Obama vs Romney: 'You Didn't Build That' Remarks Are Unfortunate, And So Is the GOP Response

We need to look at Obama's statements at Roanoke, Virginia, last week with a little more nuance, because what he said, and what conservatives are saying about what he said, lacks it.

Batman Shooter James Holmes: Parallels to Virginia Tech and Gabby Giffords Shooters

Though it’s easy to see the pattern in the data, it is far more difficult to conclude what could be leading so many young people to commit such horrible acts against others.

James Eagan Holmes Should Not Receive The Death Penalty in Colorado Shooting

Despite his horrific actions, a look into why James Holmes should not receive the death penalty.

Who Did Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Dumps Arie and Makes the Right Choice

Sunday night was the finale of the eighth season of 'The Bachelorette', in which Emily Maynard chose Jef Holm as the man best suited to be her husband, and the father of daughter Ricki.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: Earnings Report This Week Could Lift Troubled Stock

There are a number of issues facing Facebook, and management must communicate to the investment community that it knows how to make the company profitable.

Open Letter to Boy Scouts of America: New Anti-Gay Policy Makes Me Ashamed to be an Eagle Scout

Dear Boys Scouts of America, I have always been proud to call myself an Eagle Scout; until now.

SpaceX Will Never Match the Greatness of NASA in 1969

You missed something, "PolicyMic!" July 20 was a significant anniversary. Do you know why?

San Antonio Man Sues Government to Give Women Back Their First Amendment Rights

A San Antonio citizen is fighting to get God off currency and out of our swearing in the process. His quest brings back the issue of religion and God in government.

iSideWith Election 2012 Viral App: Co-Creator Explains How It Works in Exclusive Interview

Taylor Peck, co-creator of, takes a few minutes with PolicyMic's Christopher McDaniel to discuss the phenomenon that his quiz has become.

Obama Latino Vote Poll: Romney Will Win if He Offers Citizenship to Immigrants

Granting citizenship to non-criminal illegal immigrants could tip the scale in Romney's favor when it comes to win the support of critical Latino voters.

Syrian Revolution: US Intervention in Syria Would Be a Disaster

With violence escalating to the point of civil war, the United States has found itself in a lose lose situation without Security Council approval of action.

TMNT 2012: Nickelodeon Series Not All Cowabunga, Dudes

Nickelodeon's new series based on the popular franchise seems to be poorly made and will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the fans of the classic.

Obama is Arrogant and Elitist, According to Edward Klein

Does Barack Obama have the right personality and character to be a successful president of the United States? After almost four years in office, many Americans are still pondering this question.

Obama vs Romney Louisiana: This Swing State Will Decide the 2012 Election

As Election Day nears, many are looking to the swing states' outcome as a deciding factor. However, Obama is the best choice as Romney would be virtually going back to the Bush years.

New Superman Movie: Man of Steel Will Reinvent Superman Story

The minute and a half preview immediately sets out to establish a very different tone and look than previous Superman interpretations.

Penn State NCAA Sanctions Go Too Far

The sanctions may make the NCAA look good, but they do little to serve justice, adding more victims to a situation that had too many to begin with.

Boy Scouts Gay Policy is Perfectly Right

The Boy Scouts of America's policy banning openly gay men and boys from participating is repugnant, but it is ultimately the constitutional right of private organizations to determine who joins.

How to Get a Job: 5 Easy Steps

There is more than one way to network in order to find your first (or your next) job.

Facebook Privacy Issues Are Clear in FB Voter Registration App

You can now register to vote and stalk your friends at the same time!

Sally Ride Dead: Feminist Icon and First American Woman in Space Dies at 61

On Monday, American icon Sally Ride passed away. Ride was the first American woman to travel to space.

Who Did Emily Maynard Pick: The Bachelorette Final Choice Was Responsible, Not Exciting

On "The Bachelorette" season finale, Emily finally chose between Jef and Arie. But it's unclear whether the lovebirds will find happiness beyond the show.

Boy Scouts Gay Policy is Legal, But Wrong

While BSA's decision not to admit gays in its ranks is protected by the SCOTUS, it is an outdated policy that needs to be revised for the good of the institution itself.

Batman Shooter Aftermath: Obama and Romney Disappoint in Response to Colorado Shooting

The lackluster response of both parties can be traced to two factors: election year politics and the gun lobby.

Obama vs Romney: Mormon Racist Teachings Will Inspire Record African American Turnout

Mitt Romney's NAACP condescending speech and wife Ann's "you people" remarks will inspire African Americans to go to the polls this November.

Penn State Football Got What They Deserved: These Sanctions Are Worse Than the Death Penalty

The current set of sanctions set by the NCAA on Penn State were just as severe as the "death penalty."

6 Easy Steps to Find a Job Right After Graduation

It’s graduation season, and a fresh batch of my fellow millennials are ready to trade their caps and gowns for business casual.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Are Big Winners At Teen Choice Awards 2012

The teens have spoken: Check out the full list of winners from the Teen Choice Awards.

Sylvia's Soul Food Owner Dead at 86: Harlem Loses the Queen of Soul Food

Sylvia Woods, the successful entreprennur, is known for more than establishing a famous Harlem restaurant; she is known for creating a blueprint for hospitality and community engagement.

Batman TSA Fears: James Eagan Holmes May Turn Movie Theaters Into Police Checkpoints

Different security measures and addressing the root causes of public shootings might have prevented the Aurora massacre.

Obama vs North Carolina: President May Lose Pivotal Swing State This Time Around

While Obama and Romney are competing for the prize that is North Carolina's 15 electoral votes, voters in the state feel that neither candidate is a prize for them.

Bachelor Pad Results: Emily Maynard Rejects Chris Bukowski, Kalon McMahon Return to TV

Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette doesn't end with the final rose handed out Sunday. Season 3 of Bachelor Pad features three of Emily's men who return to television this coming Monday.