Hydrofracking Fact and Fiction: What You Need to Know About the Controversial Practice

Hydrofracking is driving a resurgence in domestically-produced fossil fuels. But is the controversial technique too dangerous to use, or can it's environmental impacts be mitigated?

9 Qualities That Every College President Must Have

What attributes should a college president really have?

Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West Straddle Line Between Violent Porn and Risque Entertainment

Glamorized and eroticized images of dead and battered women are everywhere in fashion, music, and advertising. Not only are they no longer provocative, they're harmful and simply lazy.

Supreme Court Decision: Obamacare is Taxation Without Representation

The Supreme Court has turned the Obamacare law into a tax, thereby giving a dangerous new power to Congress.

Kristin Stewart Never Smiles: The Smile Double Standard in the Service Industry

The politics of how individuals present themselves in public is rife for interpretation from social scientists. But what happens when being constantly happy is part of your job description?

The Supreme Court and Obamacare: Plain-English Answers to 6 Common Questions

Answers to common questions about the Supreme Court's ruling in the Affordable Care Act decision.

5 Destinations to See Before You Die

You may not have heard of Nagorno Karabakh or Luang Prabang, but they're among the five most beautiful and untouched places in the world.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Fox News Don't Understand but Obamacare Actually Increases Real Wealth

This is the third article in the series. Much of what I've said has libertarian leanings - but - My conclusions are not Ron Paul's, and no Virginia, corporations are not people.

RIP RIM: Blackberry Days Are Numbered

Research in Motion, once the blockbuster powerhouse in smart phone technology, is now on a respiratory support and fighting for its survival.

Hillary Clinton For President 2016: Why She'll Be Around For a While

Clinton is finally at ease with herself, and America is loving it. So, after she leaves the State Department, what is she going to do next?

Libertarian Obamacare Summary: SCOTUS Welcomes You to the United States of Massachusetts

A Western Massachusetts native tells of the evils of the health care mandate, and its cost on the middle class and personal liberty.

How Collaboration Can Kill Creativity

When you're trying to create something from nothing, is teamwork really the best policy? Many people, and even studies, are starting to say no. Here's why.

Secret Workout Routine: No, Exercise Really Can't Reduce Obesity

Can exercise help you lose weight? A nutritionist responds.

5 Books Every 20-Something Has to Read Before They Officially Grow Up

Five books, some old some new, that enlighten, inspire, and teach us invaluable lessons about life.

LeBron James Confesses Oprah He Was Nervous When Proposing to Savannah Brinson

The Miami Heat NBA MVP told Oprah that proposing to the mother of his two sons "felt like right before a finals game."

Romney Obamacare Decision Response Nothing But Doublespeak

Mitt Romney's reaction to the Supreme Court decision was dishonest, counterproductive, and done for show. He distorted facts on the Affordable Care Act but offered no coherent alternate policy.

Facebook (FB) Stock: FB Falls Again as the Company Announces Faster iPhone App

Facebook (FB) shares fell again on Thursday amid reports that the company will launch a faster and improved version of its iPhone and iPad apps.

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Will Create Tea Party 2.0

The Obamacare decision will inevitably foment a not-inconsiderable insurgency among the same circles the passage of Obamacare initially inspired.

Ron Paul Fights Back Against Banksters, but is Overshadowed By Obamacare and Holder

The Obamacare ruling and the House's contempt vote of A.G. Eric Holder overshadowed Ron Paul's hearing on fractional reserve banking, which gives rise to the gun-running, Big Pharma State.

Dark Knight Rises vs Amazing Spiderman: How They Stack Up, From Screenplays to Leading Ladies

Would Spiderman or Batman win in a cage fight? Is Christopher Nolan or Marc Webb a better director?

To Repeal Obamacare, All You Have to Do is Vote in Election 2012

If Obama and the Democrats thought the midterm elections were rough, they’d better strap in. November is fast approaching.

Repealing Obamacare: Why Mitt Romney and the Republicans Will Come Up Short

Republicans are vehemently pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but their efforts will come up well short, at least in the near term.

Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto: What You Need to Know

Although the Muslim Brotherhood claims to support a liberal market economy with a business friendly climate, its Nahada (Renaissance) Project is rich in generalization and short on specifics.

Obama Fails at Fixing Economy, But Leads Polls By Using Wedge Issues

Polls show that the economy and jobs are the top two issues on voters' minds in 2012 and that more voters trust Romney to fix the economy than Obama. So then why is Obama still leading overall?

The Kardashian Family Receives 40x More Media Coverage Than Ocean Acidification

We may be devoted to reading tabloids, but even serious newspapers aren't talking about this critical environmental issue.

Obamacare Ruling: Republicans Blame George Bush (Satire)

Republicans are now hopping on the Bush-bashing bandwagon after the Obamacare ruling the Supreme Court announced yesterday.

Student Loan Freeze Passed by Congress

Millennials celebrated a major victory as Congress voted to stop student loan interest rates from doubling for low- and middle- income students and their families on July 1.

Obamacare Debate: Elite Liberals Hijack Conversation

Elite liberals must realize that they antagonize others with their superiority complex. In order to build coalitions, they must change their air of superiority.

Why iPhone 5 and Siri Are Good for Capitalism

The iPhone turns to material goods into apps, and therefore resolves the conflict between the growing world population and availability of natural resources.

Obamacare Decision Will Force More Americans to Shy From Big Government

This ruling has the potential to serve as a sharp rebuke to far-reaching, government-expanding legislation.

Supreme Court Rules for Obamacare, and the American People

The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, prompting joy and anger on both sides of the aisle. In the midst of the partisan rhetoric let's not forget who really wins: the American people.

Big Banks Get Bailed Out, But Responsible Homeowners Need a Break Too

With scores of responsible homeowners underwater on their mortgages, it is imperative that legislation is passed to provide new lifelines to these homeowners.

SCOTUS Health Care Ruling Could Create New American Dream

The Supreme Court has started to level the playing field.

Magic Mike Review, Trailer and Why Matthew McConaughey Says Stripping is Like a Drug

Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello will take it all off today when 'Magic Mike' opens in theaters. Watch the trailer and read the review here.

People Like Us Trailer, Review, and That Awkward Moment When Blockbuster Tries to Go Indie

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the writers of 'Transformers and Cowboys & Angels,' are going indie with 'People Like Us' starring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks. Will it work?

Lady Gaga New Song "Princess Die" Does Not Promote Suicide

Lady Gaga's depressing new ballad has some people worried her suicidal message may influence her listeners. But the real cause of concern should be Gaga's views on romance.

America Gets Soft on Iran: China Can Now Buy Iran Oil

The U.S. has now granted an exemption to all major buyers of Iranian crude oil.

New Syria Violence: Turkey Sends Troops Toward Syria After Fighter Jet Shot Down

Turkey faces an important decision on how to deal with the recently aggressive Syria. Military pressure coupled with a safe haven for Syrian opposition would be the right move.

Supreme Court Health Care LIVE Decision: Why Every American Hates the Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

All eyes are on SCOTUS today as we wait to see the future of Obamacare. Regardless of the SCOTUS decision, the health care act does nothing to bring down health care costs.

Louie Season 3 vs New Charlie Sheen TV Show: FX Hosts a Battle of the Funniest

Louis 'Louie' soars while Charlie Sheen flops in 'Anger Management'.

Obamacare Ruling: How the Supreme Court Redefined the 2012 Election

In a 5-4 decision, The Supreme Court has redefined the upcoming presidential election. It now represents America’s feelings on Obamacare.

John Roberts Health Care Logic Defies Constitution

Justice Roberts' decision upholding the ACA sought to restrain Congressional power under the Commerce Clause, but in turn gave Congress a blank check under the taxing power.

A Shocking Day in the Life of an Israeli Settler in the West Bank (+Video)

VICE producer Simon Ostrovsky explores what it's like to be an Israeli settler in the West Bank. Watch his video and ask him questions in a live Q&A.

Lessons Learned From Cornell Hazing Death

Three Cornell students were acquitted Wednesday for charges of hazing that resulted in the death of a brother, 19-year-old George Desdunes. Was hazing responsible, or were the boys?

Why Obamacare Actually Lost at the Supreme Court

Supporters of the Obama health law are incorrectly reading the Supreme Court’s ruling as a victory.

Iranian Opposition Group PMOI On Verge of Removal From Terrorist List

The fight against terrorism can never be left entirely in the hands of a sole governing body.