Lunar Eclipse 2012 LIVE: Where to Watch the Transit of Venus [+ Video]

Did last month’s solar eclipse event light up your interest in astronomy? If you’re as much of a astro geek as I am, then it’s time to get excited for Monday night.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Scott Walker Vote Fraud Claims Totally False

Scott Walker's claims that Democrats are leading a vote fraud effort have no merit.

Lunar Venus Transit 2012 LIVE: Where to Watch, Weather Forecasts, What is the Venus Transit? [+ Video]

Transits of Venus are some of the rarest celestial phenomena that can be predicted. Here's everything you need to know about Tuesday's Venus event.

Wisconsin Recall Results: Rampant Voter Fraud in Wisconsin or 'The Martians Are Coming?'

In-depth investigations into election fraud in Wisconsin's 2004 and 2008 elections revealed that election fraud occurs at a rate of less than one-thousandths of a percent.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: 8 Things to Know About Scott Walker John Doe Scandal

Since 2010, the Milwaukee D.A. has led a criminal investigation involving Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's staff and associates.

South Dakota GOP Primary Results: LIVE Mitt Romney is the Projected Winner

Ron Paul supporters are making a major push to try to get support for the libertarian candidate. Follow the live updates here.

California Primary Results: Ron Paul Supporters Remain Committed Despite Voter Ignorance

Ron Paul will get slaughtered again in California today. But it's not the fault of all those Ron Paul supporters who have busted their tails.

Prop 8 Shot Down, Gay Marriage Will Head to Supreme Court in 2013

The Ninth Circuit issued a final denial for a rehearing en banc in the case concerning California’s Proposition 8 and its constitutionality, upholding its earlier ruling.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Scott Walker Using Dirty John Doe Tricks to Keep Voters Away From the Polls

Sarah Palin has come out in favor of Scott Walker, while the Green Bay Packers are supporting challenger Tom Barrett in Wisconsin's recall election.

New Mexico GOP Primary Results: LIVE Ron Paul Supporters Make Surprising Gains

Ron Paul will seek to build on the momentum generated by his big Louisiana win, growing his delegate count as more state parties convene to officially elect delegates to the RNC convention.

California Primary 2012: Voters Say Only Ron Paul Could Defeat President Obama

One California resident says Romney does not stand a chance against Obama, only Ron Paul does.

Scott Walker Will Win Wisconsin Recall Election, and Embarrass Unions Across The Country

There is a reason that the Obama administration advised against a recall election in Wisconsin; many now fear that today's recall may have opened Pandora's Box in favor of the Republicans.

California Primary Results Will Make Washington Moderate

All eyes may be on Scott Walker's recall in Wisconsin today. But in November, they'll be looking back at today's California primaries.

Ron Paul is Both Loved and Hated in California Primary

The mood about Paul is one of love or hate. There is no in between.

Occupy Wall Street is Still Alive and Kicking: 3 Reasons Why Occupy Has Not Disappeared

What explains the failure of Occupy Spring? Why don't we seem to hear about the Occupy movement anymore?

'Game of Thrones' Season 2 Finale: Next Season Will be Epic

The final episode of this season of 'Game of Thrones' does an exceptional job wrapping up the themes of the season while laying the groundwork for the next.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Scott Walker Crushes Democratic Rival Tom Barrett

Walker survived the Wisconsin recall on Tuesday. What was shocking was how dominating the win was.

Obesity is Caused by Government Intervention, Not Big Gulps

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is outlawing the Big Gulp to curb rising levels of obesity in his city. But government intervention in food is actually a prime cause of unhealthy eating.

California Primary Results: Ron Paul Far More Popular Than Mitt Romney, Though the Results Won't Show It

Paul's outsider status has elevated him to near sainthood in California.

New Mexico Primary Results: LIVE Heather Wilson is the Projected Winner

The senator from Kentucky told libertarians, conservatives and the Tea Party to support underdog Greg Sowards in the state’s Republican Senate primary against former Rep. Heather Wilson.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Why Scott Walker Should Win

I am a Democrat on many issues, but I believe that the unchecked power of public employee unions are ruining the economies of many of our states. That's why I am pulling for Scott Walker.

Ron Paul Supporters Need to Accept Mitt Romney or Face Losing All Power

A Ron Paul VP position would grant him a position of power. But Ron Paul fans may wreck his chances of having even this opportunity.

Congress is Wildly Out of Control, 6 Ways to Fix It

Congress unthinkingly passed, revised, and repealed a series of laws that caused our Great Recession.

Occupy Wall Street, Taxes, and Personal Finance: What Do Millennials Think About Money?

Although millenials don't hesitate to criticize money in the public sphere, we still shy away from the subject in private. Why? Because we still care so much about it.

New Jersey GOP Primary Results: LIVE Steven Rothman vs. Bill Pascrell

New Jersey heads to the polls on Tuesday. Congressmen Rothman (backed by Obama) and Pascrell (backed by Clinton) face-off in high-profile battle. Follow live for updates on all election results.

Millennials Crash International Relations: Youth G8, G20 Summit Begins

Young Americans for Diplomatic Leadership would like to officially announce the delegation that will be representing the United States at the Youth G8&G20 Summit starting today in Washington, D.C

New Jersey Primary Results: Mitt Romney Claims all 50 Delegates

Hardly a surprise Mitt Romney wins the tonight's New Jersey Republican primary, leaving Ron Paul far behind.

In Gay Marriage and LGBTQ Battles, Christianity is Not to Blame

"Separation of church and state” is false and proves to be problematic for the LGBTQ community. But, it's also a pragmatic tool for the government and Obama to distract people with flowery lingo.

Dear Great Recession Generation: Fear Not, There's Reason to Hope

As many a 20-something can tell you, leaving college in the Great Recession is no joke. But, I eventually found my footing.

Wisconsin Recall Election Scandal: Scott Walker at Center of Massive Cover-Up John Doe Investigation

Did Walker's office "stonewall" an inquiry into $11,000 in embezzled funds intended for veteran's families?

Transit of Venus Through the Ages: 9 Ways Venus Has Shaped Culture and Women

Venus has influenced cultural representations of women throughout history. Here are 9 ways.

California Primary Results: Ron Paul Cannot Gain Traction Outside of College Students

The situation in California is abysmal. The state is $16 billion in the hole, jobs are leaving in droves, and the best idea Jerry Brown can come up with is tax the rich.

Transit of Venus 2012: New iPhone and Android App Lets You Follow the Transit of Venus 2012

Now you don’t have to take your eyes off your iPhone or Android ever, not even to follow this Tuesday’s Transit of Venus.

Mexico Elections 2012: Brutal Drug War Awaits Frontrunner Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexico`s next president, Enrique Pena Nieto, will have to control a rise in violent crime and corruption if he wants to curb the country`s long drug war.

Romney VP Pick Boils Down to Rob Portman or Bobby Jindal

Who will be Romney's VP pick? Portman and Jindal are the strongest candidates.

Wisconsin Recall is Bad For Democracy

While a Walker victory will harm Democrats, both a Walker victory and a Walker defeat will have the same negative impact on the general democratic process in the United States.

Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Use on the Rise as New Miami Man ‘Growls’ at Police

Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) said bath salts use is on the rise, following a new Miami incident in which a homeless man threatened with "eating" police officers.