50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, and 24 Ideal Cast Members

The upcoming film adaptation of the steamy "50 Shades of Grey" novel is already in the works. These are the 24 pairs we would love to watch heating up the screen in the main roles.

Inside London 2012: Olympic Village Needs More Than 100,000 Condoms

A new book claims that the Olympic Village is more than a place for rest and relaxation for the amped up Olympians.

South Korea Struggles with Racism Toward Foreigners

A controversial South Korean news segment highlighted the worst of the nation's xenophobia, and struck a chord with a growing ex-pat population forced to face the brunt of it.

Scientology Is Not Only Factor In Katie Holmes Divorce: What the TomKat Demise Means for American Women

Katie Holmes' divorce filing was extraordinary, even though her marriage was tragically ordinary.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Mood Disorder and the Disappearing Stigma of Mental Health Disease

Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s revelation of a mood disorder spurs surprising, and welcome, bipartisan support.

Marijuana Legalization Should Be a Focus in 2012 Election

Whether the candidates like it or not, in the swing state of Colorado, the voters want to hear their position on marijuana legalization.

Comic Con 2012 LIVE: Schedule, Events, Trailers Halo 4, Iron Man 3, and More

Here's what to check out at Comic-Con 2012, whether you love movies, TV, Ray Bradbury, or Larry King.

Lesbian Super PAC Supports Republicans Who Support LGBT Rights

There's a new lesbian Super PAC in town and its mission statement and candidate criteria point out what's wrong with pitting parties against each other this election cycle.

Military Spending Cuts Could Destroy International Peace

While defense spending can be cut, the Pentagon shouldn't be disemboweled. International peace and prosperity is not built on a foundation of free markets, but of arms and diplomacy.

Elections 2012 and London Olympics: Facebook, CNN, and NBC Partnerships Will Change The Face of Media

Facebook has finally crossed the line from being a social media titan to an all-powerful force in new and old media, thanks to its partnerships with CNN and NBC.

Mitt Romney is a Disaster on Education, Obama is the Only Choice for Young People

Mitt Romney has made comments that should make us wonder about his commitment to education for all.

Anderson Cooper, Frank Ocean, and the Closet: Why is The Media Fixated on Gay Identities?

The media's speculation and judgmental attitudes on celebrities' sexual identities are rude and potentially damaging to individuals who may live a life "in the closet."

Monsanto and Big Agribusiness Have Taken Over Congress, Push Bill That Allows Them to Endanger Food Safety

There are a couple of riders on the farm bill that would give agricultural giants a license to kill.

Romney Economic Policy Would Hurt African Americans

Although Romney claims that he would "make things better" for African Americans as president, the many policies that he espoused would worsen their economic situation.

Mary Fallin Could Be the Next Sarah Palin, and Romney May Make Her VP

Mary Fallin is a long-shot as a Romney's Vice President pick because the GOP can't afford a repeat of 2008.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Will Raise Campaign Money Through iPhone and Android App

Mobile payment application "Pay with Square" has announced a feature that will help political campaigns and organizations to raise money through an iPhone, iPad and Android app.

Goldman Sachs and Raytheon Make Sure Political Arguments Are Meaningless

The end result of representative government is always the same.

Ron Paul Has Already Changed the Republican Party

The libertarian has been able to use the complexities of the American political system to his advantage.

Ron Paul Has Built the Foundation Libertarianism For Generations to Come

Paul's public status as the figurehead of libertarianism will soon be gone, but thanks to tthe foundations he laid down the liberty movement will thrive.

Harrison Ford and 10 Fantasy Celebrity VP Choices For 2012

With all the buzz about who Romney’s VP pick will be, and no clear frontrunners, maybe it’s time to step out of the world of reality and into the world of Hollywood.

Ice Age Continental Drift Inspires 7 Life Lessons We Never Would Have Learned Without Kids Movies

In honor of the release of 'Ice Age 4: Continental Drift' we take a trip down memory lane. The animated kids movies we grew up with just might be able to teach us how to navigate young adulthood.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Psych Disorder Is a Political Issue We Should Worry About

As history has shown, the standard rules of health etiquette can't always apply to high-ranking public officials.

After Romney NAACP Speech, Questions About His Appeal To African-Americans

During his speech at the NAACP convention, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tells the crowd that he's the best option for African Americans. Is he right?

Andrew Cuomo Fracking Policy Hammered in New Film, ALEC Fights Back

Andrew Cuomo's plan to open economically distressed parts of the state to hydraulic fracturing has come under fire. But he is now getting conservative help.

10 Reasons To Still Be (Kind Of) Scared of Friday the 13th

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Friday the 13th. We've all lived through tons of these already, but is it really that harmless as it may seem?

Top 10 Reasons To Still Be (Kind Of) Scared of Friday the 13th

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Friday the 13th. We've all lived through tons of these already, but is it really as harmless as it may seem?

American Idol Judge Search: Why American Idol is Good for the Economy

Those who dismiss the show as just a reality television-signing contest miss the point.

San Bernardino Bankruptcy: Austerity is Pushing us to the Brink

Another city goes bankrupt, with more on the way. This will fundamentally alter our American local communities—unless we reset our budget priorities.

Secret Congressional Reports May Be Made Public

A resolution has been introduced in the House to make Congressional Research Reports available to the public.

Education Reform Must Tackle College Affordability for UC Schools

Escalating student tuitions at the University of California will have long-term impact that must be addressed now. Here are two moves the state must make immediately.

Obese Kids Taken Away From Their Parents By the Government

Childhood obesity is a real problem, but taking kids out of their homes is a stupid idea.

Magic Mike Sequel: Channing Tatum Dishes Details for Magic Mike 2 [SPOILER ALERT]

If Channing Tatum says it's true then it must be true ... right?

Native American DNA Study is Misleading: Native Americans Are Not Russian

Racist ideals have produced more nonsense from academia about where American Indians came from.

Revolution Betrayed: How the U.S. Is Backing the Military Over Democracy In Egypt.

The United States is undermining the Egyptian revolution by backing the military, and not democracy.

Joe Biden NAACP Speech is No Better Than the Romney Speech

VP Biden made one of his characteristic gaffes during his NAACP speech one day after Romney spoke to the same crowd, and his racially-charged remark did not go over well.

New Halo 4 Trailer, Dark Knight Details, New Fantastic Four Movie — Your Comic Con Update

Update on Comic-Con 2012's video games, TV, and Comics, with information on key presences at the convention.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Black America: How the Candidates Fare in Jobs, Health Care and Education

Romney’s speech was belittled to a speech for the repeal of Obama’s most successful effort, "Obamacare." His wrong choice of words shine the light on Obama’s success with the black vote.

70 Reasons Harrison Ford Is Still a Total Badass

As he turns 70 today, Harrison Ford proves age is nothing but a number.

Condoleezza Rice Would Be the Absolute Best VP Choice For Romney

Condoleezza Rice isn't just the best choice for VP, she's the only choice.

Euro Zone Crisis 2012: Spain Needs Shared Sacrifice When Implementing Austerity Measures

As Spanish miners take to the streets of Madrid to protest austerity, is more austerity what Spain really needs right now? The answer is yes, but it should not burden only the Spanish workers.

Drudge Report Gets Condi Rice VP Story Wrong: Romney Camp Plants Trumped Up Story

Drudge Report is reporting Condoleezza Rice will be Romney's running mate, but couldn't be more wrong.

JP Morgan, Wells Fargo Announce Q2 Earnings

Over two months after its multibillion dollar loss, JP Morgan will reveal Friday to investors how much money the poorly managed hedge has cost them.

From One Hell to Another: My Father's Daring Escape From Communist the American Police State

More and more, America is coming to resemble Cold War Eastern Europe.

Apple Rumors: iPad Mini May Come Soon, But Steve Jobs Never Wanted it

While the iPad mini could be a boon for Apple's tablet sales, Steve Jobs questioned the feasibility of the project.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are the Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30

Forbes has revealed the highest-paid celebrities under 30. While initially the list seems to reflect dramatic changes in pop culture, it actually doesn't.

Hunger Games, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and the 10 Books that Best Capture the Summer Feeling

From "Hunger Games" to "Game of Thrones" a list of the top 10 books that best capture the summer feeling.

Friday the 13th: The Origins of the Most Feared Day on the Calendar

Friday the 13th strikes fear into the hearts of millions, yet does anyone really know why?

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Officially Leaving American Idol: Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus Rumored to Be Next American Idol Judges

It has been rumored that Adam Lambert is a top candidate to become a new judge on season 12 of American Idol. But, who else is in the running?

Oz the Great and Powerful Trailer: James Franco New Project Debuts at Comic Con

With the release of the highly anticipated trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful at Comic Con, everyone wonders if the movie can live up to its name.

Mitt Romney Bain Fiasco Will Propel Obama to Reelection

SEC filings give new weight to Obama's accusations against Romney that say he engaged in highly questionable strategies while at Bain Capital. This new burden may be too much for Romney to bear.

Romney or Obama: How the Economy, Campaign Ads, and Swing States Will Determine the Outcome in 2012

Not only the economy, but also campaign finance and swing states sentiment will determine who will become the next president of the United States.

Affordable Care Act Helps Women Earn The Jobs They Deserve

The law requires that women be charged the same as men for insurance. Employers will now no longer have a reason to choose men over women due to insurance costs. Repealing the ACA hurts women.

Mitt Romney VP Choice: Sarah Palin Endorses Condoleezza Rice

The former governor of Alaska, and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, said the former secretary of state would be a "wonderful" VP for Mitt Romney.