50 Shades of Grey Movie: Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, and 11 Other Potential Directors

With producers from The Social Network, 50 Shades of Grey may actually be a quality film. Who will direct the movie, and ultimately determine whether it becomes an Academy Award winner?

Domestic Drones in America: 5 Reasons the FBI Should Use Drones

There are pros and cons relating to the application of drones in the U.S., but we should ultimately allow police to use them.

70% of Women Feel Depressed After Looking at a Fashion Magazine For 3 Minutes

Seventeen Magazine's promise to "show real girls as they really are" has the potential to change society's standard's of beauty.

FBI: Drug Cartels Use Bank of America to Launder Money

An FBI affidavit reveals that Mexican cocaine-trafficking cartel, Los Zetas, were laundering money into the US using Bank of America accounts.

Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl: 19 Most Outrageous Celebrity Baby Names

Kourtney Kardashian's baby girl is named Penelope. Not every celebrity has played it so safe.

FB Privacy Settings Scandal: New Site Outs Your Worst Facebook Posts to Teach You a Lesson

We are the youngest millennials, the real Facebook Generation. And we control our profiles, instead of the other way around.

Ron Paul is the Dark Knight of Election 2012, Obama is Bane

The Dark Knight meets Election 2012: I have recasted The Dark Knight Rises, assigning each presidential candidate to a character in the film.

An Open Letter to Daniel Tosh and People Who Still Think Rape Jokes Are Funny

Comedian Daniel Tosh recently went viral courtesy of a brave individual blogging about how he jokingly invited audience members to gang-rape her during his sketch. No one is laughing.

The Reason Why US Colleges Are Failing in Math and Science

Studies have found that roughly 40% of students planning STEM majors end up switching to other subjects or failing to get any degree at all. How can this be?

Netflix and Hulu: 6 Reasons Why Cable Went Up and DirectTV Took MTV Down

Why does your cable bill keep going up? A look behind the decision to hike your bill.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Mexico Drugs Cartels, Egyptian Revolution, and the Brave Journalists Who Cover Them

Two films examine the obstacles journalists face in reporting the truth.

Barack Obama Desperate for Money After Romney Raises $106 Million in June

President Obama's plea to fundraisers in the wake of Romney's huge June haul overlooks the role his 2008 campaign decision that fueled his shortfall.

New York City High School Cheating Scandal Sparks Fears That Facebook Can Be Used to Cheat

A cheating scandal rocks a prestigious New York high school.

House Republicans Vote to End Obamacare

Live updates on today's House action on repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

13 of the Best Twitter Reactions to Romney Being Booed at the NAACP Convention

On Wednesday morning, Romney visited the annual NAACP convention, where he was promptly booed off stage.

Romney Would Be the First US President With a Swiss Bank Account: Let That Sink In

Romney’s offshore accounts are both more politically relevant than his other pecuniary concerns and potentially more damaging. He must answer for them.

Bobby Jindal Vice President 2012: Louisiana Gov. Would Be a Disaster for Mitt Romney

During his tenure as Louisiana governor, Jindal signed the Louisiana Science Education Act, to allow the teaching of creationism in public school. This shows he's unfit for VP.

Taxmageddon: The Real 2012 Doomsday Event

Forget the Mayan prophecy. At the end of 2012, everyone's taxes are going sky-high. On top of Obamacare's taxes, this will be the largest tax hike in U.S. history. Find out how much you will pay.

Ron Paul VP 2012: Pros and Cons For Ron Paul Nation

Would Paul be the right candidate for Romney to carry to the libertarian and Independent vote? Or is Paul too controversial for Romney supporters to believe in?

Facebook and Your Health: Excessive FB Use Will Not Make You More Depressed

Does all that time you spend on Facebook put you at risk for depression? No, says a new study.

Ron Paul Makes Last Stand at Nebraska GOP Convention

Ron Paul's supporters are hanging their hopes on Saturday's GOP convention in Nebraska, but ultimately what happens there is irrelevant.

London Olympics Guide 2012: How to Survive the Tube This Summer

With the 2012 Summer Olympics fast approaching, really get ahead of the games by familiarizing yourself with some one of the unspoken rules of London's transportation system.

9 Ways to Make Baseball a Better Game

Nine ways to make the game quicker, less expensive, and better all-around.

London Pride 2012 Leaves LGBTs Asking If Gay Pride Parades Have Lost All Meaning

This year's London Gay Pride was met with disaster after disaster. As a result I'm left with questioning its relevance. What do you think? Has Gay Pride lost its meaning?

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: CNN Partnership Could Be Great For Business

Facebook and CNN have joined forces to launch a new app that will gather survey users opinions during the 2012 presidential election.

4D Movies: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

CJ Group of South Korea is working to furnish nearly 200 4D movie theatres in the U.S., and it has potential to be the next big thing here in the United States.

90% of Teen Girls Have Tried Dieting — And That's a Good Thing in the Obesity Battle

Let's think less about young women's feelings, and more about their clogged arteries. If you aren't on a diet right now, you should start one.

Kate Upton is As Fat As Barack Obama is Muslim

Famed model and blond beauty Kate Upton has faced recent scrutiny by the blog Skinny Gossip, which accuses her of being a fat "piggie." Do women have the authority to scrutinize other women?

New Breastfeeding Reality Show Is Unnecessary and Unfeminist

How long a woman will choose to nurse her child should be a conversation between her and her child’s pediatrician, not something the blogosphere gets to debate.

Hezbollah Faces Many Challenges in Lebanon, But War With Israel Could Bring it Back to Life

Hezbollah is losing its iron grip of power in Southern Lebanon amidst sectarian strife, but people would set their differences aside if there's another war with Israel.

Thomas Lubanga Conviction Will Not Lead African Warlords to Give Up Their Child Soldiers

Thomas Lubanga was sentenced to 14 years in prison for enlisting child soldiers during Congo’s many overlapping wars. Don't expect active warlords to release their enlisted child soldiers.

Obama Half-Brother Attacks President in New Anti-Obama Election 2012 Documentary

President Obama's youngest half-brother, George Obama, makes his film debut in a controversial new documentary that is very critical of the president.

Didier Deschamps is Perfect Coach to Reign in French Soccer Team

Didier Deschamps was named manager of France's soccer team this weekend, and he is the only man capable of restoring the team's image and success.

First Gay Pride Rainbow Oreo, Now Google: US Companies Stand Up For LGBT Rights

On Monday, Google launched “Legalize Love,” a global campaign which, despite the assumptions of many Internet articles and users, will not push for worldwide legalization of gay marriage.

Britain Passes Reform of House of Lords, But Now Stands in Limbo

A scheduled vote yesterday to drastically reform the UK's upper house of government has ignited internal power struggles within the government.

Democratic Spies: Campaign Staffers Cross the Line by Stalking GOP Opponents

Democratic congressional campaign staffers have chosen to take the tactic of campaign tracking to a whole new level that crosses the lines of privacy and decency.

Egypt Democracy Under Muslim Brotherhood Proving to Be Messy and Chaotic

On Tuesday, the disbanded People’s Assembly met for a grand total of five minutes, in defiance of the Supreme Constitutional Court. The fight for institutional power is on.

With Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight Behind Him, Chris Brown New Album Hits Top of Billboard 200

With his Fortune album debuting at No. 1, Chris Brown exploits America's obsession with comeback stories.

Mayor Bloomberg Donates $50 Million to Family Planning, A Victory for Women Worldwide

Mayor Bloomberg just announced that Bloomberg Philanthropies will be making a $50 million donation towards the Global Family Planning Initiative, in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Confessions of a Korean English Teacher: All-Girls Schools Work

What happens when a high school goes from all-girls to co-ed, in unusually convenient social experiment conditions? At one high school in Korea, the impact is predictable and unfortunate.

Assassins Creed Movie: 7 Video Games That Will Also Become Hollywood Hits

Michael Fassbender will play Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the cinemtographic version of the video game. Which other stars could play star in video game movies?

Blacks Will Vote For Obama Despite Gay Marriage Stance

For generations, African-Americans have leaned on God's Word to raise their families. Since President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, some are behind him while others aren't.

Ted Nugent: American Government is Socialist

The controversial musician, who got a visit from the Secret Service for suggesting the beheading of President Obama, now wishes the Confederates had won the Civil War.

Congo Has Reason to Celebrate After Child Soldier Warlord Receives 14 Year Prison Sentence

Lubanga’s sentence is a step in the right direction. The sentence is undoubtedly a historic moment for international justice movement and the ICC more specifically.

Chris Christie VP Odds Slim After Jersey Shore Confrontation

While initially some of New Jersey governor's Snooki-style confrontations were fun to watch, lately they feel predictable and boring; kind of like a rerun of a 2009 episode of 'Jersey Shore.'

Even Ross Levinsohn May Not Be Able to Save Yahoo

Barring any surprising news, Levinsohn will become Yahoo’s fifth CEO since 2008. Will he be able to make Yahoo relevant again?

Jobs Numbers at 8.2% Unemployment Proves Obama Has No Clue How to Grow Economy

Though the president thinks his policies are trending America "in the right direction," dismal economic data contradicts Barack Obama's claims.

Mitt Romney VP Scandal: Tim Pawlenty Accepted $54K in Cash Payments As Governor, Worked for Phone Company Involved in Fraud

Before he became Governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty earned $4,500 per month as a consultant to a NewTel Holdings subsidiary which defrauded thousands of customers in seven states.

Why Getting Everything You Want as a 22-Year-Old Can Also Be a Struggle

If we spend a moment thinking about something other than financial earnings, Cotter’s “Struggle” raises an interesting question about our development as individuals.

US Olympic Team 2012 Deserves More Gold Medals Than Any Other Country

How many people do you personally know who are current or former Olympians? Not many, right? From America? Even less. That's why Nike calls the U.S. Olympic Team, "The Hardest Team to Make."

7-11 Free Slurpee Day 2012: What the Rise and Fall of the Slurpee Says About America vs. China

On its 85th birthday, 7-11 is giving away free slurpees, but while the company is on the rise in Asia, Americans are no longer flocking to the country's most famous convenience store.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review: Fans Hate the Game Despite Massive Sales

By unfairly judging the latest installment in the series, gamers have demonstrated just how misplaced their criticism often is.

African Warlord Thomas Lubanga Trial Will Not Solve Human Rights Problems in Congo

On Tuesday, the ICC convicted Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga for conscripting child soldiers. But the trial will not solve the systemic problems in Congo and other regions in Africa.

Rob Portman For VP 2012 Would Be a Safe Pick, But Could Make Romney Sorry

Many see Rob Portman as Mitt Romney's safe pick for VP. But Portman seemingly lacks the charisma the GOP needs to push it over the top in November.

Aaron Sorkin The Newsroom Review: 4 Lessons Millennials Teach Us

In this new show by HBO, there are lots that millennials can teach their older bosses, and one another, about leadership and management.