Twitter Revolution: How the Arab Spring Was Helped By Social Media

It is important to understand that new platforms of social media didn’t cause Arab Spring but played a role of communication that aids the revolutions in the long run.

Twilight Zone Syfy 4th of July Marathon: Top 10 Political Episodes of All-Time

In honor of the SyFy Channel's Fourth of July "Twilight Zone" marathon, here is a list of the ten best political "Twilight Zone" episodes.

Medicare is Not Free and Other Myths About Health Care

Much of the millenial generation believes Medicare is a free health care program. However, it is estimated that a retired couple will pay $300,000 in out-of-pocket health expenses.

How SCOTUS Proved Obamacare is Unconstitutional

Deeming the bill to be a tax, rather than a penalty, invalidates it due to the way it was processed by Congress.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna Could Spell the Death of Chris Brown

After all the drama surrounding Chris Brown (Drake + Rihanna + bottles in a club) it's time for him to get a little good press. Unfortunately, it probably won't come from his new album 'Fortune'.

The Dark Knight Rises Debunked: Batman Would Be Destroyed in Our Social Media World

Created in the 1930s and 60s, Spiderman and Batman wouldn't survive our modern world.

My Problems With the LGBT Community and the Way They Approach Their Mission

Must their sexuality be all that they define themselves by?

Medicaid Obamacare Provision Makes Health Care Ruling Bittersweet

The ACA's greatest virtue was the expansion of Medicaid to people under 133% of the poverty line. The Court has ruled this "forced" expansion unconstitutional.

What to the Sex Slave is the Fourth of July?

300,000 American children are at risk for trafficking into the sex industry. Where is their chance at freedom?

War With Iran: The Possibility is Extremely High For the U.S.

Tensions are highest ever as the U.S. and Iran flex their military might in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian Opposition MEK Should Be Supported, Not Blacklisted

The unprecedented massive congress of the Iranian Resistance with 100,000-plus participants was a turning point for Western appeasement policy towards Tehran.

The New Definition of Feminism

What does a feminist look like in the age of having-it-all? A conversation across generations reveals that we may need to clarify today's woman-centered terms.

Shocking Development: Joe Paterno Wanted to Protect Jerry Sandusky

Legendary PSU football coach Joe Paterno apparently urged school officials to go easy on Sandusky.

Hong Kong Election Results: Hu Jin Tao and China Have Stolen Democracy From Hong Kong

The inauguration of Hong Kong's new leader has sparked pro-democracy protests in the autonomous region of China.

New Mexican President Peña Nieto Vows to Fight Drug Cartels and Help Plight of Millennials

President Elect Peña Nieto surprised us all by offering a truce to the youth movement and stating that he will fight hard against organized crime. He promises to be democratic. Is it all true?

Fourth of July 2012 Marred By Economic Disparity and Injustice

We need to rethink what July 4th means. For million of Americans there is not much to celebrate.

Andrew Sullivan Interview Reveals Anderson Cooper is Gay and Good Journalist

For journalists like Anderson Cooper, maintaining a successful career on television should have nothing to do with their private lives.

Lollipop Chainshaw: Goichi Suda Proudly Makes Gamers Cringe

Recent changes in popular gaming franchises suggests that both fans and developers are more than willing to compromise on the aspects that made a series unique to begin with.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Refuses Medicaid Funds, Making His State Worse Off

Florida governor Rick Scott rejected federal Medicaid funds that will give citizens who live near the poverty line subsidies to buy insurance. He won't be the last.

Libya Elections 2012 Results: Libyans Vote for First Time in Nearly 50 Years

How the Libyan election system has been designed

Kuwait Protests May Signal a New Arab Spring Revolt

Kuwait has seen its fair share of war and turmoil, but it might be beginning to fight the uphill revolutionary battle that the whole region is currently facing.

War With Iran: New Tehran Tests Prove Missile Could Reach Israel

Tehran has begun a three-day missile exercise in the northeast of the country with twin objectives: maintaining a blockade on the Hormuz Strait and fighting as far away as Israel.

Education Reform: Fix Our Teachers, Then Fix the Rest

All sides argue that we have a broken education system, but the real problem is our teachers being inadequately prepared for our classrooms.

Amazing Spiderman Review: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Make This Remake Worthwhile

'The Amazing Spider-Man' has plenty to offer for fans of the franchise. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are excellent in this gritty re-imagining.

TV Icon Andy Griffith Dies, Michael Phelps Gets Olympic Ready, and Naomi Watts Plays Princess Diana: Pop Highlights of the Day

Today the Internet gifted us stills of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, an uber-creepy Michael Phelps statue, and the stuck-in-time original 'You've Got Mail' site.

How Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln Would React to the John Roberts Obamacare Decision

While the Court flexed its "judicial muscle" on Thursday, their constitutional role has gone far from undisputed.

Erin Andrews and Tom Cruise: All the Big Stories From Monday

A look at Monday's top Google Trends.

Washington DC Weather Leads to Amazon Cloud Crash

The Instagram crash of 2012 taught us a few lessons about how Mother Nature hates you, how cloud servers work, and what Amazon needs to work on.

Republicans Should Stop Complaining About Obamacare and Present a Plan of Their Own

Obamacare was declared a tax by the Supreme Court and Republicans are pouncing. Does that increase their chances of repealing the law? Hardly.

July 4th Freedom Celebration: 5 Things You Never Knew About the Statue of Liberty

It's an appropriate time to contemplate the significance of the Statue of Liberty.

How Mongolia Will Be a Democracy With Super Power Status in the Near Future

Access to Russian and Chinese markets, vast resources and a small population are the ingredients for Mongolia's superpower status

Omar Al Bashir Cracks Down on Sudan Protesters

As Egyptian journalist Salma Wardani reports, Sudan's demonstrations are being brutally cracked down by president Omar al-Bashir. Is Sudan the next Syria?

Maker Faires Show Innovation is the Key Ingredient For American Success

Millennials, Boomers, Kids -- people of all ages are making order out of chaos with their own creations. Join the Movement at Maker Faires.

9 Sweetest Ways to Eat the American Flag on Independence Day

Who knew showing holiday spirit could be so easy and delicious? If you’re one for eating the flag rather than sporting one, check out a few favorites from red, white and blue inspiration!

Andy Griffith TV Icon Dead at 86: The Andy Griffith Show, Star Trek, and the 9 Best Shows of the 1960s

Andy Griffith, TV show legend, died at age 86 on Tuesday morning. In honor of his work, we take a look at 'The Andy Griffith Show' and 8 of the other best shows of the 1960's.

Solyndra 2.0: Abound Solar Bankruptcy Should Not Be Seen As a GOP Victory

Abound, which received $70 million from taxpayers, is the third company backed by a Department of Energy loan program to go belly up. But, Republicans should not necessarily celebrate.

Your Civil Liberties Are Under Threat Because the DOJ is Duping Congress Over FISA

The FAA has radically changed the rules of the game with FISA to give the government authorization to infringe on your civil liberties. And, Congress is buying in.

Quinoa Uncovered: How American Foodies Became Obsessed With a South American Poor Man's Grain

Quinoa is the grain "du jour" among health-food junkies in the United States. But few people know it has been a food staple for the native Incas for hundreds of years.

Twitter Under Attack: New York Fights Social Media Privacy to Prosecute Occupy Protester

The fight between Twitter and law enforcement over an Occupy Wall Street protester is another example of law enforcement's crackdown on social media in an attempt to control dissident movements.

Independence Day Without the Fireworks: 5 Ways to Celebrate That Won't Start a Wildfire

Here are five ways to celebrate July 4th, without burning down a forest.

Wildfires Are Like Sex, at Least That's What Focus on the Family Would Like You to Believe

Abstinence-only sex education isn’t about managing risks, because, as the wildfire analogy makes perfectly clear, it comes from a mentality in which sex itself is the risk.

9 Proud Immigrants Who Will Restore Your Faith in America on July 4th

Yes, America is not perfect. But, these 9 people show you why we're still the land of opportunity and the home of the free.

Kofi Annan Syria Transition Plan A Failure So Far

The Geneva meeting of world powers failed to put forward a viable plan of action.

Virginia Ultrasound Abortion Law Spreads Big Government, Misinformation and Fear

Virginia's law requiring women to undergo an ultrasound procedure prior to abortions went into effect July 1. The misguided law is certain only to cause harm and waste time and money.

John Roberts Just Helped Romney Repeal Obamacare

Roberts knew his decision would enable Republicans to dismantle Obamacare after the elections, if the Republicans win.