Facebook (FB) Stock Price: Facebook to Offer More Shares, But Will They Sell Them?

Despite a rocky IPO, Facebook (FB) is set to unleash millions of additional shares as soon as its lock-up period ends. It's more shares the answer to the downturn?

Zombie Apocalypse: Miami Cannibal Attack Lasted 18 Minutes According to Footage Video and 911 Calls

"He's beating another man. It's a naked man beating another man," one caller said. "He is going to kill that man. I promise you."

Priscilla Chan Says 'I Do,' But Facebook Could Ironically Ruin Her Marriage

When it comes to wedding engagements, how much is too much to share on Facebook and Twitter?

Dirty Water: The Socio-Economic Battle to Better India's Drinking Water

To improve the availability and distribution of clean drinking water in India, it is necessary to consider the cultural, social and economic factors before implementing treatment techniques.

Are Video Games and Porn Causing 'The Demise of Guys'?

A new CNN article says video games and porn are responsible for the decline of men's performance in school, and in relationships with women. This demonstrates a lack of understanding about men.

5 Foods That Americans Need to Stop Eating Right Now

After Mayor Bloomberg's controversial advocacy for a ban on soda, here are five other foods that Americans need to cut from their diets.

Will Rand Paul Be Mitt Romney's VP Choice?

Selecting a VP candidate is considered the most important decision a presidential nominee makes, and can very easily make or break a campaign. A Rand selection would break the Romney campaign.

What is the Transit of Venus 2012?

What is the transit of Venus? A once-in-our-lifetime event in which Venus waltzes across the Sun.

Christina Aguilera and Sesame Street as Torture: Teeny Bop Made Guantanamo Prisoners Crack

Music has powerful effects on us. While the use of music may not rise to the severity of waterboarding, the mental anguish detainees suffer must be considered torture.

Tim Tebow, 4th of July, and the 10 Reasons Why France Should Love America

France has endless reasons to mock Americans, but here are 10 reasons why the French people should love the United States.

How Will Ferrell Can Fix American Politics This Summer

Will Ferrell's new movie 'The Campaign' has the potential to get Congress working again.

Women in Journalism On the Rise, But Not Necessarily Good Feminism?

While more women than ever before are writing op-ed articles, many of their stories are coined "pink." Should women be writing more "important" issues?

Scott Walker Recall Election Gets Help From Koch and Tea Party

Buses paid for by the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Tea Party Express converged in Madison.

3 Game-Changing Things Job Seekers Can Teach Us About the U.S. Employment Report

Now that we've absorbed Friday's employment report, let's get a different perspective: that of job seekers. They know the realities better than anyone. We ignore them at our peril.

The Feminist Arab Spring: Jordanian Bedouin Women Call For Better Access to Education

While other women are protesting across the Arab world, small and subtle feminist rebellions are emerging across Jordan's deserts, as Bedouin women demand their rights to education.

5 Ways to Find the Mentor You Need to Get Ahead

Everybody could benefit from the helpful guidance of a mentor. But, here's how to find one that can help.

Why the 'Gaydar' Experiment Will Do More Harm to Gay Rights

A recent “gaydar” experiment shows how little progress we've made in the scientific community on LGBT issues.

IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Says it's Time For Greece to Pay

“It is time for a Greek payback,” proclaimed Ms. Lagarde, the Managing Director of the IMF last week in her interview for the Guardian. This diplomatic gaff caused a chain-reaction in Europe.

Wisconsin Recall Election: Scott Walker Supported By Nikki Haley, Bill Clinton Endorsing Tom Barrett

It's the final 24-hour stretch before the Wisconsin recall election begins, and Scott Walker and Tom Barrett are vying for voters with big name endorsements.

Why You Could Be On Obama's Kill List and Nobody Would Ever Know

The president runs the CIA's unmanned drone program without any oversight or transparency, making him the judge, jury, and executioner in the War on Terror.

OWS and the Bilderberg Group: Why This Secret Society of World Leaders Needs to be 'Occupied'

The Bilderberg Group. Never heard of it? Well, don't worry, you are in the majority. Every year, this secretive meeting hosts power players from around the world. So, what are they up to?

MTV Movie Awards and MTV 2012 Fantasy Elections: The Next Viral Sensation?

Movie Awards with 'Dark Night Rises' footage and an Elections 2012 fantasy game, this summer MTV goes beyond entertainment to also encourage voter participation among millennials. Will it work?

'End This Depression Now!': Paul Krugman's New Book Will Not Solve America's Economic Problems

Positive reviews of Paul Krugman's new book 'End This Depression Now!' do not recognize the numerous problems with Krugman's economic philosophy.

Wisconsin Recall Election: Scott Walker Recall Most Expensive in History

Tuesday’s recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is the most expensive in Wisconsin history, with more than $63.5 million spent mostly from out of state sources.

Scott Walker Recall Election Could be Preview to Obama Election 2012 Fight

Former president Bill Clinton and GOP darling Nikki Haley are jumping into Wisconsin's fight for governor. Effects of the recalls are resonating throughout the U.S., but the state needs to heal.

Baby Boomers: From Pensions to Wall Street, The Unsustainable Generation

Their parents "paid it forward" and strived to leave their country a better place. Are baby boomers doing the same thing, or are their choices leaving the country a mess for millennials?