while President Obama squabbles about Romney's Bain Capital record.

How North Carolina Just Proved It Is Not Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

Polarized politicians are blocking the path to a green future, and instead are directing us toward a flooded road.

Muslim Brotherhood Victory in Egypt Presidential Election Reveals Flaws of US Foreign Policy

The history of American intervention in Egypt for the last few decades show why foreign intervention builds an unstable peace and harms U.S. interests.

Eric Holder Fast and Furious Vote: Cover-Up May Lead to Impeachment of Attorney General

What began as a head-scratchingly bad policy that cost many lives (including border patrol agent Brian Terry) has now become a large stonewalling and possibly cover-up operation.

9 NBA Draft Fashions That Are Burned Into Our Memories

NBA players are now fashion aficionados, a trend that might kill the best subplot of the NBA draft: vomit-inducing suits. With the draft on Thursday, let's visit the styles of fugliness past.

Channing Tatum Strips in Magic Mike vs. Sasha Grey and Jenny McCarthy XXX Porn: Who is More Objectified?

Jenny McCarthy took it all off for Playboy while Matthew McCounaghey strips in 'Magic Mike.' Are these male and female performers sexually objectified or empowered with rewarding careers?

Michael Phelps Gold Medals Odds at London Olympics 2012

U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials Began Monday, as Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, among others, took the pool for the 400m IM. Phelps took second, but what are his chances in other events?

Mohammed Morsi Does Not Rule Egypt, We the People Do

To President elect Mohamed Morsy: We are watching you. 13 million people might have chosen you, but we are the ones who rule.

Community Star Donald Glover Performs as His Rap Alter Ego Childish Gambino

You may think you haven’t heard of Childish Gambino, but trust me, you have: he’s the rap identity of Donald Glover, best known for portraying the character of Troy Barnes on NBC’s 'Community'.

Ron Paul Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Ron Paul gets elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ok, so not that one.

Chris Brown Don't Wake Me Up, Deadmau5 The Veldt, and Best New Music This Week

This week's a big one in the music industry. With so many songs and albums debuting, here's a guide on what to listen to.

Earth to Jimmy Carter: You Were Responsible for Human Rights Violations, Too

The ex-president's recent op-ed bemoans the fact that the U.S. is abandoning its role as a global human rights champion. If only he saw the real problems with America while in office.

Cyprus Bailout Shows Why Paul Krugman is Wrong About Europe

Financial support should not be provided until systemic problems are resolved and austerity plans are in place.

Syria Civil War Will Not Be Stopped Be NATO

Turkey has convened NATO members in Brussels, but this is not a call to war.

SCOTUS Ruling on Arizona S.B. 1070 Affirms States Have a Role to Play on Immigration

While the Supreme Court did not uphold S.B. 1070 in its entirety, most of the law’s provisions remain in effect, making the effort a success for Arizona.

Get Used to More Justin Bieber: Modern Artists Face Difficult Road in Producing Quality Music

One Indiana-based audio engineer works tirelessly to help unsigned artists turn their musical visions into high quality productions.

Citizens United Just Will Not Die in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has actually reaffirmed its 2010 Citizens United ruling even before it struck down Montana's campaign finance law this week.

On PTSD Awareness Day, Blatant Misconceptions On What the Disorder Really Is

PTSD is a relatively misunderstood disorder, often mischaracterized and misportrayed, but it's not the bogey man we're led to believe. There is help.

No LeBron James or Kobe Bryant at London 2012 Games? David Stern Wants to Make it Happen

What if Olympic basketball became a 23-and-under event? Who would the Americans choose to represent them in London?

Why the US Should Not Be Afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt President Mohammed Morsi

Egypt's new president will need to maintain a strong relationship with the US to help create the economic growth necessary for meeting the high demands of his people.

American Obesity Crisis Paradox: The Richest Country With the Best Doctors Has a 35.7% Obesity Rate

Americans have plenty of food and plenty of dieting information, but are becoming more unhealthy by the day.

Target Gay T-Shirts and Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney Partnership Show Capitalism Comes With a Gay Face

Target's recent decision to sell t-shirts to benefit a pro-gay rights groups show that supporting gay marriage has become smart business.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Banned by Senate With Help of Potential Romney VP Rob Portman

The Zombie Apocalypse phenomenon has entered presidential politics as Sen. Rob Portman (R-Oh.), one of Mitt Romney’s potential picks for VP, introduced an amendment ban bath salts in the Senate.

Gay Pride 2012: Same-Sex Marriage and Queer Justice Take Center Stage at New York LGBT Parade

What's the point of the Gay Pride Parade, you ask? Pushing back against the de-sexualization of queers and the prevailing anti-LGBT system.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: Shares Rise Slightly Despite Lukewarm Ratings and Drop in US Users

Wall Street analysts rated the stock as "a buy" while warning about the social network's long-term ability to capitalize on its growing mobile audience.

Supreme Court SB 1070 Decision Analysis: Federal Courts Will Scrutinize 'Show Me Your Papers' Laws in More States

Although it did not analyze the issue of racial profiling, the subtext of the Court’s ruling appears to consider such a threat.

Arizona S.B. 1070 Decision Analysis: Minimal Impact on Election 2012, But Mitt Romney In Trouble With Latino Voters

How will the SCOTUS ruling impact Arizona, other states, and the 2012 presidential election?

Dark Knight Rises vs Jaws: Batman Gets Competition in the Box Office This Summer

The original summer blockbuster is back, and better than ever. A review of Jaws.

Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Obamacare Ruling No Reason to Freak Out

Millennials have a lot riding on tomorrow's Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. But it's never been anything we could control, so we shouldn't let it anger us.

Catalonia Leader Artur Mas Forging a Turkish-Style Foreign Policy Amid Debt Crisis

The economic crisis in Spain has caused a change in Catalonia’s foreign policy. The Catalan region has adopted a Turkish-style foreign policy to overcome the economic situation.

Euro 2012 Results: Spain Will Beat Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to Face Germany in the Finals

Germany will easily crush the Italians on Thursday.

Why Does Justin Bieber Always Go Viral on YouTube?

Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube, Walk Off the Earth saw their cover of 'Somebody That I Used to Know' get 50 million views in one month. YouTube is now a springboard for musical fame.

Lebron James and Derrick Rose Would Never Defeat Michael Jordan and the Dream Team

Would today's NBA superstars beat the 1992 Dream Team that dominated the Olympics in Barcelona?

Facebook Email Change Shows Company Will Throw Privacy Out the Window for Profit

Facebook's email switch seems like an invasion of privacy, and it has many worried about what other dastardly moves may be next from Facebook.

Obama Immigration Reform Represents White House Power Grab

Does your vote really count? Many Americans are up in arms as the U.S. president has changed an immigration policy without a single citizen's vote. Many feel as if they have lost their voice.

Nora Ephron Was a Feminist Icon Who Showed Why Women Do Not Need to Be Skinny and White to Be Beautiful

Nora Ephron's work wasn't always interpreted as feminist, but at news of her death, it's worth revisiting what she taught us about real women and how we can continue the legacy she began.