Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander May Get Friend-Zoned By the Supermodel

Rob Growkowski, Tim Tebow and Blake Griffin have all been rumored to be Kate Upton's boyfriends until the model declares the "we're just good friends" mantra. Is Justin Verlander next?

Dark Knight Rises Movie: 5 Problems With the Hans Zimmer Batman Soundtrack

The film score to the Dark Knight Rises has just been released. While some tracks are creative and inspiring, most of Hans Zimmer's soundtrack reflects problems often present in his work.

5 Best Books To Save the World From Poverty

Want to learn about development? Here are five of the most influential voices and their most significant works.

Domestic Violence Statistics: 70% of Cases Go Unreported

A "Beauty Guru's" powerful YouTube video is spreading the message to speak out against domestic violence as part of the "Don't Cover It Up Campaign."

ESPN Body Issue 2012: Tyson Chandler and the 11 Sexiest Americans in Olympics 2012

Just recently, ESPN The Magazine released its "Body Issue," which featured 27 fully naked athletes, eleven of which are heading to London. Who are these American specimens? See the pictures here.

Apple Rumors: Siri Could Be Tweaked for iPhone 5

New studies show Siri is seriously flawed in comparison to other personal assistant tools, such as Google Now. Will Apple fix Siri in time for the iPhone 5?

Ron Paul Would Get the Jokers Vote in 2012, Batman Would Vote For Mitt Romney

If Gotham is symbolic of today's society, than who would each of the characters vote for in the upcoming presidential election?

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal 2012: Government is Just on a Witch Hunt

Lance Armstrong's most recent attempt to push back against federal prosecutors was dismissed, but it helps prove the hypocrisy of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Dark Knight Rises Movie: Why Occupy Wall Street Will Be Featured in the Batman Film

The Dark Knight Rises will show Americans what our deepest angst is in 2012.

Bloomberg Soda Ban Will Help Fight Obesity Crisis

Detractors of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed soda ban are crying for their freedom. What they don't realize--and the soda industry helps them forget--is that freedom has a price.

Koch Brothers Support of Mitt Romney Helps Pervert Electoral Process

Special interests increasingly have presidential candidates at their beck and call, but can money really taint elections?

Tim Pawlenty VP Odds Low: Romney Will Look to Rubio, Santorum, and others

While Tim Pawlenty offers many benefits to the Romney campaign, Romney would be better off playing the numbers game and nominating a swing state VP

Iron Man 3, Halo 4, and a Complete List of Comic Con 2012 Events

For all those who find the sheer amount of content at Comic-Con too overwhelming, here is a condensed list of the notable presences this year.

Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary: The Beatles, The Beach Boys and the 8 Most Influential Bands of the 1960's

The Rolling Stones, known for bringing the "edge" back to rock 'n' roll, turned 50 on Thursday. What are the other 8 most influential bands in rock history?

Romney Flip Flops On Health Care, Opposes Very Plan That He Proposed

Romney Mitt Flopped on every health care policy he ever promoted and passed. On Wednesday, he was booed on stage while calling for the repeal of a law his team created.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Game of Thrones, Resident Evil — Your Comic Con Update

Thursday's midday update for the San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Gas Prices Summer 2012: Why the Price of Gas is Lower Than Usual

Unlike previous years, gasoline prices are falling across the United States in the summer of 2012, yet there is no one simple reason for the decline in what you pay at the pump.

Outsourcing Problem Was Not Created By Obama

President Obama was given a taste of his own medicine as the GOP blasted him on his outsourcing record, but the fact is that neither Obama or Romney are directly responsible for outsourcing.

E-books Are the Future of Art: How Paperless Publishing is Creating a New Art Form

E-books and paperless publishing may represent an accessible new art form.

Anthony Bourdain New Show Will Be Latest Cooking Hit

ABC has announced their new cooking show 'The Taste', to be hosted by Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson. Do we really need another hour-long reality cooking experience? Absolutely.

Who Will Emily Maynard Pick: How Single Mom Emily Maynard Promotes Conservative Values in The Bachelorette

Single mom Emily Maynard hasn't slept yet with any of her suitors in one of most vanilla seasons of "The Bachelorette." Has social conservatism taken over reality television?

Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Hold No Power in Egypt

President Morsi is trying to wrestle any bit of power he can out of the military’s hands and bring it under the government’s authority, but the military has no interest in this game.

London 2012 Results: Pole Dancing Might be the Next Olympic Sport

Which major sporting event will be taking place in London next week? The correct answer, believe it or not, is the first ever World Pole Sports Championship.

London Olympics 2012: Gymnastics Team USA Has Best Female Athletes in the World

Women's gymnastics is a sport that defies gravity and human limitations. The all-around winner should be be crowned "World's Greatest Female Athlete."

Arrested Development Season 4: Ron Howard and Jason Bateman Confirm Straight-to-Netflix Rumors

It's really happening this time. Isn't it? Ron Howard and Jason Bateman add gasoline to the 'Arrested Development' Netflix rumor fire.

Obama Has Lost His Edge: Americans Are Over the Obama Image in 2012

“The Obama Effect,” premiering this Friday, satirically and comically critiques how some throw their support behind Obama based on the image he projects.

2012 ESPYs Biggest Losers: LeBron James Wins 3, Roger Federer Loses to Novak Djokovic

Here are the 5 biggest upsets from the the 20th ESPY Awards.

Hunger Games Movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman Joins Star Cast

Hoffman will play opposite to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson, as the gamemaker and orchestrator of the 75th annual Hunger Games.

Katie Holmes Divorce Was No Accident

Katie Holmes became famous after her marriage to Hollywood icon Tom Cruise, and she is now joining a long list of celebs who get even more famous thanks to her divorce.

Euro Crisis in Spain Will Not Be Solved By Austerity

The new austerity measures in Spain and the corresponding outcry should prompt the United States to rethink our own austerity driven economic policies.

Paul Ryan VP 2012: Buzz Growing as Romney Decision Nears

As the discussion over who Romney will pick as his VP heats up, what is the likelihood of a Romney/Paul Ryan ticket? What would the Ayn Rand disciple and 'Ryan Plan' creator as VP really mean?

DirecTV and Viacom Battle: How the Channel Black Out Will Affect You

You want your MTV? If you’re a DirectTV customer you're out of luck at the moment.

TSA Pat Downs and Privacy Policies Are Illegal

Defying the court, the TSA has not satisfied public concerns about privacy, about costs and delays, security weaknesses, and the potential health effects of these machines.

The Newest Epidemic in Africa: Obstetric Fistula

World leaders should do more to help the 3.5 million women with obstetric fistula

Disney Characters Perform for North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un recently held a performance that featured Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and other Disney characters. While some see Disney as a positive influence, we forget how similar they are.

Frank Ocean Channel Orange Album: Why Target Banned It From Stores

Frank Ocean's debut album "Channel Orange" is nothing short of the reinvention of R&B music into the 21st century and the next. But they wouldn't know that at Target.

Ron Paul and Millennials Agree On Key Libertarian Issues

Libertarianism is here, it’s not going away, and it will be Millennials who bring its noble ideas into a new political mainstream.

Dark Knight Rises Movie: High School Physics Says Batman Could Never Exist

What if I told you that the physics behind Batman does not add up?

Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That? Jesse Bering Answers the Biggest Questions About Life

Last week, a book on everything from pedophilia and podophilia to religion and suicide hit stores. It could help knock some sense into this childish country. It has, unfortunately, one big flaw.

House Republicans Just Trying to Cover Their Political Butts With Obamacare Repeal

Today’s vote will simply be the 31st act in the Obamacare play that is the core of the House GOP’s ongoing political theatre.

Super PAC Money Will Not Matter in Obama and Romney 2012 Race

All the money in the world can't salvage a bad track record.

Happy Birthday Bill Cosby: The 15 Wackiest Sweaters from Heathcliff Huxtable

Bill Cosby is known for many things, including his insane sweaters.

Wonder Clock iPhone App Helps Women Countdown To Reproductive Armageddon

The Wonder Clock app is a great way to transfer $1.99 to app designer Mira Kaddoura, while reminding women "how much time they have left" to have children.

Millennials, Prepare For Battle: How War Profiteers Are Sneakily Pushing for a Military Draft

The New York Times publishes an article entitled "Lets Draft Our Kids," written by a war profiteer.

Magic Mike the Musical: Chris Brown and Four Other Favorites To Star on Broadway

It was recently announced that Magic Mike is in the early stages of becoming a Broadway play. Who should be cast for the stripper roles if the play premiered tomorrow?

America is Worse Off Than it Used to Be, Trust Me

Americans are misbehaving more often every year.

Obama Tax Cut Plan is Patriotic and a Win-Win For Both Parties

Taxation is an obligation that we owe to each other and our country.

What is Obamacare: 5 Ways Millennials Can Better Understand Health Care

How will voters in our generation make the right decision about the ACA in November if they don’t know anything about the bill? Here are five ways we can get help.

Obama Immigration Reform: The Past Can Provide the Answer

Illegal immigration is one of the leading issues of the upcoming Presidential election. How the issue has been dealt with in the past could provide insight in how to address it now.

Mitt Romney Impersonated Police Officers: Yet Another Reason to be Creeped Out by Him

Mitt Romney has been known for flip-flopping and being a bully in high school. A new side of Romney has emerged as stories surface that he used to impersonate a police officer to scare people.

Facebook May Charge You For Posting Updates: This Could Be the End of Free Facebook

Facebook is trying "promoted posts and updates" as part of its monetization plan. Is this the beginning of the end of Facebook as a free service?

Louie Season 3 Review: Men Are Pathetic

Louis CK to America: "Men are pathetic."

John Thune Has What It Takes to Be Romney VP Pick

While John Thune says he’s not pursuing the opportunity, he also doesn’t deny his availability.

Kanye West and Ted Nugent Are Idiots: 5 Reasons Why Politics and Music Do Not Mix

Five reasons why you shouldn't care what musicians think about politics.

House Republicans Vote to Repeal Affordable Care, But Have No Plan of Their Own

Romney and the Republicans swear that they will "repeal and replace" Obama's health care law. But replace...with what?

Chinese Government Crackdown on Facebook and Twitter is Smart

How has the internet revolutionized the way China formulates its policies?