Transnational Drug Trafficking and Crime Impedes Sustainable Development

Illicit drug trafficking and organized crime are a huge threat to international peace and security. These issues also prevent us from achieving sustainable development around the world.

Technological Automation is Not the Cause of Our Chronic Unemployment Problem

Fears that robots will put us all out of work are unfounded. The causes of long term unemployment have nothing to do with technological automation.

Why Bill Maher Will Make You Laugh, but Rush Limbaugh Will Not

Is there really a difference between these two? Some people can see one - some can't

Euro 2012: Mario Balotelli, Racially Bashed, Could Have the Last Laugh at UEFA 2012

Meet Mario Balotelli the Italian player who, after being racially bashed at the beginning of Euro 2012, sent favorite Germany home and may snatch the title from the Spanish this Sunday.

Texas Republicans 2012 Platform Opposes Critical Thinking and Supports Corporal Punishment

The Texas GOP's new 2012 party platform stifles public education and freedom of thought.

Colorado Springs Wildfire Proves Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored

The energy, focus, and coordination that have been devoted to combatting fires should be transferred to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Tour de France 2012: Bradley Wiggins, Cadel Evans, Levi Leipheimer, and the Top Contenders to Watch This Year

The Tour de France 2012 has begun! Follow Bradley Wiggins, Cadel Evans, Levi Leipheimer, and other top contenders who will ride for the title over the next three weeks.

Elecciones 2012 Mexico Resultados: Enrique Peña Nieto Gran Favorito Para Derrotar a Manuel López Obrador

Siga las elecciones presidenciales mexicanas paso a paso en nuestro blog.

Euro 2012 Final Results: Spain vs Italy, Will Super Mario Brothers Balotelli and Buffon Defeat Iniesta, Alonso and Fabregas?

Spain defeats Italy 4-0, at the Euro 2012 Final, to become UEFA 2012's champions.

Mexico Presidential Elections 2012: Pena Nieto or Lopez Obrador Will Inherit a Fiscally Sound Mexico, Thanks to the Policies of Felipe Calderon

With an expanding economy, a solid manufacturing base and sound fiscal policies, the newly elected president will inherit a Mexico that is ready to play a global leading role.

Instagram and Amazon Crash: What Happens to the Networks When They Blackout

Amazon's most recent outage highlights numerous challenges with cloud services. Before looking at a 'cloud' solution, let's look at how networking actually works.

Cory Booker Teams Up to Build a News Site for Young People

The Newark mayor will launch #waywire later this summer, with the help of Lady Gaga's business manager Troy Carter, co-founder of Ustream John Ham, and Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt.