Kim Jong Un Wife is Ri Sol Ju: 10 Other Wives of Famous Dictators

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is officially married to Ri Sol-ju. Here are 10 of the most fascinating wives of famous modern dictators.

Feminism Lost in Comic Books: Hyper Sexualization of Female Heroes Alienates Women

Women are far too often portrayed in a hyper-sexualized fashion. Many are going outside to mainstream to create comics they enjoy.

Carly Rae Jepsen Sex Tape: XXX Scandal is the Oldest Trick in the Book

By now, sex tapes and pictures (real or fake) are a fairly standard practice by the entertainment industry to promote unknown and talentless starlets.

7 Best Justin Bieber Duets of All Time

MTV has just recently reported that Carly Rae Jepsen's new album, set to release in September, will feature a duet with Justin Bieber. What are JB's best collaborations ever?

33 Cute Polar Bears That Could Convince Even a Republican That Global Warming is Real

Polar bears are undeniably adorable, but as global warming continues to wreak havoc on their habit, these precious creatures may not be here for much longer.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Endorses Obama and Shoots Science Education in the Foot

Bill Nye harmed his own cause by endorsing President Obama's re-election bid.

Ancient Rock Art Best Explained By Electric Universe Cosmology

Electric universe cosmology is capable of explaining why the same odd figures appear in ancient rock art around the world by different civilizations that had no contact with each other.

James Eagan Holmes Disturbingly Described as Hot by Female Twitter Fans

Young women tweeting that alleged mass-murderer James Holmes is "hot" are the latest victims of "hybristophilia" -- sexual attraction to murderers. It's an illness when taken to an extreme.

3 Impact Investing Tips for Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the Giving Pledge Billionaires

The Giving Pledge, a gathering of the world's richest philanthropists, is investigating impact investing. Here's where they (and others) will find ways to maximize the impact of their dollars.

Politics of Bullshit: How to Manipulate People With Truth, and Why BSing is Not Always Lying

Relevant Reads is back, this time presenting 'On Bullshit' by Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, a popular essay which investigates the art of deception via BS -- which isn't as simple as you'd think.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting Should Not Push Women Rape Victims to Buy More Guns

Two thirds of victims between the ages of 18 and 29 had a previous a relationship with their attacker, so we need to admit that the problem is more complicated than strangers in dark alleys.

Obama Adds $3,699,744,466.56 to Our National Debt Every Day

Levi Strauss & Company shows us what $3.1 billion is capable of producing.

10 Charts That Prove Why Obama Has Nothing to Worry About in Election 2012

Here are 10 charts and pictures indicating why Obama is the sure-fire winner in the 2012 presidential race.

Robert Pattinson and Liberty Ross Jilted in Kristen Stewart Affair

Us Weekly magazine alleges that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with the married director from one of her films.

Kim Kardashian and Snooki: Why America Loves Them

In "Celebrity Society", Professor Robert van Krieken sheds a little too scholarly a light onto celebrities: their function, their nature, their value, and their place in society.

Why the Tunisian Revolution Might Fail

As a Tunisian student who is a fervent admirer of the American and French revolutions, the Tunisian revolution does not meet my standards.

Syrian Revolution: How Chemical Weapons May Be Used on Civilians

This week the Syrian regime admitted to having chemical weapons to use against invaders, then denied it the next day. What are nerve agents and how are they used?

Ann Romney Horse Attacks By Liberals Are Not Fair

Do, please, cease to disrespect Mrs. Romney for her love of horseback riding and its therapeutic effects. She happens to be correct.

James Eagan Holmes Aftermath: Mother of Shooter Wondering What Happened to Her Son

Compassion is an emotional embrace that allows us to connect to others in times of pain, suffering, and human betrayal. The Holmes family suffers no less than others.

How LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Explain the Fall of US Olympic Dominance

The United States has been the most dominant nation at the summer Olympic Games for the past century, but with China's economic and cultural influence on the rise, that dominance may be at risk.

Facebook (FB) Earnings: Zynga Collapse Contributes to FB Stock Woes

Facebook may have reported a loss during their first quarter, but they are already working on possible solutions to help improve Facebook stock.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: FB Looks Overseas For Profit

Facebook announced that it will open a new engineering office in London to focus on mobile phone development right before it announces its first earnings as a public company.

Ron Paul Wins: Audit the Fed Bill is Victory For Government Transparency

Everyone should support Ron Paul's Audit of the Federal Reserve. The Fed is ultimately responsible for the endless wars, the economic crises, and the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Michelle Obama Obesity Campaign at London 2012 Olympics Will Not Succeed

The Olympics have a great potential to motivate kids to be active, but won’t be a panacea for America’s obesity woes.

Books That May Be the Next 50 Shades of Grey

There is no real way to predict the next big book or movies series, but if writers can channel certain timeless themes in literature it can help to catapult a series to the top.

LGBT Rights vs Boy Scout Morals: Eagle Scouts Wrongly Return Medals to Protest Anti Gay Policy

In returning their medals to promote tolerance for gays, Eagle Scouts are spewing on the principles of accountability and high moral rigor which earned them the medals in the first place.

Ryan Gosling the Latest Victim in James Eagan Holmes Shooting

In response to the real-life tragedy of the Colorado shooting, "Gangster Squad" will no longer include a scene of a movie theater shooting. The producers don't have to do this.

Republicans Love to Critique Obama, But Have No Economic Plans of Their Own

As far as Republicans are concerned, some topics are off limits. Shhhh.

The Real James Eagan Holmes Tragedy : Gun Sales Now Booming in the US

Talk of restricting gun ownership sparks a fear in people ... so they just buy more guns.

Fidel Castro Rival and Civil Rights Leader Oswaldo Paya Dies At 61

On Monday, Cuban civil rights leader Oswaldo Payá died in a car crash. At the funeral in Havana dozens of dissidents were arrested while a mourning nation watched.

Joe Paterno Hated Sandusky, But Loved Penn State Football Enough to Protect Him

Joe Paterno's part in the child abuse scandal has a huge impact on his legacy, and unfortunately, those closest to him are missing the point.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting Causes Rise in Colorado Gun Sales

The reactions to the Holmes atrocity have been chillingly different from reactions to the Columbine shooting. Residents are now filled with even more fear, and they're buying guns to prove it.

Ron Paul Liberty Will Live On Through Rand Paul

With Ron Paul's retirement looming, Liberty Movement supporters will be sheep scattered without the direction of their shepherd.

Chick Fil A Anti Gay Company: Why It Is Undemocratic For Business Not to Open in Boston, Chicago

Excluding a company from doing business in a city because of its managers' opinions is unworthy of a free society.