11 Business Leaders That Put Anti Gay Companies Like Chick Fil A to Shame

Here are 11 CEOs and companies who have come out in favor of same sex marriage.

Gay Rights Debate: Being Gay Is a Choice, But It Is Your Choice

People on all sides of this discussion will claim the facts, but the bottom line is we have a choice, and it is only ours to make.

Texas Runoff Election Results: Ted Cruz Wins, May Spark Summer of Tea Party Upsets

Despite a 10 percent deficit at the late May election and no political campaigning experience, Cruz is going to pull this one out.

Ted Cruz Election Results: Why David Dewhurst Lost in the Texas GOP Runoff

Tea Party vs. Establishment, Conservative vs. RINO, Washington D.C. vs. Texas, businessman vs. lawyer. But what's the real reason Ted Cruz is about to take down the GOP establishment candidate?

Olympic Village Condoms: The IOC Leads in the Fight Against the Global AIDS Crisis

The real story behind the need for 100,000 condoms is not Olympians gone wild, but the IOC's commitment to HIV and AIDS prevention.

Texas GOP Primary Results: Ted Cruz Will Win, Ushering in a New Conservative Wave

Many consider this Texas race to have national implications because the newcomer and Tea Party Conservative, Ted Cruz, is likely to beat an established politician.

US Road Trip Ideas: Kentucky, Seattle and the 5 Must See Places for the Broke College Kid

Out of school and broke, yet still want to travel? Visit any of these five places and all you have to worry about is how to get the parents to lend you their car.

Joseph Kony Manhunt: Why the US Should Not Be a Global Human Rights Police

Kony must be caught, but we should be careful about using Special Forces as the human rights police.

NBC Olympics Coverage Sucks, So Why is Twitter Defending Them and Censoring Free Speech

Guy Adams, a Los Angeles correspondent for British newspaper “The Independent,” got his Twitter account suspended after ripping NBC’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympics.

Racist Romney Comment About Palestinian Culture Betrays Stunning Ignorance

Romney aid's Anglo-Saxons comment followed by Romney's Palestinian comment reveal serious underlying racist thought that exists in the Romney campaign that must be addressed.

Obama vs Romney Colorado: Swing Voters Not Excited About Obama

With only nine electoral votes, Colorado is not the largest of swing states. However, we are one of the competitive states and are viewed as vital by both campaigns.

Obama vs Romney in Colorado: Key Swing State Still Very Undecided About 2012 Election

Colorado's purple state status makes it a powerful pawn in the 2012 election. The climate on the ground is temperate.

George Clooney, Jack Johnson, and Mark Ruffalo: Celebrities Who Are Doing Good While Doing Well

While some question their motivations, many celebrities utilize their unique position in society to highlight issues they feel strongly about.

Milton Friedman Turns 100: Honoring His Legacy of Liberty and Limited Government

Few individuals have changed the national debate about the role of government more than Milton Friedman. On what would have been his 100th birthday, I commemorate his contributions to liberty.

Drones in America: Air Force Testing Drones in North Carolina for Use on Americans

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) may be used increasingly for domestic law enforcement. It’s time to pass stricter laws about how the government uses private information.

Why Mitt Romney Would Make a Good Treasury Secretary, But a Bad President

Romney's primary focus has been on his business credentials, but he is extremely weak on foreign policy, which is one of the most important parts of being President of the United States.

James Eagan Holmes Psychiatrist May Help Him Plead Insanity and Escape the Death Penalty

James Holmes has been formally charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder all for his heinous actions in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 20.

Same Sex Marriage Wedding Cake Denied to Couple By Anti LGBT Baker

Refusal to bake a same-sex wedding cake on the grounds of personal disagreement will likely be deemed discriminatory if brought to court.

Youngest Athletes in 2012 Olympics Beat US Superstars: Why China is the New Rival For Team USA

Just as in the days of the Soviet Union, the Olympic games are being used as a battlefield for international dominance.

NBC Has Ruined Olympics 2012 For All of Us

The Twitterverse is rife with complaints against NBC's shoddy coverage of the Olympics.

Ron Paul Should Endorse Gary Johnson: It Is the Best Way for Ron Paul 2012 to Make a Difference

Ron Paul dropped out of the race for POTUS officially when he realized he could not win enough delegates, but what should his next strategic move be next?

Life Without Regret: On Saying Goodbye to the Mythic City of New York

Opportunities pass us up in life, especially in a mythic city like New York. The key is to accept these losses, learn from them and never surrender to a life half-lived.

James Eagan Holmes Death Penalty Could Become a Reality After His 24 Counts of Murder Charge

The Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooter was charged today with 24 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.

Romney London Visit Proves He is Unfit for President

Mitt Romney's visit to London marked a rocky start to his foreign policy tour, and also raised concerns about his diplomatic capabilities.

Ted Cruz Wins: Texas GOP Senate Runoff Gets Nasty On Twitter

Supporters of both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst battled on Twitter on the last day of the hotly contested Texas primary, but the Cruz supporters seemed to be far more vocal.

Will Apple Buy Twitter: Why Tim Cook May Enter the Social Media Market

Rumors about Apple investing in Twitter are flying high. Here are the reasons why a partnership between the two would be great news for everyone.

Bo Xilai Wife Charged With Neil Heywood Murder in Largest Chinese Controversy in Decades

Aside from the gripping thriller elements, the scandal of the prominent politician’s wife reveals factions within the Chinese Communist Party.

A Lesson For Millennial Women: Don't Reinvent The Wheel (Unless You Want To)

Forbes reports on a new women-entrepreneur supporting conference from Claudia Chan and it looks like the overwhelming message from female internet activists is to listen to your elders.

Ron Paul Endorsement of Ted Cruz and Wes Riddle Proves He Is Just Another Politician

Ron Paul's recent endorsements indicate his support from the lunatic fringe is no accident but the product of a deliberate, ethically dubious politicl strategy.