Batman Shooting: Victim Matt McQuinn Becomes a Hero As He Dies Saving His Girlfriend

Matt McQuinn will certainly be remembered as a hero, and my heart goes out to all those who knew and loved him.

The Weight of Being a (Young and Successful) Black Male

Young, successful black men are in the midst of a crisis that will continue until more black men reach higher levels of success.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Will Beat Obama and Romney: At Least One Survey Says So

Part one of a series of articles analyzing the results of the I Side With survey concludes that barring a major upset, Barack Obama will be sworn into the Oval Office in January 2013.

Batman Shooter James Holmes Debate: Gun Control Laws Do Not Stop Psychos

A recent shooting in Canada shows that deranged individuals may not be stopped by traditional gun control laws.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: A Super Villain For An Entire Generation

In one devastating burst of fire, he has ruined moviegoing for an entire generation. He has associated one of the most popular superheroes with the darkest side of human nature.

Dark Knight Rises Review and Spoilers: Christian Nolan Batman Film is About the Tea Party

Nolan's brilliant "The Dark Knight Rises" is not a critique of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but of the billionaire-funded Tea Party.

Batman Shooter James Holmes Proves America is Not Exceptional

The president of an exceptional country should not have to publicly condemn the second mass shooting in less than two years.

Batman Shooting: ABC Botches Aurora Massacre Coverage by Linking Killer to the Tea Party

Someone at ABC News should be fired for wrongly connecting "Batman" shooter James Holmes to the Tea Party.

8 Policies an Absolute Republican Majority Would Enact if Democrats Sit Out the 2012 Election

What if in our two-party political system tug of war, one party "let go of the rope?"

Ramadan 2012: Muslims Observe Holiday in the Wake of the Arab Spring

In the wake of political, economic, and social changes, Muslims in the countries of the Arab Spring welcome the month of Ramadan with an eye on their regimes.

Open Letter to Senator Richard Lugar: A Belated Salute to an Unseated Patriot

Senator Lugar, you took brave votes on climate change, crossing party and geographic lines. You led where most Senators follow. I salute you.

Batman Shooting in Colorado: Christopher Nolan Comments

Batman director Christopher Nolan has made his first public statement about the Colorado shooting.

Batman Massacre: Victim Jessica Redfield Had Narrowly Escaped Death Only a Few Weeks Ago

In a bizarre and tragic twist, a woman who was killed at the Batman massacre escaped a similar shooting in June.