50 Shades of Grey Movie: Emma Watson and Ryan Gosling Should Not Play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

Is the steamy '50 Shades of Grey' too hot for the big screen?

Direct TV vs. Viacom Drama: How Viacom Used The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to Unite Cable and Satellite

It is now day four of the Viacom/DirectTV epic drama over your wallet, and guess who might end up saving the day.

Ron Paul Can Have His Best Day Ever on Saturday in Nebraska

And here's why you should care.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Anne Hathaway Talks Catwoman with Jimmy Fallon (+Video)

The question is not does Batman die, but how. Christian Nolan offers clues of why Anne Hathaway's Catwoman might be the one putting Batman out of his misery, and purring her way to a spin off.

Ron Paul Supporters Accused of Creating Drama at Nebraska Republican Convention

NEGOP, the Nebraska Republican convention, is today and the GOP establishment is sounding the alarm yet again at Ron Paul's supposed unruly supporters.

Obama Has Never Catered to Black Voters: African-Americans Still Searching for a Presidential Candidate

While Obama may have taken the black vote for granted, Romney's efforts to reach out to Black America have backfired.

Rick Perry Refuses to Implement Obamacare in Texas Leaving Millions of Uninsured in the Dark

Governor Perry will potentially bypass billions in federal funding from the law, negatively impacting millions of uninsured Texans.

DirectTV vs. Viacom Saga: Stephen Colbert and Spongebob Squarepants Deployed in Clever DirectTV Parody

The famous DirectTV campaign “Get Rid of Cable” is being mocked by Viacom's own Pauly D and Betty White -- among others -- in light of the DirectTV versus Viacom satellite television feud.

Libyan Congressional Elections 2012: How Democracy Won in Libya Against All Odds

The successful Libyan National Congressional elections confounded the expectations of many who assumed that, with so little time and experience, Libyan democracy didn't stand a chance.

Paterno Statue Will Stand, for Now, Polarizing the Penn State Community

Members of Penn State's Board of Trustees decided to leave Joe Paterno's statue standing. Sadly, the effigy no longer represents pride and honor.

Ron Paul Must Denounce Bigoted Anti-Mormon Pastor

A California pastor recently declared God wants Ron Paul to be President. He also made bigoted comments about Mormons, which Ron Paul must publicly disavow.

Why Mitt Romney Was Booed While Joe Biden Was Cheered the NAACP Convention

Mitt Romney got booed while Joe Biden was received with several standing ovations. It doesn't look like Mitt Romney's jokes and brown-nosing helped him get any African American votes.

Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi and SCAF Are Locked in a Relentless Power Grab in Egypt

In an effort to exert his own power, Egypt's newly elected President Morsi is positioning for his own power grab in a battle with SCAF.

Putin Channels Stalin to Censor the Internet in Russia

These actions have elicited unfortunate comparisons to the beginning of Stalin’s terror in the late 1930s.

11 Strange Golf Traditions That Dominate the Game

From garments to golf course etiquette here are the 11 most strange golf traditions.

Rachel Maddow and Aaron Walker SLAPP Lawsuits Are a Slap to our Freedom of Speech

The recent targeting of political pundits on both the left and the right with frivolous lawsuits reveals the need for federal Anti-SLAPP legislation.

Hillary Clinton Egypt Visit to President Mohamed Morsi Should Stress Women Rights Under Muslim Brotherhood

The U.S. Secretary of State must make a strong case for the right of women and ethnic and religious minorities under the young administration of Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi.

Rob Portman VP 2012: Why Portman Is the Safest, and Most Boring, Bet for Romney

As the list of possible Romney VP candidates quickly diminishes, Ohio's Rob Portman remains the unthreatening candidate-next-door.

Comic Con 2012: Gears of War, Spartacus, Hobbit, Iron Man, and Other Comic Con Updates

Check out Friday evening's Comic Con 2012 updates, including the hottest upcoming releases in games, movies, television and -- of course -- comics.

Tax Cuts for Small Businesses and the Middle Class Will Spur Job Creation

Job growth comes from increased demand. Tax cuts for workers and small businesses leave more money in the hands of those most capable of impacting job growth and demand.