Sorority Rush Tips: 13 Ways to Get the Bid You Want

Are you gearing up to rush a sorority? This sorority president dishes her tips on how best to tackle the rush beast.

5 People Who Were Fired for Being Gay, and the 29 States Where That is Still Legal

These are the stories of 5 individuals who lost their jobs due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, even in states where such discrimination has supposedly been banned.

Ron Paul Will Have 500 Delegates at the RNC: 10 Reasons He Should Speak at the GOP Convention

The GOP would be making a huge mistake if they decide not to let Ron Paul speak at the RNC this August.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Sasha Grey is the Only Actress Guys Want As Anastasia Steel

Let’s face it; guys are annoyed by the whole "Fifty Shades of Grey" brouhaha.

Batman Shooting: Assault Weapons Ban Would Not Have Stopped James Eagan Holmes

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban was a wreck. Sadly, renewing it in '04 wouldn't have prevented Aurora's tragedy.

Minka Kelly XXX Video May Not Make Her Sasha Grey

Will this hurt or help her chances of being cast as Jackie Kennedy in Lee Daniel’s upcoming JFK biopic “The Butler”?

London Olympics 2012: Year of the Arab Woman Athlete

Despite Saudi Arabia’s announcement to allow women on their Olympic team, no one expects very many women from the Arab world to participate, let alone compete. Here’s setting the record straight.

Prostitutes Are Heroes in the Fight Against HIV, But Sex Workers Are Banned From AIDS Conference 2012

Over 550 sex workers from 41 countries were denied entry to the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, so they're convening in India for sex worker human rights.

NSA Surveillance Violates Fourth Amendment and Right to Privacy

Americans are being told that there’s no need to worry about the broad surveillance programs authorized by the controversial FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Yet a new report has raised flags.

The Joker Drug: James Eagan Holmes and Heath Ledger Tragedies Show Vicodin is a New US Epidemic

There have been two tragedies befall the Batman franchise, both involving prescription drug abuse. These incidents point to a wider national trend that may be spreading unchecked.

How Do I Get a Boyfriend: OKCupid and Online Dating Still Have a Stigma

While some still think meeting a partner online is less than romantic, many millennials are starting to find the fun of online encounters a worthwhile way to date.

Smart Economics: Canada Teaches US Lessons in Fiscal Responsibility

Canadian PM Stephen Harper and his Conservative government have cut taxes, reduced federal spending and developed domestic energy resources, making Canadians wealthier than Americans.

Poverty Level 2012 Highest In Over 40 Years As Obama and Romney Fight For Votes

As poverty rates begin to reach highest altitudes in the past four decades, what does this mean for the Romney and Obama campaigns?

A Girl and Her Room: Portraits of Girls From Beirut Refugee Camps to the Boston Suburbs

These photographs are from Rania Matar's new book "A Girl and Her Room." Her work captures the inner workings of girl world.

Nostradamus 2.0: Melchizedek Mormon Priest Predicted in 1800 That Mitt Romney Will Win in 2012

Mormon elders may have foreseen Romney's rise, but the prophetic vision of most value in the 2012 campaign doesn't come from a particular church, but from the collective lore of American values.

James Eagan Holmes Aftermath: How Bank Laws Could Help Prevent Future Shootings

The obvious question after a horrible tragedy such as the one in Aurora, Colorado, is what can we do to prevent such a tragedy in the future? Look to our banks for clues.

How Daniel Radcliffe Turned From Harry Potter Star to Serious Actor

Daniel Radcliffe, who turned 23 on Monday, has forever changed our understanding of Harry Potter and has begun a serious acting career.

Joe Arpaio Illegal Immigration Lawsuit to Determine If Arizona Racially Profiles Latinos

The Wild Wild West just got a little more tumultuous, at least for Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

10 Justin Bieber Fan Tweets That Are Just Plain Creepy

These will redefine pick up lines forever.

Mila Kunis Dating Ashton Kutcher Leaves Demi Moore Heartbroken

Mila Kunis and former co-star Ashton Kutcher, were caught kissing at a recent party. Could this be Hollywood's next big couple?

Ron Paul Audit the Fed Bill Set To Pass House of Representatives

Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act calls for the first ever full audit of the nation's central bank.

A Modest Response to A Modest Proposal to Stop Tipping Bartenders

A bartender responds to one pundit's calls for an end to tipping.

True Blood Season 5 Spoilers: What Happens to Bill and Sookie

The HBO vampire show raised some eyebrows with the 4th of July episode, where a group of drugged-out servicemen slandered Iraqi civilians while chanting “God Bless America.”

Penn State NCAA Punishment Hurts Even More Innocent Bystanders

Penn State deserved a serious punishment. The NCAA managed an overkill that will end up hurting innocent student athletes.

Pertussis Vaccine Needed to Curb Whooping Cough Outbreak in Washington State

On July 20, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report with information that led the State Secretary of Health in Washington to declare Pertussis an epidemic.

Yokamon Hearn and Warren Hill Cases Highlight a Troubled Justice System

The execution of Yokamon Hearn and the upcoming one of Warren Hill prove that death penalty is unnecessary as it unfairly targets the mentally disabled.

London Olympics Refuses to Honor Israel and Munich Terrorist Victims

The International Olympic Committee opposes recognizing one minute of silence despite lack of vocal opposition, presence of historical insensitivity.

Voting Rights Act Must Be Amended By Supreme Court

Question plaintiff's motives all you want, but the increased Voter Rights Act litigation may really mean the Act needs updating to fight contemporary voter discrimination.

NAACP Endorses LGBT Rights ... Black Pastors Do Not

Contrary to some of the rhetoric out there, black queer individuals do exist and are just as vital in racial struggle as their straight counterparts.

New Superman Movie: Man of Steel Reinvents an American Icon (+Video)

Unveiled at "The DKR" premiere, the trailer of "Man of Steel" (2013) features Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and Russell Crowe as Jor-El: Superman’s biological and adoptive father, respectively.

Amy Winehouse Songs Live On, One Year After Her Death

Amy Winehouse, who died a year ago from Monday, has lived on.

Ted Cruz Should Work For Romney, Not Ruin Texas With Tea Party Rhetoric

Ted Cruz should be on the Romney campaign's shortlist for U.S. Solicitor General instead.

Mitt Romney Dressage Horse and 6 Other Famous Political Pets

Ann Romney's horse, Rafalca, which qualified for the 2012 Olympics, is the most recent example of several interesting stories involving political figures and their pets.

Democrats Must Fight Back Against Republican Abuse of Power Or It Will Succeed

Republicans threw a wet blanket on jobs policy and economic confidence to gain power in this election. They have been on a multi-year mission to "deny President Obama a second term."

James Eagan Holmes Could Have Bought His Weapons At Walmart, And So Can You

James Eagan Holmes, the Batman shooter, bought all of his guns and ammunition legally; and he could have done it at Walmart too.

Ron Paul and Ice-T On Gun Control: Government Cannot Protect Us From Future Dark Night Shootings

Gun control has a sordid past and is one of the reasons why it should be disregarded.

Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Speech: Obama Is a Pansy

PolicyMic's live blog of Mitt Romney's major foreign policy speech in Nevada.

Yokamon Hearn Death Penalty: State Ready to Execute Mentally Handicapped Man

The sentencing to death of two mentally handicapped individuals has garnered the attention of both Amnesty International and the United Nations and should cause outcry against capital punishment.

“Praying” for a Real Response to the Colorado Terrorist Attack

As Americans, we have made light of what guns actually do: kill people. Instead of “praying” that gun violence stops, it’s time we actually did something about it.

Michael Jackson Mother Missing: Granddaughter Paris Jackson Takes to Twitter

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, tweeted her 82-year-old grandmother Katherine may have been missing “for the past week,” even as other family members say she’s “fine.”

Syrian Revolution: Assad and Syria Walking Fine Line With Chemical Weapons

Syria recently said it would only use its chemical weapons on "external aggressors," but what if the term includes rebel forces?

Bill Gates and Elton John Attend AIDS Conference 2012, But Obama is a Notable No Show

The Bi-Annual International AIDS Conference is back in the U.S. It is momentous because for more than 20 years, the United States was not allowed to be a host. And Obama turned it around.

Dark Knight Rises Review: 10 Pros and Cons About the Last Christopher Nolan Batman Movie

The last chapter in Christopher Nolan's cimematic Batman saga is a mixed bag of good and bad.

New Evangelical Group Challenges Status Quo By Believing in Evolution, Not Just the Bible

The BioLogos Foundation provides a model for respectful debate between scientists and Evangelicals Christians.

Mariah Carey Replaces J Lo as Newest American Idol Judge

Mariah Carey has officially signed with American Idol to replace Jennifer Lopez. How will she fit in, and who will replace Steven Tyler?

Obama vs Romney in Florida: Swing State Could Decide the Presidency

As the November presidential election quickly approaches, what is the current status in Florida? Will this swing state go red or blue, and what will be the determining factor?