5 Reasons College Students Should Not Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a new phenomena that people have embraced. So why should college students shy away from this trend?

MMA is Violent, But These 4 Combat Sports Are More Dangerous

Think MMA is dangerous? This list might just change your views on MMA, boxing, and combat sports in general.

Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Mitt Romney

An endorsement from Congressman Ron Paul is rare, but even though his son Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, the elder Paul is unlikely to do the same, according to several Paul staff members.

GOP Takes Climate Change Denial Too Far: N.C. Bill Tries to Make Climate Science Illegal

While the the Republican party is no stranger to denying climate change science, they've never gone this far before.

E3 2012 Highlights: Watch Dogs, Halo 4, and The Last of Us Impress, Nintendo WiiU Wins Big

At this year's E3, the biggest annual video game exposition in the country, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo showed off the newest games available, but hardcore fans were left disappointed.

MMA is 1 of the 4 Safest Combat Sports in the World

It goes against everything most people believe, but MMA is actually one of the safest combat sports in the world.

President Obama Has Been a Failure Because He Doesn't Communicate Well

Obama is certainly charming, but has he been persuasive? His limitations in office have been a result of this lack of persuasion and his failure to communicate to his party and his public.

New Great Gatsby Movie Has Many Parallels to the Modern Chaotic America

The Great Gatsby's fourth cinematic remake will be as pertinent to Millennials when it is released this Christmas as when the seminal novel was published in 1925 since nothing has really changed.

Creationists Make Up 46% of America, and That's a Scary Thought

A new poll reveals that 46% of Americans are Creationists. Why is that a bad thing, and what can secularists do to boost the profile of evolution in the United States?

Michele Bachmann Inspires True Blood, Halo 4, Mr. Rogers Remix: This Week in Pop Culture

Every week is a massive pop-culture week and this one was no exception. Lady Gaga finished her new album, 'The Dark Knight Rises' has us all waiting for July, and Jamie Foxx is the new president.

Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul May Be Next

Romney received the endorsement of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, one of his biggest endorsements from the Tea Party/ libertarian far-right.

Prometheus Offers a Passionate Look at Human Identity

Prometheus offers a look into many fascinating aspects of the human condition.

Ron Paul For President Is Best for America, No Matter Who Mitt Romney Selects as VP

America is preoccupied with who Mitt Romney will choose for VP, but there are a whole host of other issues that should be of more concern to the American electorate.

What Women [Voters] Want

If Obama or Romney are going to win women's vote in 2012, they'll have to recognize some basic facts about how women vote and what they want. Most important, women want to be treated as equals.

Facebook (FB) Stock Surprise: FB Does Massive Deal With China (Satire)

A satirical piece about a fictitious transaction between Facebook and the PRC.

Disney Takes a Hard Line on Unhealthy Food And This Single Mom Says Thanks

Disney's making some big changes so that our children have a better chance at leading healthier lives. Thanks Disney. We parents need all the positive help we can get.

The Best Way to Reform America's Tax Code

Choose your tax policy. A few ideas work, but most don’t. Which do you prefer? The tempting answer is “the one that works,” but does anyone really know what “works” means? Hank Gutman does.

'Django Unchained' Trailer Reveals Latest From Quentin Tarantino Will Not Be Inglourious Basterds Part II

Is Django Unchained just going to be Inglorious Basterds with slavery (this time, plantation owners and KKK members instead of Nazis)?

Future of the Euro Zone, Austerity, and Quantitative Easing Up for Debate at the G8 and G20 Youth Summit

The finance committee of the G8/G20 Youth Summit is focusing on international monetary system reform and the crisis of the euro zone.

Federal Judge Bans NDAA From Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans

In a bold move, Judge Forrest shot down the Indefinite Detention Clause of the NDAA. How does Congress respond? They sign the 2012 version, which includes the same clause.

Winning the Millennial Vote in the 2012 Presidential Election Will Be Impossible If You Can't Make Us Care

Will millennials vote in 2012 like they did in 2008 - overwhelmingly Democratic and in historic numbers? Maybe, maybe not - we're unpredictable.

Tahrir Square Revolution in Egypt Has Been Nonviolent, Leaderless, and .... Unsuccessful

Egypt’s revolution has been hailed as a model of nonviolent, leaderless resistance. But the most recent Tahrir sit-in highlights that this tactic is no longer successful — if it ever was at all.

Syria Crisis: Millennials Decide How They Bring Peace to Assad's Regime

The G8 and G20 Youth Foreign Affairs Committee debated Thursday how strong sanctions should be in order to incite peace in Syria.

Quebir Massacres in Syria Are Final Straw, President Bashar Al-Assad Must Go

Massacring his own people? Check. Using a professional military force to do so? Check. Resisting a peace plan and attacking UN observers? Check. Assad has now lost any claim to legitimacy.

After Osama Bin Laden, America's Relationship With Pakistan Begins to Unravel

Washington might be losing patience with Pakistan over alleged safe havens for militants, but demanding Pakistan’s cooperation while increasing drone strikes is ineffective.

Food Security and Foreign Aid Policy Top the Agenda at G8 and G20 Youth Summit

Friday marks the third and final day of intense committee negotiations at the G8 and G20 Youth Summit.

Drone Strikes Against Taliban Militants in Pakistan Do Not Kill As Many People as Crime in Karachi

VICE founder Suroosh Alvi paid a visit to Karachi, where he filmed a documentary uncovering the lifestyle of Pakistan’s city. Watch his film and ask him a question live.

Syria on Brink of Civil War: Pro-Assad Massacre Takes 78 Lives

A 140-person village near Hama witnessed Syria’s latest massacre in President Assad’s string of horrific attacks. The massacre is the second in a fortnight by pro-Assad forces known as shabiha.

Queen's Jubilee 2012: British Royal Family is Tie That Binds the Nation

The entire United Kingdom celebrated the Queen's Jubilee. Centuries into their rule, the fascination with the British monarchy is still unbroken.

Green Energy and Pesticides Discussed at G8 and G20 Youth Summit

In the last day of discussion, there was a consensus from the committee that green products are the solution for improving the environment.

G8 and G20 Youth Summits Shed Light on Millennials Take on Terrorism and Migration

The final day of negotiations at the Youth G8 and G20 Summit committees discussed the topics of arms, drugs, terrorism, and refugee resettlement.