Scientology Is Insane and So Is Tom Cruise (PHOTOS)

The craziness of Scientology knows no bounds.

Amazing Spiderman Debate: Why Andrew Garfield is a Better Spiderman Than Tobey Maguire

The sense of gritty realism in "The Amazing Spider-Man" elevates it beyond the previous, campier incarnations of the character on the silver screen.

7 Women With the Most Sexual Tennis Grunts of All-Time

As Serena Williams advances to her seventh Wimbledon final, and before the WTA bans all “unnecessary noise,” meet the top 7 tennis grunters of all time.

Katy Perry Movie Trailer: 13 Fun Facts Before You See Part of Me (+Video)

Katy Perry grew up a hardcore Christian to become a pretty decent indie artist, but you wouldn’t know this by watching her sugarcoated 3-D film ‘Part of Me.’

Dark Knight Rises Encore: Christopher Nolan Should Remake James Bond Next

Christopher Nolan is an A-list director with a sleek, dark, and psychologically thrilling edge. Many movies await his directing talent; here are five that should top his list.

North Korea Nuclear Weapons Again a Threat As Kim Jong-un Defies China and the West

Kim Jong-un is trying to carve out his mark on the country, but is doing it at the price of further international isolation.

NYC Citi Bike Share May Lead to More Accidents

Working in a NYC emergency room, I fear July 31, the opening day of the New York Citi Bike share program, when there will be an influx of 10,000 bikes on city streets.

If a Nation is Judged By How it Treats its Young Prisoners, America Fails Miserably

Kids are exceptions in the adult criminal system. So why do states ignore collateral consequences that treat youth offenders otherwise?

Israeli Racism Against Africans Proves Israel is Not a Democracy in the Middle East

Members of the Israeli government have been much more open and forthright in their racism.

3 Million Millennials Say Thank You to the Supreme Court for Upholding Obamacare

Three million people under the age of 26 were allowed to get heath insurance on their parents plan by the Affordable Care Act - aka Obamacare. Repeal means three million lose their insurance.

Tim Kreider Debunked: In Defense of the Busy Trap

Unlike what the recent viral article argues, busyness is not a challenge in our modern world.

A Libertarian View on Class Warfare

It's time to fly the white flag on class warfare.

Democrats Could Still Kill Obamacare if They Are Not Careful

The fate of strong federal programs could be hanging on how delicately Democratic leaders handle the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling too many are seeing as a finish line.

Obama Iran Policy Tested Ahead of Election 2012: War Unlikely

There is indication of rising tensions between the US and Iran following the re-starting of talks after Istanbul. With this in mind, what is the future of Iran's nuclear program?

iPad is Revolutionizing Autism Awareness

After working for seven years in journalism, I have found the iPad book to be the best new way to tell multimedia stories. But authors in developing countries face additional challenges.

Now the Government is Banning Goose Liver: No Wonder Ron Paul is So Upset

As of July 1, foie gras has been banned in California. Government bans prevent real solutions from taking hold.

George Bush Deserves Praise for Continuing to Fight for Africa

World leaders should emulate Bush in fighting for the poor in Zambia.

Mitt Romney VP Pick Will Not Be A Woman

Ann Romney insists that Mitt Romney is considering a woman for VP. But this is likely not true.

Dear Media: Stop Trying to Speak For Women With 'Advice' Columns

While advice columns for women are a hot topic, most fail to offer any real help.

CainTV: Herman Cain Launches Quirky New Show to Stick It to the Liberal Media

Ill-fated GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain just launched his own online news network over the July 4 holiday, featuring his 9-9-9 plan and other weird conspiracy theories.

Ron Paul Not Quitting: Internet Freedom Will Be the New Revolution

Forget "End the Fed," Ron and son Rand Paul will focus on net neutrality, internet freedom, and the devil known as data collection.

Privacy Under Attack After Judge Forces Twitter to Surrender Details of Occupy Protestor

Twitter's transparency report brings to light how often the U.S. has been willing to put aside our privacy rights.

Dark Knight Rises Meets Election 2012: Is Mitt Romney Characterized By Bane?

Given the previous Batman's heavy symbolism, there is talk of the upcoming film's villain being representative of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

Herman Cain TV: Tea Party Gets Its Own Network

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain has launched his own online network that aims to grab hold of conservative and Tea Party values, by letting viewers know they have rights.

Facebook and Twitter Are Dominated By Women, But That Does Not Mean Feminism is Going Viral

When we're kids, girls are always trying to prove that they can hang with the boys. In adult life, not much has changed. Though women have more rights than before, we're still not truly respected

Mitt Romney Health Care Flip-Flop: If Obamacare is a tax, Romneycare is Too

Romney has flip-flopped on what to call the individual mandate by first saying it was a penalty and now saying it is a tax, but only a tax for Obamacare, not for his plan in Massachusetts. What?

Frank Ocean and Anderson Cooper Come Out: Society Is Finally Over the Gay Label

What does it mean to "come out", especially as a public personality? As society becomes more and more progressive, it is clear that 'coming out' does not mean the same thing that it used to.

Fourth of July: A Chance to Remember Everything the Founding Fathers Fought For

The founding fathers gave us a chance to anchor ourselves. If we ignore it, we become aimless and lost in the world. I hope this 4th of July, we took time to remember where we came from.

The Killing Season 1: TV Murder Dramas Feed on the Human Obsession with Death

Humans are obsessed with solving the "who done it" question. Shows like 'The Killing' feed into our innate obsession with death, a story-telling technique coined in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Bob Diamond Barclays CEO Resignation Highlights Cheating Culture in Banking

The resignation of Barclays' CEO shows why tough regulation and enforcement is so important.

Plain-English Explanation of the Barclays Bank LIBOR Scandal

While most Americans were spending their July 4 grilling, American Bob Diamond was getting grilled in the UK over Barclays' LIBOR practices. Here's why the LIBOR matters to millennials.

Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner: Black Widow and Joey Chesnut

Do you want to eat 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes? Black Widow and Joey Chesnut do. And did.

Clint Eastwood, Sylvestre Stallone, and 5 YouTube Videos Show You Why America is Great

These 5 videos will get you excited for your July 4 festivities.

4 Tips to Prepare Millennials for Their First Job

Alicia White’s article about the incompatibility of millennial employees and cubicles – and normal working conditions, in general, reminded me that every incoming attitude needs some adjustment.

UK Communications Data Bill Would Destroy Internet Freedom and Lead Us On the Road to Totalitarianism

Internet privacy issues are debated in London’s Parliament as the British government review the Communications Data Bill Draft. They want to monitor whom you are talking to, when and where.

How Champagne Came to Be

Almost 400 years of history go into every toast.

New AIDS Test Allows You to Test For HIV At Home

The FDA approved a rapid, at-home HIV test on Tuesday, marking a crucial move to prevent the spread of AIDS.

Heat Wave 101: Turning On Your AC Will Destroy Energy Efficiency and Make You Hotter

Every year, it’s likely to get hotter unless we do start making some significant changes to the way we live. A good first step is to stop consuming so much energy.

Somali Women Are Rebuilding Somalia, New Documentary Shows How

For the first time in 21 years, Somalia has a real chance at peace and stability.

San Diego Fireworks Bust: Mushroom Cloud-Like Fail Becomes Beautiful In Itself (+Video)

The 2012 'Big Bay Boom' fireworks show in San Diego was a 'Big Bay Bust,' as technical problems caused the totality of the fireworks to go off all at once in just 30 seconds.

Oscar Pistorius at London Olympics: South African Runner Will Be First Amputee to Compete in Olympics

When London’s 2012 Olympic Games begin later this month, one member of South Africa’s track team will be making history.