Senate Republicans Block Another Jobs Bill, Face Backlash From American Public

Will American citizens hold Republicans accountable for blocking all tax cuts and jobs legislation during a financial crisis?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis New Song Same Love Takes Homophobia Out of Hip Hop

Following the coming out of hip-hop artist Frank Ocean, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis has released a new rap song to fight for marriage equality. It's awesome.

10 Best Foreign Films of All-Time

The United States makes some pretty amazing movies, but if Americans would just lose their fear of subtitles they would realize there's a whole world of cinema to explore.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Michael Fassbender, Not Ryan Gosling, Should Be Cast as Christian Grey

The Academy Award-nominated performance as Brandon, the New York City sex addict in Steve McQueen’s 2011 British drama “Shame,” is Fassbender’s best audition for the role.

How Ron Paul Has Actually Changed the Course of History

What the Ron Paul Revolution has accomplished is of greater consequence to the course of history than any of the empty promises offered by Romney or Obama.

4 Most Important Civil Rights Leaders of Today

In honor of Nelson Mandela, here are four other Nobel-winning activists who are still alive today, and the accomplishments they’ve made for peace and equality worldwide.

Dark Knight Rises Shooting Tragedy Not Caused By Lax Gun Laws

Some forms of gun control works, while others don't. It is important to protect Second Amendment rights while still effectively limiting access of weapons to those with criminal intent.

Obama vs Romney: Neither is Responsible For Outsourcing US Jobs

Outsourcing will always be a more complex issue than criticisms of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama would have us believe.

Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney: Find Out Which Candidate You Match Up With On This Survey

An online poll purports to align responders with their ideal candidate.

Veep, The Office, and the 7 Best American Remakes of British TV Shows

The secret British origins of some of the most cherished 'American' TV shows. Decide for yourself which is better: the American remake or the British original?

Dark Knight Rises Shooting: This Is Why America Needs Better Gun Laws

The 'Dark Knight Rises' midnight massacre at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, left 12 dead and up to 50 wounded. When will the United States take gun control more seriously?

President Mohammed Morsi is Not Improving Human Rights Violations for Prisoners

If Egypt's new president is to truly look after the interests of the people and protect the independence of nation, he will pardon the thousands of civilians who remain in prison illegally.

5 Weird Sports That Are Actually Olympic Events (+Video)

Let’s talk about sports that don’t get a lot of mainstream love. Maybe they’re sports that don’t have a golden face or bod like Ryan Lochte, or sports that aren’t played at the local gym.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Batman Goes Soft, Deadpool May Be Next

Deadpool is becoming mainstream, but if the bowdlerization of the Batman character is any indication, that may mean a goodbye to the characters fans have grown to love.

Military Spending Fight: How the U.S. Can Safely Cut its Defense Budget

As election season heats up, so too is the debate over defense cuts. With defense cuts, what's at stake?

24 Snarkiest Twitter Reactions to the Ann Romney You People Gaffe

Ann Romney, who once was considered a great asset to her husband Mitt Romney’s campaign, has just made her biggest gaffe to date. Here's how Twitter responded.

Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Truth About Racial Integration and Social Disintegration

In new book, 'Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America,' Tanner Colby tackles the consequences of forced racial integration in a society of racists.

Obesity Crisis in America is Not Your Fault

I have lost weight and gained weight and lost it again just to gain it back. With a plethora of weight loss magazines, tips and a nationwide obsession with dieting, why don’t diets work?

Obama vs Romney: Will Romney's World Tour Help Him Win 2012?

Mitt Romney is heading to Europe and the Middle East next week to bulk-up his foreign policy credentials, but can photos and fundraisers make him Chief Diplomat?

Dark Knight Rises Shooting LIVE: Masked Gunman Kills 12 in Batman Rampage

The 24-year-old suspect stormed into the theater and threw a smoke bomb before starting to shoot stunned moviegoers, who initially thought the gunfire sounds were part of the movie.

Justin Bieber Rolling Stone Cover is Gross, and Could Be Promoting Child Porn

"Rolling Stone" might think Justin Bieber is "Hot, Ready and Legal," but most of his fans are not.

Obama 'You Didn't Build That' Speech: Why American Success is Not Just Pure Luck

Obama's agenda depends upon the premise that individual success isn't earned. Everyone contributed, and thus everyone is entitled to its fruits.

10 Reasons Why Citizens United Isn't As Big of a Deal As You Think

The Citizens United decision did very little to change the way campaigns are run: Here's a list of 10 reasons why the decision doesn't really matter.

Obamacare Will Be Overturned By Free Market Health Care Plans

The free market is circumventing government medicine and providing examples of what the future of health care will look like.

10 Reasons Obama Will Lose Easily in Election 2012

Barack Obama deserves to lose the presidential election.

Obama vs Romney Tax Returns: What the Records Show

By refusing to release his tax information, Romney risks jeopardizing his image as a job creator.

Syrian Revolution: How Al Qaeda Threat is Rising

The terrorist group is threatening to steal the revolution and cause chaos throughout the region.

Dark Knight Rises Shooting: James Holmes Movie Theater Tragedy Mirrors Batman and Bane

'The Dark Knight Rises' shooting tragedy has shocked everyone. Was it possible that the shooter was saying something about the Nolan film itself?

Romney Taxes Have Become a Political Circus

Democrats are pouncing on Mitt Romney's refusal to release more tax records and are talking about introducing bills that would force future presidential candidates to release more financial info.

Syrian Revolution: Damascus Bombing Had Help of Assad Insiders

The attack occurred at the heavily-guarded National Security building, and thus had to have the help of security officials.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: This Massacre Should Never Have Happened, and Here is Why

If states followed the proper procedure required to bar mental health patients from owning guns, incidents like this would never happen.

Burgas Bulgaria Terror Attack Could Ignite War in the Middle East

The bus explosions in Burgas, Bulgaria, killed 7 Israelis and injured 30. This may be the beginning of a larger scale international conflict, and yet is one more reason to keep diplomacy going.

How Ron Paul Can Make Sure Libertarianism Lives On

Libertarian ideas are growing more popular, but libertarians will have to prioritize and compromise to keep their support.

Colorado Obama Voters Outweigh Romney Supporters

A Colorado voter describes the electoral mood in Colorado and reveals why people are leaning toward Obama.

Ann Romney You People Gaffe Gives Conservative Women a Bad Name

Ann Romney's "you people" remark and Michele Bachmann's anti Muslim accusations reinforce the image of conservative figures as racist and out of touch.

Star Trek, Heroes, and the 7 Best Cancelled Shows

Sometimes your favorite show gets cancelled right in the middle of a season. Is that fair? No way. But such are the ups and downs of life as a TV fan.

Lenovo CEO Gives Away Bonus to Employees, Why American CEOs Should Follow Suit

At last, someone has taken real action towards narrowing the obscene gap between CEOs’ compensations and that of their employees.

Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood Attacks By Michele Bachmann Expose Islamophobia

Michele Bachmann is at it again, and this time she’s invited a little bit of racial and religious profiling to her Tea Party.

Tom Hanks Electric City Show Online TV is the Future of Hollywood

The success of web-based series like The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, show that they can be as commercially viable as series on television.

10 Comical Reasons Why the Romney Foreign Policy Tour Will Flop

Mitt Romney's upcoming foreign policy tour will be problematic, here are 10 reasons why.

10 Things Romney is Probably Hiding in His Tax Returns

As speculation continues to stir over Romney’s undisclosed tax returns, here's a list of 10 possible financial secrets that Romney is hiding from the public.

Aung San Suu Kyi and Obama Burma Policy a Failure

Reports remind us that Romney outsourced Olympic uniforms to Burma in the 2002 Winter Olympics. While it's negative press, Romney could take advantage of the spotlight in two ways.

Colorado Obama vs Romney: Voters Not Excited for Either Candidate

Denver used to be Obama-town, but the center of progressive activity in this swing state has little interest in the upcoming presidential contest with recent examples of hope not being enough.

8.2 Percent Unemployment Rate Solution: Give People Money, Spark Demand

Despite GOP claims to the country, the real job creators aren't the wealthiest Americans.

Huma Abedin Battle With Michele Bachmann: A New Low in American Political Prejudice

Inclusiveness and evidence-based questioning should be employed before judging anyone. This is especially true, when it seems to be a case of witch-hunting in the political landscape.

Dark Knight Rises Review: What Critics Are Saying

The reviews are rolling in. Is Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' everything we hoped it would be?

Jimmy Kimmel to Host Emmy Nominations 2012

Watch live as the nominees for the 2012 Emmy Awards are announced.

Marissa Mayer Yahoo: Only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs Are Women

Not being able to attain that “golden standard” because you had to sacrifice something –choosing family or work –– does not, by any measure, mean you are a failure.

Obama Tax Plan is a Call to Punish Success

Recently, President Obama changed the debate about raising tax rates on the rich by stating, "You did not get there on your own." This rhetoric further divides the nation and solves nothing.

Dark Knight Rises Shooter May Have Tea Party Ties, Falsely Reports ABC News

ABC reports that Colorado Dark Knight shooter may have Tea Party ties.

Obama Tax Plan Will Ruin Economic Recovery

For all their calls for bipartisanship and compromise, are Democrats becoming increasingly and alarmingly partisan themselves? Now "forward" has a scary new meaning...

London 2012 Olympics: Athletes to Watch, and the Greatest Moments in Olympic History

With less than ten days until the Games of the XXX Olympiad start in London, here are the best moments in Olympic History.

Burgas Bulgaria Terror Attack Could Be the Handiwork of Hezbollah

Israel is now pointing a finger at Iran and Hezbollah for the Bulgaria attack against Israeli citizens, but details remain sketchy.

Wikipedia Blackout to Protest Russia Internet Law is a Success

The Russian version of Wikipedia shutdown for 24 hours to protest the Russian government's proposed law to blacklist websites at will.

Obama vs Romney Overseas Fundraisers Mark Epic Battle For Offshore Presidency

President Obama and Mitt Romney have already raised almost $5 million from overseas donors this election. What does this mean for the integrity of American elections?

Chris Christie VP Chances Over, Will Serve As GOP Tampa Convention Speaker

The GOP made the right call. Chris Christie is a good choice for keynote speaker at the RNC convention.

Mad Men and Modern Family Will Win Emmy Awards 2012

Thursday morning, the 2012 Emmy nominees will be unveiled. Last year, it was Modern Family and Mad Men who took home the night's biggest prizes. Who will win them this year?

Parks and Recreation Season 4: Why the Kindest and Funniest Show on TV Still Got Emmy Snubbed

By making you laugh with its characters instead of at them, 'Parks and Recreation' transcends other television comedies. So why don't Emmy voters care about it?

FB Invasion of Privacy: You Can Now Register to Vote on Facebook

The fact that the government is accepting voting registration through the social network, while still questioning some of its privacy issues, is enough cause for concern.

Huma Abedin is Not a Muslim Brotherhood Spy, Says John McCain

Senator McCain proves that government can only work if people are willing to work across party lines.

Obama Clearly Does Not Get Business — And Makes No Sense When Ripping Romney

Obama is at a loss when it comes to the nature of private equity companies and Romney's Bain history.

Republican War On Women Is Important, But There are Other Issues At Stake

We’ve moved on to discussing the other important issues because our minds are made up on reproductive rights.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: A Profile on the Man Behind the Gun

Those who know James Holmes all called him quiet, shy, and even antisocial

LCD Soundsystem Plays Their Final Gig, And it is Epic

A review at the documentary about LCD Soundsystem's final performance and a look in historical context at its place in the lore of concert films.

LGBT Rights Movement Can Learn From the Weather Underground: Q&A With Mark Rudd

Former Weather Underground activist Mark Rudd shares how millennials can advance gay rights, the civil rights struggle of our time.

Batman Shooting Should Promote Open Discussion on Gun Control Policy

Divisive dialogue, like that used by Rep. Louie Gohmert this morning, should be traded for a frank, open, non-partisan discussion about gun control policy in the United States.

Florida Swing State 2012: Voters Frustrated With Obama and Romney

A Florida resident explains problems with partisan politics and the idea of a "swing state."

ALEC Has Now Lost 32 Members, As EnergySolutions Drops the Organization

Corporations that have publicly cut ties to ALEC in recent weeks include Express Scripts/Medco, Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

Florida Swing State 2012: Young Floridians Disengaged from Politics

Contrary to popular expectations in 2008, Florida youth are not engaged or interested in this year's election.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban Sends Wrong Message to Youth

Following den mother Jennifer Tyrrell's removal because of her sexual orientation, Boy Scouts of America reaffirms ban of openly LGBT individuals bringing questions of civil rights to the table.

Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy Will Contribute to a New Generation of Prejudice, Scouts' Honor

The Boy Scouts' decision to reaffirm a ban on gay members contributes to the homophobic culture that is responsible for the national epidemic of gay teen suicide and homelessness.

Bain Capital Attack Ads: 5 Millennials Discuss Whether the Obama Strategy is Working

Are the Obama campaign's attack ads against Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital working? Should he continue the negative campaign?

Yahoo Marissa Mayer Reignites Having It All Debate

Yahoo's new CEO is due to give birth in October, but let's not pretend that this means anyone can "have it all."

Colorado Obama vs Romney: College Students Lose Faith in President Obama 2008 Message of 'Hope'

President Obama does not seem to stir the same amount of enthusiasm as he did when wearing his face and ‘hope’ icon became hip and trendy.

DirecTV and Viacom Settle Dispute, This Could Mean Higher Bills for Customers

Learn why having Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert back could translate into higher cable bills.

Emmy Nominations 2012: 5 Biggest Snubs

Thursday morning, the 2012 Emmy nominees were announced. Anna Gunn made us proud, and with seven ladies in the leading actress in a comedy category funny women abound.

Iran iPhones Show the Trouble With Sanctions

The recent spate of news pieces on Iran and hip consumer electronics brings to forefront questions about the ultimate aim of the sanctions policies against Iran.

Romney Trip Abroad Might Show Why He Can Beat Obama On Foreign Policy

A breakdown of Romney's trip abroad and what he needs to do to gain the confidence of the international community.

Romney VP Pick 2012: Romney Should Select Vice President After London Olympics

Romney should capitalize on his Olympic legacy and announce his VP pick upon his return from overseas. This would maximize fundraising before the Republican National Convention, in Tampa.

Bill James Gives Bizarre Defense of Joe Paterno Amid Sandusky Scandal Report

Red Sox Adviser Bill James thinks criticism of Joe Paterno is misplaced and blames the media instead. Does he have a point?