Zombie Apocalypse 101: Bath Salts and 5 Other Insane Drugs That Make Users Crazy

Everything you need to know about bath salts and how they're tied into the recent Miami cannibalism attack.

Zombie Apocalypse in Pop Culture: Miami 'Zombie' Bath Salts Attack is No Laughing Matter

Cannibalism attacks have been popping up recently, but instead of seeing them for how horrific they are, we are trained to focus on their humorous "zombie" qualities.

Prop 29 and Prop 28: Major Victory for Big Tobacco and Term Limits in California Primary 2012

Prop 29 shows that money still matters more than ever, while Prop 28 will have lasting and hopefully positive effects on California's defunct government.

Railgun and Stealth Technology Make Navy DDG-1000 Super Ship the Weapon of the Future

The DDG-1000's large price tag and limited numbers in an age of austerity make it a dubious investment now — but not in the long term.

Scott Walker Wins So Bad in Wisconsin Recall That an Angry Democrat Slaps Tom Barrett in the Face, Is Obama Next? (+Video)

Perhaps President Obama avoided going to Wisconsin, and tweeted his support for Tom Barrett instead, in order to avoid being slapped by a disillusioned supporter.

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: What is Collective Bargaining?

The Wisconsin recall election stems from Governor Scott Walkers’ plan to neutralize unions — or collective bargaining — in the state. But what is collective bargaining?

Does the Scott Walker Win in Wisconsin Recall Election Signal the Death of the Left?

How did the left get steam-rolled so badly in Wisconsin's recall election?

Millennials Debate Feminism and Women's Empowerment at G8/G20 Youth Summit

The G20 Youth Summit development committee negotiations started on June 5 with a focus on discussions about food security and human security.

Mitt Romney VP Choice: 4 Running Mates Who Can Win Over Republican Women

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez . . . or Condoleeza Rice? Each is a qualified candidate for Vice President and running mate with Mitt Romney on the 2012 Republican ticket.

Why Mitt Romney is a Coward

First Mitt Romney fired Richard Grenell, a foreign policy adviser, because he is gay, and now he refuses to distance himself from Donald Trump's birther comments. Where are his morals?

California Primary Results: More of Scott Walker, Less of the Tea Party

Electoral reforms make congressional races less extreme, crowding out Tea Partiers. But two major cities insist on Wisconsin-style pension reform.

'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Brave': Hollywood Princesses Are No Longer Damsels in Distress

Princesses in today's movies are no longer just there to be saved. This years blockbusters prove that our heroines now really stand for a purpose.

Zombie Apocalypse: Stephen Colbert Addresses Zombie Apocalypse Hysteria (+Video)

The Zombie Apocalypse meme made it to the realm of television comedy on Tuesday, as Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert addressed the cannibal attacks on his show The Colbert Report.

Ray Bradbury, Farenheit 451 and Dandelion Wine Author, Warned Against Mass Media

The science fiction writer warned against an overly technological world that shuns literature. His message could not be more crucial to remember in our mass media society.

Suffering from Student Loan Confusion? Get on Twitter

A recent Young Invincibles study found two-thirds of high-debt student borrowers misunderstood the student loan process. Young Invincibles is here to help.

The Abuse of the Transgendered in Immigration Detention

Detained transgendered immigrants have been subjected to administrative segregation for no other reason than their transgendered status.

As Syrian Crisis Escalates, Will Lebanon Become the Next Middle East Battleground?

A recent outbreak of sectarian violence thrusts Lebanon into the heart of the Syrian conflagration and begs the question: Is conflict on the horizon?

Liberian Warlord Charles Taylor's 50 Year Sentence: Does Justice Come at a High Price?

The cost to bring warlord Charles Taylor to prison begs the questions whether justice should come at a high price. Do war criminals even deserve the high cost to bring them to justice?

War With Iran in Focus at the G8 and G20 Youth Summits

The G8 agreed on a framework for action in Iran.

New Jersey Primary Results: Even Bill Clinton and Chris Christie Can't Bring Voters to the Polls

New Jersey voters feel unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Low attendance and other factors point to this dissatisfaction. Is this trend nationwide?

Paycheck Fairness Act: Senate is Right to Stop Misguided 'Gender Pay Gap' Legislation

It's often claimed that women earn less than men, but a closer look at the statistics reveals that this has little to do with "discrimination" and more to do with our individual economic choices.

'Workaholics': The Best New Show on Comedy Central

Comedy Central takes a lot of shots in the dark, but this time they may have really succeeded. 'Workaholics' is a departure from the network's missteps like 'Straight Plan for the Gay Man.'

G8 and G20 Youth Summits Reach Impasse on Gay Marriage

Talks broke down at the G8/G20 Youth Foreign Affairs Committee when the discussion turned to gay marriage.

Wisconsin Recall Means Voters Are Tired With the Left, and Will Rein in Government

Walker’s win is important because it clears the path for other states to pass similar reforms.

Millennials Work to Solve the Wavering Economics of Youth Employment

The first day of negotations of the Economic Committee at the G8/G20 Youth Summit put emphasis on the issue of global youth unemployment.

John Edwards and Bill Clinton Show Lying is Key to Being a Good Politician

As long as they get things done, politicians like Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and John Edwards should keep on lying.

UNC, Texas Join Obama Financial Aid Cost Reduction Effort

College affordability and cost are two key discussion issues that Obama is now addressing.

Could Obama Have Won the Wisconsin Recall For Tom Barrett?

Given the importance of the election, it's interesting to note who shows up in Wisconsin to support Gov. Walker or his Democratic opponent Tom Barrett -- and also those who don't show.

At Youth Summit Environmental Issues are a Prime Concern for Millennials

June 5 saw intense debates at the the G8-G20 Youth Summit in Washington on global environmental issues. Some of the major issues are discussed below.

Prop 29 Loses Due to Big Tobacco's Money and Lies

Proposition 29, the cigarette tax, loses by a narrow margin because of big tobacco's smoke and mirrors.

Tobin Tax in Question at G8 and G20 Youth Summits in Washington

In Washington D.C. the G8 and G20 Youth Summit debates the implementation of the Tobin Tax.

Millennial Delegates Debate Renewable Energy at G8/G20 Youth Summit

The G8/G20 Youth Summit Environmental committee is trying hard to reach consensus on energy supplies on the second day of negotiations.