50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson and 21 Girls Who Could be Anastasia Steele

Anastasia Steele is a young college-aged beauty with a boyfriend who is into some wild stuff. Could this be the most coveted female role in Hollywood today? Absolutely.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick on The Bachelorette: It is Just TV, This Marriage Will Not Last

A "Bachelorette" casting director recently claimed that going on a reality dating show is better than online dating. But there's nothing real about dating on TV.

32 Mantras to Live by Post College

The most valuable things I've learned in my 20s.

Special Ops U.S. Commandos Found Dead in Mali With Moroccan Prostitutes

News of 3 US military members killed in Mali -- a country we officially exited from -- and then recovered with the bodies of 3 prostitutes underscores the connection of invisibility and character

America's Got Talent Winners: Aurora Light Painters and Turf Are Top Contestants to Watch

On the popular talent show 'America's Got Talent', a few contestants shine brighter than than others.

Nikki Haley VP 2012: South Carolina Governor is At War With the Arts, Unfit for Veep

I want to like Nikki Haley. She’s the American Dream, if ever there were one. But her slashes to state arts budget are inexcusable, and show why she should not be VP.

Halo Movie Revealed: Chris Hemsworth Would Be Master Chief in Film Version of Halo

Based on the popular sci-fi video game starring Master Chief, this movie would epic.

Marijuana is Not Considered a Drug By Many People

Smoking pot has become more socially accepted as medical marijuana use has increased, and young people don't see weed as a hard drug. However, it all depends on how moderate smokers are.

Google Joins Frank Ocean, Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

Just like Frank Ocean and Anderson Cooper, tech giant Google is coming out, now with its global pro-LGBT campaign "Legalize Love."

90% of Teen Girls Have Dieted, Or Tried To: That's Why Seventeen Will Use Unedited Photos

Seventeen is publishing unedited photographs to help with girls' body image.

50 Shades of Grey Movie and Musical Now a Reality

50 Shades of Grey has become a musical. And it has some pretty hilarious insights on the types of people who love the book.

HBO Show The Newsroom: What We Like and Dislike About the Aaron Sorkin Political Drama (+Full Episode)

After three episodes of "The Newsroom," Aaron Sorkin's latest HBO drama, what is the verdict?

Mexico Drug Wars Will Not End With Legalizing Marijuana or Cracking Down on Mexico Cartels

The best way for the U.S. to fight the drug war in Mexico is to cut U.S. demand for drugs by supporting small businesses.

Ratko Mladic Trial at ICC Exposes Flaws of International Justice

Critics of international justice point to the inaction of the ICC and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Both courts are slow, biased, and compromised

George Washington Was Not A King, So Stop Treating Him Like One

Respecting their accomplishments and considering their views is one thing, but America has turned the Founding Fathers into royalty.

Serena Williams and 7 Female Athletes Who Are Dominating Women's Sports At Age 30+

Aging is not a welcome trend, especially for athletes, but here's a list of some female athletes who are 30+ and are still going strong.

MLB All-Star Game Preview: 4 Things To Watch Out For

Before 2003, the MLB All-Star Game was just a showcase of baseball's best. Now, it determines home field advantage in the World Series. Here are 4 things to look out for tonight in the game.

Youth Unemployment Crisis: 2.7 Million Youth Jobs Lost in America Due to Great Recession

The economy is missing 2.7 million youth jobs that would exist had the recession never occurred. That is enough young people to fill the entire city of Chicago.

Indian Government Proves Itself Inept With Aviation Ministry Woes

Current woes of the aviation industry exemplify governance in India today; when it comes to addressing urgent political and social issues, the government renders itself inept on most occasions.

Why Music Festivals and Dating Just Don't Work in New York

In dating and in concert going, New Yorkers are in need of an unsolicited one word piece of advice: commit!

Student Loan Debt Will Only Continue to Be An Issue in 2012

Though Congress kept interest on federal loans from doubling, other benefits such as the Grace Period and subsidized graduate loans have been eliminated to fund potentially unsuccessful programs.

Middle Class Are the Real Victims of Class Warfare

While the Republicans continue to accuse President Obama of waging class warfare against the rich, middle class citizens are the true victims.

Obama Tax Cut Proposal Puts Romney In No-Win Situation

With the right timing, President Obama has forced Mitt Romney into a potential lose-lose situation in the eyes of the public.

Elizabeth Warren Fundraising Strong Despite Native American Gaffe

Elizabeth Warren has weathered an identity storm as Scott Brown carpet bombed the airwaves about her claims of Indian ancestry.