Amazon Crash Causes Instagram and Netflix to Blackout: Is Cloud Computing Ready for Prime Time?

Two crashes in two weeks raise serious questions about the ability of cloud computing to withstand severe weather and the risks that come from hosting many popular websites in one location.

Euro 2012 Final Results: Spain vs Italy Preview, Prediction and How Fabregas and Balotelli Will Clash

Spain and Italy will face off in the Euro 2012 final this Sunday on an epic clash of titans which includes Fabregas and Casillas (Spain) and "super Mario brothers" Balotelli and Buffon (Italy).

Ted Movie Trailer: Seth MacFarlane's New Comedy Ted is the Must-See Summer Movie

'Ted' is a welcome return to Seth MacFarlane's roots, with guaranteed laughs for fans of classic 'Family Guy'.

Fruit Loops and Other Cereal for Kids Contain More Sugar and Less Nutritional Value Than Advertised

Kellogg's, General Mills, and Post Cereal among others brands contain more sugar and sodium and less fiber and nutritional value than advertised to children and parents.

Magic Mike Movie: Review, Trailer, Photos, and Why Women Are Going Gaga Over This

Steven Soderbergh’s film, starring Channing Tatum, Matthew McCounaghey and Joe Manganiello, has just what women want.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing, and It Has to Do With Suri and Scientology

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing because of Scientology's weird demands on 6-year-old Suri.

Tour de France 2012: Where to Watch Live, Stream Online, and on the Go With Your iPhone and Android

Le Tour de France 2012 starts today and will roll through Sunday, July 22. Get the schedule and find out where to watch live, online and on the go with your iPhone, iPad and Android.

Ted Movie Trailer and the Top 5 Most Absurd Summer Flick Previews (+Video)

'Ted,' 'Premium Rush' and 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' are just some of this summer's most absurd flicks; no matter how much critics and fans rave about them.

Rwanda, South Sudan and the 7 African Conflicts Every American Should Know About

As numerous conflicts rage on throughout the African continent, Americans must be aware of how these seemingly faraway problems can affect international stability.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna: LAPD Officers Who Leaked Picture of Beaten Rihanna Won’t Be Charged

The ongoing drama between Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake and Tony Parker continues after it was disclosed that the LAPD officers who leaked Rihanna's beaten 2009 picture won't be charged.

Barack Obama: A Tragedy in One Act (Satire)

If Barack Obama's story were told by Shakespeare.

John Roberts Obamacare Decision: A Libertarian Defense of the Chief Justice

“Conservative” doesn’t mean conservatives always get what they want. In fact, it means they often don’t. That makes Chief Justice John Roberts the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court.

Euro Zone Progress: Hollande, Monti, and Rajoy Convince Merkel to Relax Bailout

Angela Merkel has agreed to relax certain conditions of the European bailout as Spain's Mariano Rajoy, Italy's Mario Monti, and France's Francois Hollande convince the German Chancellor.