22 of the Best Dos Equis 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' Quotes (+Video)

I present a list of my favorite Dos Equis commercials about a great man.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson and 21 Girls Who Could be Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele is a young college-aged beauty with a boyfriend who is into some wild stuff. Could this be the most coveted female role in Hollywood today? Absolutely.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Ryan Gosling and 20 Other Guys Who Could Be Christian Grey

Christian Grey is ridiculously hot, absurdly rich, and 50 shades of f***ed up. In addition to the three favorites, a host of other actors could end up with 2012's most coveted male lead.

Chick Fil A, and the Anti Gay Companies You Would Never Believe You Support With Your Money

Find out which 6 American corporations have been taking your money to support anti-gay causes and organizations. Trust me, you'd be surprised and disgusted.

Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander May Get Friend-Zoned By the Supermodel

Rob Growkowski, Tim Tebow and Blake Griffin have all been rumored to be Kate Upton's boyfriends until the model declares the "we're just good friends" mantra. Is Justin Verlander next?

Twitter Revolution: How the Arab Spring Was Helped By Social Media

It is important to understand that new platforms of social media didn’t cause Arab Spring but played a role of communication that aids the revolutions in the long run.

Sorority Rush Tips: 13 Ways to Get the Bid You Want

Are you gearing up to rush a sorority? This sorority president dishes her tips on how best to tackle the rush beast.

13 Reasons Why the 1990s Were the Best Decade Ever

There are a lot of reasons why the 90s was so awesome and here's a list of 13 things that made it so, like, totally dope.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Ryan Gosling May Star as Christian Grey

With 13 million copies sold in the U.S. alone, E.L. James' spicy S&M story is an economic powerhouse for entrepreneurs cashing in on the addictive tale of Christian and Anna.

11 Things That Suck About America

I wouldn't move to Canada if we fixed these things.

30 Reasons Why People Under 30 Should Not Vote For Obama

If you need further convincing that you shouldn’t vote for President Obama, then read on.

11 Business Leaders That Put Anti Gay Companies Like Chick Fil A to Shame

Here are 11 CEOs and companies who have come out in favor of same sex marriage.

Kim Jong Un Wife is Ri Sol Ju: 10 Other Wives of Famous Dictators

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is officially married to Ri Sol-ju. Here are 10 of the most fascinating wives of famous modern dictators.

Senate Republicans Block Another Jobs Bill, Face Backlash From American Public

Will American citizens hold Republicans accountable for blocking all tax cuts and jobs legislation during a financial crisis?

5 People Who Were Fired for Being Gay, and the 29 States Where That is Still Legal

These are the stories of 5 individuals who lost their jobs due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, even in states where such discrimination has supposedly been banned.

Gay Marriage is Good for the Economy: It Increases Government Revenue and Creates Jobs

Advocates of same-sex marriage can win a lot more support by focusing on the economic benefits of marriage for all couples.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, and 24 Ideal Cast Members

The upcoming film adaptation of the steamy "50 Shades of Grey" novel is already in the works. These are the 24 pairs we would love to watch heating up the screen in the main roles.

Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander Gives GF Kate a Beer (+Video)

Watch the July 6th video in which the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated model seems to sip beer at her new boyfriend’s suite at a Detroit Tigers game.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, and 11 Other Potential Directors

With producers from The Social Network, 50 Shades of Grey may actually be a quality film. Who will direct the movie, and ultimately determine whether it becomes an Academy Award winner?

Ron Paul Will Have 500 Delegates at the RNC: 10 Reasons He Should Speak at the GOP Convention

The GOP would be making a huge mistake if they decide not to let Ron Paul speak at the RNC this August.

Zombie Apocalypse Uncovered: If It Is Not Bath Salts, It Must Be a Government Conspiracy

Three hypotheses on the cause of new summer cannibalism wave. Are we nearing the zombie apocalypse?

Domestic Drones in America: 5 Reasons the FBI Should Use Drones

There are pros and cons relating to the application of drones in the U.S., but we should ultimately allow police to use them.

Mick Jagger Dancing: 9 Ways to Get Moves Like Jagger

Today is Mick Jagger's 69th birthday. Here's a look back at some of the rocker's best moves.

Dark Knight Rises Movie: 5 Problems With the Hans Zimmer Batman Soundtrack

The film score to the Dark Knight Rises has just been released. While some tracks are creative and inspiring, most of Hans Zimmer's soundtrack reflects problems often present in his work.

10 Independence Day Songs You Absolutely Have to Play at Your July 4 BBQ

Here is a list of the essential American songs to play on Independence Day as you're eating your burgers and hot dogs or watching the fireworks on display.

Inside London 2012: Olympic Village Needs More Than 100,000 Condoms

A new book claims that the Olympic Village is more than a place for rest and relaxation for the amped up Olympians.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Sasha Grey is the Only Actress Guys Want As Anastasia Steel

Let’s face it; guys are annoyed by the whole "Fifty Shades of Grey" brouhaha.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis New Song Same Love Takes Homophobia Out of Hip Hop

Following the coming out of hip-hop artist Frank Ocean, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis has released a new rap song to fight for marriage equality. It's awesome.

Batman Shooting: Victim Matt McQuinn Becomes a Hero As He Dies Saving His Girlfriend

Matt McQuinn will certainly be remembered as a hero, and my heart goes out to all those who knew and loved him.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 25 Songs That Should Make the Movie Soundtrack (+Video)

There has been much speculation as to who would be the director and stars of the upcoming film version of E.L. James' controversial book "Fifty Shades of Grey." But what about the soundtrack?

A Modest Proposal to Stop Tipping Bartenders

Why not encourage entrepreneurs to disrupt the bar scene dominated by the overpaid few?

The Weight of Being a (Young and Successful) Black Male

Young, successful black men are in the midst of a crisis that will continue until more black men reach higher levels of success.

South Korea Struggles with Racism Toward Foreigners

A controversial South Korean news segment highlighted the worst of the nation's xenophobia, and struck a chord with a growing ex-pat population forced to face the brunt of it.

10 Best Foreign Films of All-Time

The United States makes some pretty amazing movies, but if Americans would just lose their fear of subtitles they would realize there's a whole world of cinema to explore.

Feminism Lost in Comic Books: Hyper Sexualization of Female Heroes Alienates Women

Women are far too often portrayed in a hyper-sexualized fashion. Many are going outside to mainstream to create comics they enjoy.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: Arie and Jef on The Bachelorette Teach Us 4 Lessons About Modern Love

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess traveled the world in a search for love. Cameras and countless millions followed her every step of the way.

Shit Frat Guys Say: Online Fratstar Jimmy Tatro Shows the Hard Work Behind Instant Success

Fame, charisma, and what a former MIT postdoc and an online fratstar can tell us about success.

5 Best Books To Save the World From Poverty

Want to learn about development? Here are five of the most influential voices and their most significant works.

New Superman Movie: Meet the Cast of Man of Steel

Which names will you recognize and which won't you from the cast of the new Superman movie Man of Steel?

Gay Rights Debate: Being Gay Is a Choice, But It Is Your Choice

People on all sides of this discussion will claim the facts, but the bottom line is we have a choice, and it is only ours to make.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Comes Down to Jef and Arie

The choices have been narrowed down to two: Arie or Jef. Who will it be?

70% of Women Feel Depressed After Looking at a Fashion Magazine For 3 Minutes

Seventeen Magazine's promise to "show real girls as they really are" has the potential to change society's standard's of beauty.

27.3% of Single Parent Households Live in Poverty

Only 6% of married families in America live in poverty yet 29% of single moms and a growing number of our elderly have raise our poverty level to record heights.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick on The Bachelorette: It is Just TV, This Marriage Will Not Last

A "Bachelorette" casting director recently claimed that going on a reality dating show is better than online dating. But there's nothing real about dating on TV.

Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Team: 17 of 24 Advisors Are Bush Neocons

Mixed in with that decidedly neoconservative crowd are a number of very thoughtful and moderate voices. But which group he is actually listening to?

Batman Shooting: Assault Weapons Ban Would Not Have Stopped James Eagan Holmes

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban was a wreck. Sadly, renewing it in '04 wouldn't have prevented Aurora's tragedy.

Minka Kelly XXX Video May Not Make Her Sasha Grey

Will this hurt or help her chances of being cast as Jackie Kennedy in Lee Daniel’s upcoming JFK biopic “The Butler”?

50 Shades of Grey Movie: William Levy Could Be a Latino Christian Grey

As speculation about the cast of “Fifty Shades of Grey” the movie mounts, more male stars are volunteering for the leading role. But, can Christian Grey be played by a Latino?

Happy Independence Day: How 15 Different Countries Celebrate Their Independence

The U.S. isn't the only country to celebrate its independence with a bang. Here are 15 countries from around the world that honor liberty with festivals, music, and more.

SpaceX Spends 320 Times Less on Building the Dragon Than NASA Does on the Orion

Comparing NASA's Orion program to SpaceX's Dragon gives an illuminating example of why the agency should look at updating its policies.

ADHD Is a Fake Disorder Designed To Excuse Bullying and Recklessness

Those diagnosed with an alleged disorder have been given a "Get Out of Trouble Free" card.

London Olympics 2012: Meet the 14 Youngest Athletes Representing the USA

This year millennials are a key players on the U.S Olympic team. Meet the youngest Americans competing for the USA in London.

Obamacare Protects the Free Market: Why Repealing It Would Mean a Return to Socialism

Is the Affordable Care Act socialist?

Maroon 5 Adam Levine is Overexposed, Just Like the Title of His New Album

“My face is on buses and it’s weird,” said Maroon 5's Adam Levine. He said the words before anyone else had to, his celebrity status and new album simply “expose” him even further.

32 Mantras to Live by Post College

The most valuable things I've learned in my 20s.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 5 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With Christian Grey

Christian Grey, the main character of E.L. James’ book – and upcoming movie – “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a sadist abuser. Why do women seem to love him?

Texas Runoff Election Results: Ted Cruz Wins, May Spark Summer of Tea Party Upsets

Despite a 10 percent deficit at the late May election and no political campaigning experience, Cruz is going to pull this one out.

Special Ops U.S. Commandos Found Dead in Mali With Moroccan Prostitutes

News of 3 US military members killed in Mali -- a country we officially exited from -- and then recovered with the bodies of 3 prostitutes underscores the connection of invisibility and character

10 Reasons Obama Will Lose in November

All signs point to a Romney victory in 2012.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Mila Kunis, Not Emma Watson, Should Be Cast as Anastasia Steel

Anastasia Steel is not only innocent, but also irresistibly curious about fulfilling her darkest fantasies. Mila Kunis was born to play this role.

Poverty Rate in US is Soaring: 7 Ways to Reverse This Trend

Economists predict that this year's American poverty rate will reach its highest level since 1965. We must address the poverty crisis now, and we can start with these 7 steps.

My $60,000 Ivy League Degree Was Just a Pyramid Scheme

It’s two months after graduation. I have an Ivy League master's degree, but I certainly don't feel $60,000 smarter.

America's Got Talent Winners: Aurora Light Painters and Turf Are Top Contestants to Watch

On the popular talent show 'America's Got Talent', a few contestants shine brighter than than others.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling Should Not Play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

Is the steamy '50 Shades of Grey' too hot for the big screen?

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Michael Fassbender, Not Ryan Gosling, Should Be Cast as Christian Grey

The Academy Award-nominated performance as Brandon, the New York City sex addict in Steve McQueen’s 2011 British drama “Shame,” is Fassbender’s best audition for the role.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Finale Will Have a Happy Ending

Poor Emily Maynard will no longer have to suffer through life with her wonderful family, huge house, and beautiful looks -- tonight, she will get a husband and finally know happiness.

Batman Shooting: Mike Huckabee Blames Shooting on Lack of Religion in Schools

The former governor of Arkansas blames the recent shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on lack of religion in schools and communities.

London Olympics 2012: Year of the Arab Woman Athlete

Despite Saudi Arabia’s announcement to allow women on their Olympic team, no one expects very many women from the Arab world to participate, let alone compete. Here’s setting the record straight.

Scientology Is Insane and So Is Tom Cruise (PHOTOS)

The craziness of Scientology knows no bounds.

Sexual Orientation is Just an Excuse for Immoral Behavior

It is most unfair that the term “orientation” has simply been used in association with sexuality, and has not been applied to other lifestyles that are believed to have genetic influences.

Dark Knight Rises Review: 5 Reasons Why It Was the Worst Batman Movie Yet

After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I left thoroughly disappointed. Here are 5 reasons why this was the worst Batman movie yet.

Robert Pattinson Fans Make Kristen Stewart Death Threats Via Twitter

Kristen Stewart is receiving unwarranted death threats because of cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

FBI: Drug Cartels Use Bank of America to Launder Money

An FBI affidavit reveals that Mexican cocaine-trafficking cartel, Los Zetas, were laundering money into the US using Bank of America accounts.

Army Suicides: The Most Alarming and Tragically Hidden Secret in America

"Army Strong" isn't just a brand, it's a way of life (and death).

Batman Shooting: Westboro Baptist Church Must Be Stopped From Picketing Funerals of Aurora Shooting Victims

The hate group is planning on desecrating the funeral of victims of the Aurora movie theater shooting, and Colorado legislators must pass emergency measures to preventing them from doing so.

James Eagan Holmes The Joker Copycat Planned on Blowing Up Community in Maryland

Disgruntled Neil Prescott planned to carry out a workplace massacre. When police investigated reports of menacing behavior, they found more than 25 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Bath Salts Drug Crackdown: DEA Confiscates $36M Worth of Zombie Apocalypse Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Agency executed 17 search warrants in the Phoenix, Arizona, area as part of a national crackdown on bath salts.

Opening Ceremony London 2012 Olympics: South African Runner Caster Semenya Faces Sex Testing

Gender verification has been a disputed issue for years in elite performance sports. Simply put: if you're born with it, you deserve to show it off.

James Eagan Holmes Psychiatrist, Not Politicians, Could Have Prevented Aurora Tragedy

Thirteen people could still be alive, and 59 uninjured, if James Holmes' university therapist had called authorities and requested that they visit his apartment to investigate a threat.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna: Rap Wars Should Just Be Lyric Battles

Rap battles have been going on for decades, most recently seen in the Chris Brown and Drake feud. If only these battles could stay as rhyme-spitting lyric wars, they'd be far less lethal.

Domestic Violence Statistics: 70% of Cases Go Unreported

A "Beauty Guru's" powerful YouTube video is spreading the message to speak out against domestic violence as part of the "Don't Cover It Up Campaign."

Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl: 19 Most Outrageous Celebrity Baby Names

Kourtney Kardashian's baby girl is named Penelope. Not every celebrity has played it so safe.

Carly Rae Jepsen Sex Tape: XXX Scandal is the Oldest Trick in the Book

By now, sex tapes and pictures (real or fake) are a fairly standard practice by the entertainment industry to promote unknown and talentless starlets.

Ron Paul is the Best Option in Election 2012

The Liberty movement abandons the perpetual warfare state and immoral financial system that threatens the future of all Americans.

The Bachelorette: Are Emily Maynard, Jef Holms, and Sean Lowe Capable of Having a Normal Conversation?

In real dates, people don't exclusively talk about love and romance. Here's a look at what "The Bachelorette" would be like if the contestants discussed more spontaneous topics.

Direct TV vs. Viacom Drama: How Viacom Used The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to Unite Cable and Satellite

It is now day four of the Viacom/DirectTV epic drama over your wallet, and guess who might end up saving the day.

Kate Upton Fat Controversy: Model Shows Off a Positive Body Image For All Women

A new survey revealed that 7 out of 10 women think that they're fat, at least three times a day. And, unlike other models, healthy-looking Kate Upton is a positive role model for women.

Huma Abedin: The Newest Political Superstar, Despite Michele Bachmann Attacks

Huma Abedin, who has faced false accusations of links to Muslim extremists, is coming into the light as America's next rising star politician.

How Ron Paul Has Actually Changed the Course of History

What the Ron Paul Revolution has accomplished is of greater consequence to the course of history than any of the empty promises offered by Romney or Obama.

Republicans Will Win the Majority Back in the Senate in the 2012 Elections

Polls show the GOP is just 1 seat away from locking a 51 seat Senate majority in November. Meanwhile, Majority Leader Reid continues to block bipartisan legislation from being called for a vote.

Opening Ceremony London 2012: NBC Hosts Ryan Seacrest and Savannah Guthrie Make for Great Duo

NBC has chosen Savannah Guthrie and Ryan Seacrest as hosts for the London 2012 Olympics. These two personalities will dominate as co-hosts with their genuine zeal and flair.

Opening Ceremony London 2012: Why Nick Symmonds, And Other Olympians, Deserve Individual Sponsorship

The Olympics have come a long way since the days of amateurism, but with $6 billion being exchanged at the 2012 London Games, Olympic athletes are not getting their fair share.

Ted Cruz Election Results: Why David Dewhurst Lost in the Texas GOP Runoff

Tea Party vs. Establishment, Conservative vs. RINO, Washington D.C. vs. Texas, businessman vs. lawyer. But what's the real reason Ted Cruz is about to take down the GOP establishment candidate?

This is Why Netflix and Hulu Will Eventually Kill Cable Television

Netflix is the 15th most-watched 'TV channel' in the U.S., only 4 million viewers shy of Comcast, with a cost ten times lower, and zero commercial interruptions.

ESPN Body Issue 2012: Tyson Chandler and the 11 Sexiest Americans in Olympics 2012

Just recently, ESPN The Magazine released its "Body Issue," which featured 27 fully naked athletes, eleven of which are heading to London. Who are these American specimens? See the pictures here.

4 Most Important Civil Rights Leaders of Today

In honor of Nelson Mandela, here are four other Nobel-winning activists who are still alive today, and the accomplishments they’ve made for peace and equality worldwide.

Emma Watson Grows Up: How the Young Actress Went from Hermione Granger to Hollywood It Girl

Emma Watson, starring in 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' and 'Noah', is an icon for the women of our generation.

7 Best Justin Bieber Duets of All Time

MTV has just recently reported that Carly Rae Jepsen's new album, set to release in September, will feature a duet with Justin Bieber. What are JB's best collaborations ever?