Kate Upton Boyfriend: Justin Verlander Gives GF Kate a Beer (+Video)

Watch the July 6th video in which the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated model seems to sip beer at her new boyfriend’s suite at a Detroit Tigers game.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 25 Songs That Should Make the Movie Soundtrack (+Video)

There has been much speculation as to who would be the director and stars of the upcoming film version of E.L. James' controversial book "Fifty Shades of Grey." But what about the soundtrack?

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: Arie and Jef on The Bachelorette Teach Us 4 Lessons About Modern Love

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess traveled the world in a search for love. Cameras and countless millions followed her every step of the way.

Who Does Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Comes Down to Jef and Arie

The choices have been narrowed down to two: Arie or Jef. Who will it be?

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 5 Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With Christian Grey

Christian Grey, the main character of E.L. James’ book – and upcoming movie – “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a sadist abuser. Why do women seem to love him?

SpaceX and Richard Branson Virgin Gallactic Could Realistically Build a Death Star

After SpaceX, Death Star could be the next private sector-funded venture into the new era of American space exploration.

Moroccan Model Presents Threat to U.S. Interests

What Arab Spring? Middle Eastern monarchs are following the King of Morocco's Lead in tightening their grips on power.

Yahoo Security Breach Compromises 450,000 Accounts: Yours Could Be Next

The hack that exposed more than 450,000 users' secure info will affect more than just Yahoo. New reports show Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL accounts were also compromised.

Romney VP Pick 2012: Marco Rubio Wants More Than What Romney is Offering

On paper, Rubio seems like an ideal running mate for a GOP presidential campaign desperately attempting to broaden its appeal. But Rubio wants more than the VP spot.

SeaWorld Controversy Brewing With Reopening of Shamu Poolside Dinner (+Video)

Two years after the tragic death of a SeaWorld trainer during "Dining With Shamu," SeaWorld reopens their poolside dining event, sparking a debate amongst visitors and staff.

Feminism Is a Strength, Not a Weakness, In Business World

What it means to be a woman in today's business climate.

Mark Zuckerberg Has a 1% Interest Rate Mortgage, and That Should Be Concerning

The founder of Facebook recently refinanced his $7m Palo Alto home for less than the annual increase in inflation, thus proving that in this economy some people are getting something for nothing.

Japan: Can the Land of the Rising Sun Rise Again?

There are economical and external factors that Japan must solve in order to revive its resilience.

Wells Fargo Racist Lending Practices: The Feds Unfairly Target the Mortgage Lender

The DOJ has unfairly fined Wells Fargo for discriminating against borrowers of color.

Obamacare Is a Threat To Liberty and Should Be Repealed

The Affordable Care Act upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28, 2012 is unconstitutional. Republicans and others in opposition of the bill are sending a clear and worthwhile message of repeal.

Kristin Chenoweth Accident: Good Wife Injury Sparks Fanfare

Cases such as Kristin Chenoweth's accident only highlight some of the many instances where society is devoted to a celebrities' personal well-being.

Religion Ain't All Bad: 4 Reasons to Like Your Religion

Four aspects of religion are worth defending, and in the eventuality that we give up on religions, I think we should take these four with us.

Hugo Chavez Wages War on Free Press in Venezuela, Other Latin Presidents Follow Suit

Left wing governments in Latin America are closing down television, radio stations, newspapers, and harassing journalists to stop and silence criticism.

Halo 4, Game of Thrones, and Best Highlights From Comic Con 2012 San Diego

Another succesful edition of SDCC is coming to an end, proving the annual Southern Californian conference's scope goes beyond comics and into all genres of entertainment.

Russia Freedom of Speech: Internet May Be Next Censorship Battleground

Russia has expanded its battle for freedom of expression into a new realm: the Internet. Pending approval from President Putin, the new law could more widely censor websites in Russia.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Supporters Divided Between Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest

Where do the web's most popular social websites stand politically? With the help of Facebook "likes," "Engage" gives us an infograph that shows.

Comic-Con 2012 Highlights: Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Hobbit, and Glee Make the Rounds at SDCC

A detailed update of "Pacific Rim," "Man of Steel," "The Hobbit," "True Blood" and "Glee" from Comic-Con 2012.

Lesbian LPAC Introduces Hybrid Super PAC to Elections 2012

As we move closer to the 2012 election cycle, the list of hybrid (or "super super") PACs is growing rapidly. Here's why this is a good thing.

Obama is Better Than Romney For Black America, But Not Because He Wants to Be

Obama's policies outshine Romney's for the African American community. Still, neither candidate is outright trying to win over the black voting bloc.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Still Awesome on Breaking Bad: Season 5 Premiere Review

AMC's 'Breaking Bad' had it's much hyped fifth season premiere last night, and fans of the show should not be disappointed.

When Even the GOP is Ripping Romney For Killing Jobs, You Know Obama Has a Point

The Obama campaign is just coming around to what Republicans already knew about Romney's time at Bain.

Comic Con 2012 Highlights: Halo 4, Iron Man 3, and Supernatural Come Out Swinging

From "Spider Man" to "Supernatural," here's the final update to Comic Con 2012.

Linsanity Goes To Houston: Jeremy Lin Leaves NYC After Knicks Fail To Match Rockets Offer

The New York Knicks may not match a $25 million deal to keep Jeremy Lin and the Linsanity in New York this season. Is this a good decision?

Dark Knight Rises Movie: Batman Finale Will Be End to Post-9/11 Cinema

Christopher Nolan's last Batman film marks the end of the defining genre narrative of contemporary cinema.

San Bernadino Bankruptcy Proves Austerity Fails at Solving Fiscal Problems

Are these measures intended to help the economy actually making it worse?

The Dark Knight Rises Preview: 13 Reasons Why Friday Will Be The Best Day Ever

The wait is almost over. The countdown till The Dark Knight Rises has reached 4 days. Here are 13 reasons why Friday will be a great day.

Why Title IX Has Been Good for Women and Sports

Is Title IX really that bad? Or do we just need a bogeyman to blame things on?