Chick Fil A, and the Anti Gay Companies You Would Never Believe You Support With Your Money

Find out which 6 American corporations have been taking your money to support anti-gay causes and organizations. Trust me, you'd be surprised and disgusted.

30 Reasons Why People Under 30 Should Not Vote For Obama

If you need further convincing that you shouldn’t vote for President Obama, then read on.

My $60,000 Ivy League Degree Was Just a Pyramid Scheme

It’s two months after graduation. I have an Ivy League master's degree, but I certainly don't feel $60,000 smarter.

Dark Knight Rises Opening Date Falls on Ramadan, So Muslims Will Miss Out

Practicing Muslims may have to decide between seeing The Dark Knight Rises and observing Ramadan.

Ron Paul Rips Romney and Obama For Debating Petty Issues

Ron Paul is urging GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns ... but he also says this isn't the most important issue that should be debated right now.

Global Warming is Far from Being Settled Science

While global warming proponents push the idea as if it is settled science, nothing could be further from the truth.

Assisted Suicide Debate: Canada Raises Controversy After Striking Down Ban

When it comes to physician-assisted suicide, there are no easy answers.

Birthers 2.0: Romney Tax Return Crusade is a Witch Hunt

Those who clamor for Romney to release his tax returns toe a dangerously thin line between sanity and something else.

Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion: Why States Should Opt Out

The Supreme Court's ruling that states can choose whether to expand Medicaid is one positive out of a number of problems with the President's health care bill.

Gustav Klimt Honored By Google on 150th Birthday

Google honored Gustav Klimt, a controversial artist then and now, on his 150th birthday. Here's a look at the art world legend.

Nas Album Life is Good Review: Disappointing, Despite Amy Winehouse and Mary J. Blige

A review of Nas' new album "Life is Good."

Marie Antoinette: Farewell, My Queen is a Sexy New Twist on French Revolution

In an election year in which “Class Warfare” is a buzzword, the film should have an immediacy and relevance not often found in period pieces.

China Human Rights Violations: Chinese Government Crackdown Reveals on Protesters Reveals Class Divide

The Chinese government allows or cracks down on protests against environmental pollutants, depending on who is protesting and where they live.

Olympics 2012 History: 5 Most Political Olympics of All Time

The Olympic movement is supposed to be about sports, not politics, but the two often get intertwined.

5 Reasons Why Anthony Weiner Should Not Run for New York City Mayor

Lewd photos and dishonesty might be too much of a scandal for any politician to make a comeback from, but New York is a particularly bad place for Weiner to stage a political ressurection.

Bernanke Senate Banking Testimony Proves Fed Chair is a Clown

Chairman Bernanke visited the Senate Banking committee on Tuesday to answer questions about a new round of QE, the Libor scandal, and other challenges facing the American economy.

Carmelo Anthony is Happy Jeremy Lin Left the New York Knicks

If you were the owner of the New York Knicks, would you have matched Houston's offer to resign Jeremy Lin? Carmelo Anthony certainly wouldn't have if he were GM.

US Debt Crisis Can Be Resolved If We Follow China Economic Growth Policy

A shift in Chinese investment trends towards public services companies have been met with different responses by the US and EU. Who then is most at risk? And what are the advantages?

Victor Cruz Reveals New Book to John Stewart on The Daily Show

Tuesday night, Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz will join Jon Stewart to chat about his new autobiography 'Out of the Blue'. Let's cross our fingers for a little salsa dancing as well.

Nas Album Life is Good Promoted On Colbert Report

Tuesday on 'The Colbert Report', Nas joins Stephen Colbert (once again) to talk about the new album 'Life Is Good'.

Mandela Day 2012: South Africa Still Has a Long Way to Go to Achieve Liberty

In his public service days, Mandela was a benevolent dictator; one whose actions were always taken in anticipation of those he served. He believes in leadership on the periphery.

NYC Shooting Rate Rises 11 Percent, But Bloomberg Slashes NYPD By 6,000 Officers

The NYPD is shrinking while crime is increasing. Yet, the NYPD benefits are growing rapidly.

Romney VP Pick 2012: Chris Christie, Kelly Ayotte Are Top Choices Who Will Not Be Picked

Gov. Christie and Sen. Ayotte are great candidates for VP, but they will not be chosen.

Obama Could Do a Better Job as President If He Followed These 11 Simple Steps

For the federal government to function it not only takes Congress working together, it takes presidential leadership.

Senkaku Islands Dispute Pushes Japan and China Closer to War, and America May Get Sucked In

Japan's recent bid to buy the disputed islands is provocative and heightens the risks of armed conflict with Beijing.

Bernanke and Federal Reserve Are Reluctant to Stimulate the Economy

The Federal Reserve chairman has become the chief spokesman for the U.S. on financial matters.

Defense of Marriage Act Repeal: ACLU Wants Gay Marriage to Go to the Supreme Court

DOMA is a law that defines marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman.

Bush Tax Cuts Failed, So George W. Bush Should Stop Giving Economic Recovery Advice

George W. Bush wants to tell us how to get the economy back on track. (Insert your own joke here.)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Needs to Start Building More Parks in Poor Neighborhoods Like Harlem

New York's trailblazing parks initiatives, such as the High Line and new Brooklyn Bridge Park, set a high bar for American cities, but what does it say when they primarily serve affluent areas?

Invasion of Privacy: FBI Used AT&T and Verizon to Spy on 1.3 Million Americans in 2011

Last week revealed the disturbing extent of US law enforcement's use of cell phone providers' data on customers. But don't expect a turning point for a society marching towards surveillance.

Tea Party Victory: Ted Cruz Defeats David Dewhurst in Texas Senate Debate

The Cruz - Dewhurst debate could help one of the candidates gain the lead in a hotly contested race.