New Superman Movie: Meet the Cast of Man of Steel

Which names will you recognize and which won't you from the cast of the new Superman movie Man of Steel?

Poverty Rate in US is Soaring: 7 Ways to Reverse This Trend

Economists predict that this year's American poverty rate will reach its highest level since 1965. We must address the poverty crisis now, and we can start with these 7 steps.

Dark Knight Rises Review: 5 Reasons Why It Was the Worst Batman Movie Yet

After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I left thoroughly disappointed. Here are 5 reasons why this was the worst Batman movie yet.

Christian Bale Visits Carey Rottman and James Eagan Holmes Victims, Proves He is a Real Life Superhero

Christian Bale's visit to meet the victims of the tragic Batman shooting proves that he is a real life superhero.

Kim Jong Un Wife is Ri Sol Ju: 9 Hilarious Tweets About the North Korean Marriage

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has announced that he has married Ri Sol-Ju, the mystery woman he's been seen with over the past few weeks. Here are the best tweets ever about their marriage.

London Olympics Terror Attacks: Israel Says Iran Plotting After Carrying Out Bulgaria Bombings

Israel is broadcasting its accusations against Iran because it is trying to reassure its citizens and it wants to hammer out some security agreements with Europe.

5 Reasons Americans Cannot Name One Astronaut Anymore

Astronauts used to celebrities in the United States. Now the average person is hard pressed to name even one. What happened?

Sarah Palin Strippers Flown to Tampa to Give Republicans Lap Dances For RNC Weekend

The upcoming RNC proves that politics and sex mix all the time, but that's a real problem for the republican politicians that advertise "good family values."

Ron Paul Response to James Eagan Holmes Massacre is Right, But Not Reassuring

Individual armament is legal and increasing. This isn't the end of civil society or an unqualified good.

Ron Paul Wins in House Vote: Fed Audit Passes Despite Foolish Opposition From Democratic Leadership

How anyone can oppose this bill is beyond the comprehension of rational individuals.

Step Up Revolution: Ryan Guzman Aims to Be the Next Channing Tatum

Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman star in "Step Up Revolution," the fourth installment in the film series that launched Channing Tatum’s career.

Ghana President John Mills Dead: The Saddest Day In Ghana History

Ghana President John Mills passed away yesterday at 68. Reactions to this tragedy leave cause to be hopeful about the future of the nation's democracy.

Feminism Started 5,000 Years Ago: 5 Feminist Feats You Have Never Heard of

The first woman in space was actually Soviet astronaut Valentina Tereshkova. What other feats of feminism happened decades, or even centuries, before we think they did?

The Beauty Trap: 70% of Women Never Leave Home Without Makeup

Wearing makeup starts to become a problem when you can’t live without it. That is why I am challenging you, ladies and gentlemen, to reexamine why you embrace the beauty rituals you hold so high.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Strict Gun Laws Only Lead to More Violent Crimes

Many gun control advocates have been trying to insert their own dialogue when discussing James Holmes and the latest Colorado tragedy. Regardless, more gun laws will not stop criminals.

10 Countries With Very Surprising Women's Rights Rankings

The World Economic Forum’s annual ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ reveals unexpected statistics on gender equality around the world.

Romney Adviser: We Are Part of an Anglo-Saxon Heritage Obama Does Not Understand

The Romney campaign just exposed itself as a bunch of red meat-throwers.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: 5 Most Popular Anti-Gun Control Myths Debunked

In light of the Aurora, Colorado massacre, anti-gun control advocates couldn't be more wrong.

World Expo 2012: Korea is Not Quite the Chicago Worlds Fair

This past weekend, I attended the Yeosu World Expo in Korea. It was about keeping our Oceans clean for everyone. Despite being really fun and cool, I think most countries missed the memo.

Egypt President Morsi Selects Hisham Kandil as Prime Minister in Surprise Twist

Upon hearing that Hisham Kandil was appointed prime minister by President Mohammed Morsi, most of Egypt’s political class gushed and said, who?

Romney VP Choices Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, and Tim Pawlenty Play Waiting Game

If tradition is any guide, we'll have to wait a little while longer before Mitt Romney announces his vice presidential running mate.

Michigan Obama Romney Poll: Millennials Will Determine Who Wins

Michigan millennials are apathetic about the 2012 presidential election. In order to win this swing state Obama and Romney must figure out what it is our generation wants

Unemployment Rate Will Be the Reason Obama Does Not Get Reelected in Election 2012

June's unemployment data in swing states are cause for concern for the president.

New Kate Gosselin Dating Show: 3 Rumored Names for Series

Kate Gosselin of the cancelled show Kate Plus 8 has told E! News that she wants to star in a dating show. Will a network pick the TV concept up?

Mohammed Morsi Appoints Hesham Kandil to Serve as Next Prime Minister in Twist

In a somewhat surprising twist, President Morsi has selected Hesham Kandil, a young, independent, U.S.-educated Cabinet minister to the post of prime minister.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Batman Movie Itself is Not to Blame

Violence in the media did not lead to the Aurora, Colorado shooting. The Dark Knight Rises and other violent films should not be blamed.

Michigan Obama Romney Poll: Voters Simply Do Not Really Care

By July of the 2008 election season, Michigan voters were excited by the candidates and the potential outcomes. Four years later, the political climate in Michigan is decidedly different.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Why the Movie Broke Records, Despite James Eagan Holmes

Coming in with a record $161 million, the newest Batman movie proved resilient despite the Colorado tragedy.

Banksy Olympics Street Art May Be Unfairly Destroyed in London Graffiti Crackdown

Censorship of graffiti and street art critical of the Olympic Games is wrong. New Banksy street art brings this controversy to the limelight.

War With Iran: Admiral Says Iran Will Move Its Navy Into the Atlantic

Iran has stated that it plans on increasing its presence in the Atlantic, but doesn't have the ability to pose any type of long-term threat.

The 9 Most Terrible Movie Titles of All Time

In honor of Gwyneth Paltrow's next project 'Blood Bones & Butter' we present 9 movies whose titles were even worse. Yes, it's possible.

Same Sex Marriage Rights Surprisingly Funded by Wealthy Republicans (Yes, Republicans)

Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, AQR Capital Management founder Cliff Asness, Yahoo investor Dan Loeb, and more may win over Republican-leaning independent voters.

Climate Change Debate: Greenland Ice Caps Go From 40% Melted to 97% Melted in One Week

More and more evidence points to the integral role humans have played in climate change. Why is the existence of global warming still considered a 'debate'?

Ruby Sparks Trailer: Zooey Deschanel, Zoe Kazan and the Pitfalls of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Zoe Kazan's new movie, Ruby Sparks, has the opportunity to create a female character more complex and three-dimensional than its predecessors. Will it take it?

James Eagan Holmes Shooting: Gun Laws Could Not Stop Batman Massacre

When considering policy responses to news like the Batman shootings in Aurora, Colorado, we should think carefully about both the costs and the likelihood of success.

Obama Gay Marriage Stance Falls Short on LGBT Rights

Despite his visit to San Francisco this weekend, Obama failed to reiterate his stance on gay marriage, thus leaving the issue in a stalemate.

ALEC Bribes Politicians Under the Guise of a Scholarship Program

One Louisiana politician sent out letters asking corporations for $1,000 donations to send 30 legislators to an ALEC conference.