PETA Buys XXX Website, Uses Sasha Grey 'Porn' Pics: Typical Absurd PR For PETA

PETA, in its latest publicity stunt, took their message online to an ".xxx" domain.

'The Dark Knight Rises' Will be the Best Batman Movie Yet

The new trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' shows Christian Bale and Josh Gordon-Levitt pulling out all the stops. The final dark knight movie, looks like it will be epic.

Zombie Apocalypse: ‘Miami Cannibal’ Girlfriend Says Rudy Eugene Avoided Drugs

27-year-old Miramar resident Yovonka Bryant, the girlfriend of ‘Miami Zombie’ Rudy Eugene, said the man was “very religious” and that her three children called him affectionately “uncle Beard."

3 Reasons Why Split-Ticket Voting Might be the Right Thing To Do

Like all things political; voting a split ticket is more art than science and it goes in fashion cycles, too.

The 4 Neocon Romney Foreign Policy Advisers That Would Pull the U.S. Into War With Iran

Closer examination of Romney's foreign policy advisers shows Neocons, policy hacks, and general ignorance.

What Paul Krugman Gets Wrong About Austerity, Estonia, and Government Spending

Estonia is showing how a government can reignite growth by reducing the burden of government.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: 7 Things That Could Affect the FB Stock Price

Seven critical events and contingencies that could affect FB's stock price.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, Raw Oysters Are Healthy and 7 Healthy Foods to Eat

Seven versatile foods that pump with you positive energy to keep you running all day.

Bill Clinton: Undermining President Obama to Help Mitt Romney Win

Former President Bill Clinton has said several things over the past few weeks that could have been written by the RNC. Bill's far too smart for this to be an accident.

Young Organic Farmers Are the Future of the American Food Industry

"Grow local, buy local" and "certified organic" are becoming increasingly sellable words in our society. Now young farmers are looking to make a difference and keep things truly local.

Iran Growing in Power and Arab Views of Israel: 11 Things You Never Knew About the Middle East

Do all Arabs speak the same language in the Middle East? Are all Arabs Muslim? Which country is the most powerful?

U.S. Green Card Lottery Scam Proves the Immigration Process is Anything but Fair

A personal account about the unfair nature of the annual U.S. green card lottery system. The whole thing is a scam.

Ron Paul Rallies Are Nearly All White and Make Black People Feel Uncomfortable

As I went to a Ron Paul rally, I was one of perhaps only 10 African-Americans, which made me feel unwelcome and awkward.

Cory Booker, Joe Lieberman and a Short List of Politicians Busting Gridlock in Washington

Political polarization has stalled Washington in the face of huge challenges that beg for immediate and practical solutions. A few politicians are trying to break through the gridlock.

LSAT Summer Study Plan: How to Improve Your LSAT Score in October

For most students, the summer is the ideal time to study for the LSAT. But how you spend the months leading up to the October test could play a significant role in your LSAT score.

The Pros and Cons of Summer Service Trips for College Students

International service trips are becoming increasingly popular for college students over the summer and spring breaks. But do these programs have any long-term benefits?

George Zimmerman Deserves Jail Time For Lying About His Finances

Since Zimmerman was ordered back into custody for lying to the court about his finances, donations to his online defense fund spiked. You can donate if you want, but I wouldn't give him a penny.

How Art Can Be Free: Digital Revolution, Crowdfunding Render Copyright Obsolete

Do we need copyright? One bestselling author says no. He says there's a better way for artists to get paid, and without worrying over intellectual property rights. Is he crazy or crazy inventive?

Prop 29 Defeated By California Voters Because of ALEC and Big Tobacco Companies Spending $47 Million

Think Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and special interests supporting him spent a lot in the Wisconsin recall race? Big tobacco companies spent $47 million to defeat Prop 29 in California.

Feminist Petition Pushes for Prominent Women's Roles in the 2012 Presidential Election

With the increase of women in the media the question of why there aren’t more women as presidential debate moderators, is certainly warranted. And what's the answer?

UEFA Euro 2012: Soccer Tournament Gives Europe a Much-Needed Reality Vacation

Europe is in a definite rough patch, but the 2012 soccer championship will be a much-needed vacation from all the doom and gloom.

Facebook IPO Won't Help Egyptian Economy, Here Are 4 Startup Ideas That Will

Entrepreneurship in Egypt is vital to solve the country's socio-economic problems, but internet startups like Facebook aren't the answer.

One Reason Obesity is on the Rise in Low-Income Neighborhoods Like Harlem That You Did Not Think Of

East Harlem has the second highest concentration of public housing in the nation, which means parking is subsidized for local residents. In turn, people don't walk, they drive everywhere.

NATO and Russia Battle Over European Defense Shield at Youth G8/G20 Summit

Delegates have been debating shared cooperation between Russia and NATO on European defense shield, and negotiations have gotten tense.

Millennials' Distrust of Government is Leading to a Congress That Doesn't Understand Us

Millennials are increasingly rejecting political activity in favor of community service and reversing this trend will be key to getting fresh voices into Congress.

Millennials Promote Distribution of SMS Technology as Means of Saving Children in War-Torn Countries

English Minister, Mitch Barltrop, believes supporting children in war-torn countries with SMS technology benefits them and the world, but Canadian Minister, Andrea Sarkic, says that's idealistic.

Zombie Apocalypse Meets Miley Cyrus: The Sex Appeal of Zombies and Vampires

Zombies and vampires, undead creatures, have always reflected our fear of death. Recently, Hollywood has sexualized vampires. Are zombies next?

For Russia and NATO Global Youth Advocate for a New Spirit of Trust

Youth ministers at G8 Youth Defense Committee triggered a new ambiance of debate as they discussed the role of Russia in the global sphere.

Queen Jubilee Celebration Calls into Question the Relevance of the British Monarchy

The Queen´s Diamond Jubilee Celebration marks the country’s unwillingness to let go of irrelevant and unnecessary symbols that represent the United Kingdom’s imperialist history and class system.

Obama Blames GOP on Student Loan Debt Crisis, But Republicans Already Offered Solutions

The interest rate on student loans is set to double on July 1. Congressional Republicans have offered two bipartisan solutions that pays for an extension, but Obama is too busy giving speeches.

G8 and G20 Youth Summit Delegations Fight for Aid Transparency

Opinions diverged at the Youth Summit Development Committee when millennials from around the world discussed aid transparency and food security.

Human Trafficking and Freedom of Press: International Youth Summits Tackle Big Issues

The Youth G8 and G20 Summits are in progress, and the justice committee is disucssing freedom of communication and human trafficking.

Gay Power 2012: Obama Gets Boost From 'Glee' and Ellen DeGeneres Fundraiser

Since Obama had the courage to become the first American president unequivocally voicing support for LGBT rights, he might as well ripe the benefits of having the support of this constituency.

Greta Van Susteren and Gwen Ifill Should be Female Moderators at 2012 Presidential Debates

Elena Tsemberis, Sammi Siegel and Emma Axelrod have shared a petition recommending that a female moderator be chosen for the 2012 presidential debates: they are 100% right!

Romney Deserves Credit For the Jobs Obama Created

Romney passed Romneycare, traveled nationally promoting the individual mandate on the news, his team wrote the Affordable Care Act, and Romney deserves credit for spurring job creating demand.

New York 9/11 Memorial Honors the Day That Changed the World

A recent article in the 'New York Times' confronted the difficult task of the creators of the 9/11 Memorial. How can we commemorate an event that still means so much to so many?

Why Mario Balotelli May Face Nazis and Racism at Euro 2012 in Ukraine

On June 8, the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship begins in Poland and Ukraine. The world will watch the games, but Ukraine faces harsh backlash for its record on racism and anti-semitism.

Let Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Get Married in Peace Already

Some older generation writers say that the 19-year old Cyrus is too young to get married. Are millennials changing their habits and views on marriage?

New Jobs Numbers Show Unemployment Decline to 377K, Positive Job Growth Ahead

It’s just one month’s jobs report. Look at the big picture, the United States is faring relatively well given the EU crisis, slowing emerging economies, and global social unrest.

G8 and G20 Youth Summit Attendees Determine Unemployment Must Be Combatted Through Education

In order to combat unemployment, members of the Youth Summit suggested widespread education initiatives to enhance both academic and practical life skills.