Opening Ceremony London 2012: Why Nick Symmonds, And Other Olympians, Deserve Individual Sponsorship

The Olympics have come a long way since the days of amateurism, but with $6 billion being exchanged at the 2012 London Games, Olympic athletes are not getting their fair share.

UFO Sightings: Why I Do Not Believe Aliens Exist

While someone getting abducted by aliens is a wholly possible concept, the accounts of self-professed "abductees" do little to make it believable.

Opening Ceremony London 2012 Fashion Review: Olympic Uniforms are Hysterical

Sometimes your birthday suit is better than whatever crazy fashion designers want you to wear.

James Eagan Holmes The Joker Copycat Neil Edwin Prescott Could Be the Beginning of a Scary Trend

The unreasonable pressures of achieving success in today's world will only lead to the breeding of more "Jokers" who want to "watch the world burn."

CNN Ratings Drop: President Jim Walton Quits, Now CNN Should Hire a Female Leader

Jim Walton, the president of CNN, announced that he would be stepping down from his post at the end of the year. With CNN’s ratings at an all time low, the company is in need of a new leader.

Mariel Zagunis and the 42 USA Flag Bearers in History

Here's a look at all of the past USA Olympic flag bearers.

"You Didn't Build That" Obama: Romney Attack Ad Shows Campaign is Hypocritical

The Romney campaign can't even make an attack ad that doesn't stink of hypocrisy.

GDP Growth: Obama Presides Over Second Slowest Economic Recovery Since World War II

After numerous "stimulus" efforts, the economic situation remains dismal.

Opening Ceremony London 2012: IOC Should Have Held an Olympics Israel Moment of Silence

The IOC will not give murdered Israeli athletes a moment of silence at the Opening Ceremonies tonight, therefore allowing politics a place where it doesn't belong.

Romney Foreign Policy Tour Disaster: 5 Countries That Would Actually Welcome Mitt

Here is a list of five countries that might surprisingly welcome a visit from Mitt Romney, despite his recent dismal performance in the U.K.

SpaceX Has Revolutionized Space Industry, But Killed Celebrity Astronauts in the Process

The passing of Sally Ride reminded me that the surviving members of the original class of astronauts are now in their 80s. Has our spirit of adventure disappeared in just 50 years?

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Receives $26.5M in Sponsorships From US Military, No Wonder the Defense Budget 2012 is Soaring

Given the current trillion-plus dollar deficit, should the military have access to the same sports marketing platforms as other leading brands?

People's Mujahedin Iran MEK Seeking Removal From Terror List Gets Blackmailed By State Department

MEK's removal from the State Department's terror list comes with unfair conditions.

Iran is Listening to Fox News, Not Paul Krugman, for Economic Advice: No Wonder its Economy is Crashing

Both Iran and the GOP think that cutting spending will equal growth.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Christopher Nolan Illustrates the Need for Welfare Reform

The scene where Bruce Wayne continues to fall down into the prison, until he decides not to use the rope as a harness for support, is a metaphor for the need of new welfare reform in America.

Facebook (FB) Stock Plummets, as the Company Loses $35B in Value

Facebook disastrous IPO performance proves the company is no Google. And with rumors that Apple is thinking about acquiring Twitter, the end might be near for the social network.

How the US Can Lead in Syria

Regional allies are looking more and more to Washington for leadership to remove President Bashar al Assad from power, and prevent Syria from further collapsing along sectarian lines.