Gay Marriage is Good for the Economy: It Increases Government Revenue and Creates Jobs

Advocates of same-sex marriage can win a lot more support by focusing on the economic benefits of marriage for all couples.

James Eagan Holmes Psychiatrist, Not Politicians, Could Have Prevented Aurora Tragedy

Thirteen people could still be alive, and 59 uninjured, if James Holmes' university therapist had called authorities and requested that they visit his apartment to investigate a threat.

Youngest Athlete in 2012 Olympics: Why Missy Franklin, Not Ryan Lochte, is the New Michael Phelps

While many remain focused on the Phelps/Lochte rivalry, attention is starting to shift to Missy Franklin, and 17-year-old Aurora, Colorado, teen that is on the edge of glory.

Ron Paul Supporters Can Help Gary Johnson Become the Wild Card in 2012 Election

Gary Johnson needs Ron Paul followers' support to reach 15% in the polls, and be allowed to participate in the presidential debates.

Youngest Athlete in 2012 Olympics: John Orozco and Danell Leyva Will Lead Team USA Back to Gold

After facing defeat by the Chinese and Japanese in Beijing four years ago, Team USA is back with golden hopes thanks to new sensations Orozco and Leyva.

Call Me Maybe USA Swim Team Video Is an Act of Treason

Team USA does a viral sing-a-long to a horrible Canadian song.

Chick Fil A Controversy: Mike Huckabee Censored by Facebook for Supporting Anti Gay Company

Facebook's application of community standards caters to the gay and lesbian communities only.

Ron Paul Can Still Win By Supporting Gary Johnson in Election 2012

If enough Ron Paul supporters pledge their support to Gary Johnson, he'll be able to make it to the presidential debates and defend his libertarian views against warmongers Romney and Obama.

Romney Israel Trip: Forget the Jewish Vote, He Wants Jewish Money

Contrary to the popular narrative, Romney isn't in Israel trying to woo Jewish voters.

Privatizing the Olympics is the Best Way for Poor Countries to Compete for a Gold Medal

The Olympics are privately funded, with governments paying more to host them. This is necessarily inequitable, but is better than the alternative.

UN Security Council Is to Blame for Not Being Able to Stop the Fighting in Syria

The antiquated power paradigm that created the UN is no longer in play. Without a complete overhaul, the UN will cease to be a legitimate force capable of global governance.

The Dark Knight Rises Review: Christopher Nolan Explores Peace, War, Heroes and Tyrants

"The Dark Knight Rises" is full of political lessons-the misunderstanding of peace and the dangers of democracy.

Lupe Ontiveros Dead: Desperate Housewives and Selena Star Dies at 69

Lupe Ontiveros, credited with playing the role of the Hispanic nurse over 150 times, passed away on Thursday.

14 Olympic Sports You Do Not Watch, But Should

As Michael Phelps barely classifies for the next round of swimming competitions, a refreshing look at some underrated but awesome Olympic disciplines.

Opening Ceremony London 2012 Was Eerily Similar to the Hunger Games

While sitting down to watch the Olympics' opening ceremony, I was struck by the dramatic similarity to 'The Hunger Games'.

The Dark Knight Rises Review: Why Drama, and Joseph Gordon Levitt, Are Good for Business

What makes 'The Dark Knight Rises' profitable while other films of the genre are less so?

5 Awesome Ways Obamacare Can Help a Hipster Out

Here are five ways Obamacare can help the young and self-employed become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Romney Israel Trip: US Will Back Israel Iran Strike

Romney does not want to make headlines with comments or policy proposals during his trip to Israel, but the rapid unfolding of events may draw him in.

Romney Israel Trip: President Obama and Mitt Romney Fight for the Jewish Vote

Romney and Obama's stances on Israel must be seen as domestic campaign rhetoric, as both parties will keep our alliance intact.

Chick Fil A Defended by Mayor Bloomberg Even Though It is One of the Most Anti Gay Companies

The New York City major, who earlier this year told New Yorkers how much soda are they supposed to drink, said the government shouldn't prohibit a company to operate based on its ideology.

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks Investigated for Rupert Murdoch News of the World Scandal

David Cameron's former spin-doctor Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, among eight others, were charged with phone-hacking crimes against hundreds.

Crony Capitalism, Big Government, and TSA Security Ruin the Olympic Games

Government subsidies and security help distract attention away from a global competition of the best amateur athletes and into nationalism and politics.